Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Zahir Production Siri : "Vaska" : Episod 8 Visi Dan Misi Bahagian 2 Versi Habbo

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Mash : Becareful brother, and Chelah

Mash : Good Luck.

Chelah : Okay

Mash : *hugs Taby* Chelah : Take care while we gone

Taby : We will be back soon.. Mash : Okay , take care.

Mash : you too Chelah

Taby : Take care of Harious too

Taby : Let`s go, Chelah

Chelah : Wait , a second

Chelah : *focuses*

Mash : Remember to focus Chelah!

Chelah : Heating power activated!

Chelah Don`t get too panicked. Taby : Yes

Chelah : It worked!

Chelah : Let`s go

Chelah : Is it still far from here? Taby : No, it isn`t

Taby : We are almost there.. Chelah : Do you know what does Cheva looks like?

Chelah : Is she a villian?

Taby : Rumour has it, that no one knows what she looks like..

Taby : However, she uses the power of ice, they also say that she love riddles. Chelah : No one yet, ever sees her..

Taby : Yes, She likes to test and play our mind, so becareful.

Chelah : Maybe she devours human`s souls

Taby : She is dangerous, but just stay in focus and you`ll be fine.

Chelah : That other side is cold and this side is warm. Taby : Yes

Chelah : Are you ready? Taby : It`s okay I`m used to it.

Chelah : You actually have been here before?

Taby : Sorry Chelah, I actually tried to comfort you but the truth is I never been here

Chelah : It`s okay, I just warm our bodies in the cold with my heating powers. So we`ll be okay.

Chelah : Let`s go. Taby : You already warm up my body? Okay Cool.

Mash : Eh Harious, you are all awake.. Care for some tea? Harious : I feel much better now..

Mash : Here have some..and relax

Harious : *pours some tea* Hariious where are the others?

Mash : They.. They are taking a walk in the village..

Harious : Really?

Mash : Yes.. Harious : Why do you look restless?

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