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Opening our list of the Top 25 Playstation 4 Single Player Games is Dark Souls II: Scholar

of the First Sin

When it comes to the hardcore gamers, FromSoftwares third person action-RPG takes you to a grotesque

universe filled with ugly beasts and unforgiving difficulty spikes.

But this isnt just your ordinary Dark Souls II game, its the enhanced 64-bit version

that offers high quality textures and added features.

With this version, changes are all over the game.

Safe zones are no longer safe, enemy placement has been reshuffled, and a new NPC invader

will change the way you play.

Its a massive shift to the things we know about the original version and boy it's brutal.

But just like any Souls game, hard work really pays off and once you kill that annoying boss

fight, the emotional reward pays off.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.92



If theres another game trying to be on par with the Souls series, its the Japanese

adventure of a Western Warrior.

Embark on a dark fantasy trip to the land of the Rising Sun in a quest for vengeance.

Step into the sandals of William Adams as he fights demented mythical creatures of Japan.

Just like its inspiration, its a third-person action-RPG with the focus of dodging and careful


Since its a Samurai game, stances are important.

To eliminate the vile horrors of Japan, use the correct stances to deal out immense damage.

Its story may be a subject for criticism, but it was lauded for its atmospheric take

on a horrific Sengoku Era Japan.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.92


Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

When it comes to the ideal CRPGs, it has to be Larian Studiosgame.

Create your own story as you set forth in a land of peril and magic.

This enhanced edition offers refined visuals, a whole new storyline and more content for

the would-be adventurers seeking for a classic challenge.

How would you manage your character in terms of stat and skill building?

Theres so many things to consider in the land of Divinity and so many things to do.

Even the NPCs are fully-voiced!

The depth of its RPG system makes it one of the best single player games ever made.

And it has a PlayScore of 8.94


Dishonored 2

After the fateful events of the first game, return to the murderous shoes of Corvo Attano

as he finds himself under a new threat.

For the first time in the series, her daughter Emily also takes the limelight.

After being usurped by an otherworldly threat, join the two assassins in a quest for vengeance.

Be it by blood, or by manipulation.

Just like the previous game, players get to choose their own approach to its first person

stealth gameplay.

Do you kill the target or do you want to spare him?

Are you gonna go for a speed-run where you dont get to kill anyone?

Its open-ended stealth elements make the original so appealing to hardcore fps fans.

And this sequel doesnt disappoint.

It has a PlayScore of 8.95


Night In The Woods

Powered by a fantastic narrative and deep exploration, this Indie game from Alec Holowka

takes you to an existential journey of self-discovery and maturity.

Follow Mae as she drops out of high school and return to her hometown to find a change

in atmosphere.

In side-scrolling fashion, Hang out with her friends, her boyfriend or family.

Learn about the mysteries of this newfound change and dive into its fantastic writing

coupled with a beautiful soundtrack.

How you choose to end the game is all up to you.

This receives a PlayScore of 8.95


Ratchet & Clank

Sony Entertainments iconic duo takes you to a reimagined take on the classic action-puzzler.

Follow Ratchet, a lombax with a knack for machinery and adventure.

Join him as he goes with his sidekick, Clank, a robot designed to help Ratchet solve puzzles

and get into tight places.

Together they team up to take down enemies and roam around its futuristic world with


Praised for its brilliant puzzle design and cool weapon variations, watch Ratchet and

Clank use creative gameplay elements to solve puzzles and complete tasks.

Aside from that, its also a direct tie-in to their animated film.

It didnt get much praise compared to the actual game, but it adds more information

to the games main story.

It has a PlayScore of 8.96


Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-

Although its a fighting game, Guilty Gears single-player experience is an integral factor

to the games story mode.

Arc System Works returns with their mastercrafted cel-shaded 3D visuals and fluid animations.

Revelator adds new faces such as Johnny, Jack-O, Guilty Gears D.Va, Kum Haehyun and more.

Aside from that, its totally noob-friendly.

With an expansive tutorial system and the introduction of Stylish Mode, new players

can feel every whirlwind of slashes in every direction.

Hitting combos after combos with ease.

Since 1998, this fighting game has stood the test of time.

It has a PlayScore of 8.98


Shovel Knight When it comes to side-scrolling platforming

adventures, its Yacht Clubs adorable indie game.

Follow the adventures of a brave Knight as he musters his strength to save the love of

his life from an enchantress.

Inside the castle, dig your way through numerous obstacles and horrendous enemies all in classic

8-bit fashion.

It was praised for its memorable characters, excellent gameplay and a sweet kick for nostalgia


Specter of Torment and Plague of Shadows boasts hours and hours of platforming adventures

for the fans of the game.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.99


The Talos Principle

Devolver Digital is known for their games with a totally absurd premise.

From psychedelic murder, to badass military men.

This time, embrace the machinations of philosophical science fiction.

Waking up in an island filled with ancient ruins and technological advancements, make

your way through various places by solving the games complex puzzles.

As you make it's way to its non-linear story segments and stunning ruins, you ask yourself

questions about the meaning of life.

Why are you here?

What is my purpose?

Apparently, solving the games over 100 puzzles should do the trick.

It has a PlayScore of 9.03


Batman: Arkham Knight

It may have suffered a brutal release on the PC, but PlayStation 4s Arkham Knight wows

the hardcore Batman aficionados.

This marks Rocksteadys explosive finale to the Arkham trilogy.

Ending the Caped Crusaders crime-busting escapades.

Its not the final game if not for its huge open-world environment, more villains, sweet

new combat mechanics and not to mention the Batmobile.

For the first time in the series, experience Batman like never before.

Drive around the streets of occupied Gotham and defeat the Arkham Knight with your trusty


It has a PlayScore of 9.03


Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Square Enixs latest entry to the gaming industry isnt a new Final Fantasy title,

instead its a remaster of the PlayStation 2 hit.

Its not just a simple remaster though, its a massive rework of the same game thats

loved by many.

Get caught with Vaan and his group of friends as they get caught in a political power play

in their kingdom.

The Zodiac Age enhances every major concern from the original.

From the UI, bugs, textures, and most importantly, the gameplay.

Named Zodiac Age for its International Zodiac System, a revamped combat system compared

to the originals abysmal controls.

Since its first release in 2006, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age still captures the magic

of the original.

It has a PlayScore of 9.08


Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

A remake of the classic PlayStation 2 game filled with Norse Lore, magic and a beautiful,

gorgeous art style.

Its a perfect remake considering it actually fixes some of the originals problems.

From the side scrolling gameplay to the user interface.

What make this game even more appealing is the multiple perspectives.

Play different characters with their own stories to tell.

At the end of their chapters, the stories weave together into a unifying ending.

Its one of the better remakes on the PlayStation sytems and it recently won our award for being

the best PS Vita game of 2016.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.08


Fallout 4

War never changes.

This fourth main entry from Bethesdas critically acclaimed Fallout series changed a lot from

the past few years.

Travel to a radioactive Boston to find your missing son after a catastrophic nuclear explosion.

Step outside the Vault and explore a vast wasteland filled with irradiated shenanigans.

Travel to decaying fields, Ghoul-infested cities and abandoned laboratories to meet

friends, enemies or friends disguised as enemies, or Todd Howard.

Perhaps the biggest addition to this game is its Base-Building.

You can create settlements for your newfound friends and let them create a community to

produce resources.

Aside from that, it's first person shooting elements are improved.

It puts so much focus on the action instead of strategically killing enemies using the

VATS system.

It has a PlayScore of 9.11


Horizon: Zero Dawn

A beautiful mix of past meets future.

Step inside a fallen civilization where mechanical dinosaurs roam the Earth.

Follow Aloy in her quest to save her Tribe from a growing threat.

User her makeshift weapons to take down these hostile robotic monsters.

Combat is essentially fluid; players can approach enemies in multiple ways with the help of

Aloys flexibility when it comes to survival.

Study the mechanical creatures in their varied behaviors to adapt and benefit from the games

futuristic ecosystem.

It is loved by its open-world design and the amount of content it offers.

Even the games main character, Aloy, is lovable.

Aside from that, the game excels at both Combat and Exploration.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.13


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition

The definitive Diablo game to date.

If anyone wants to get a taste of the Ultimate Diablo Experience, then this is what theyre

looking for.

Packed with smooth 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second and with the Reaper of Souls Expansion,

its something Blizzard fans would want on their PlayStation 4.

Take a break from the other Blizzard games for a moment and jump into the dark dungeons

to loot rare items, slay evil demons and survive a dastardly difficult roguelike experience.

Forget the games early reactions and witness this polished, and uncompromised version of

Diablo III.

It has a PlayScore of 9.15


NieR: Automata

Skimpy loli dress and adorable face aside, this action RPG from the mind of Yoko Taro

takes you to the universe inside Squares Drakengard series.

Follow 2B and 9S, two Android designed to protect mankind from the perils that haunt

the now-desolate Earth.

Its lightning fast hack and slash gameplay oozes with style and mechanical mayhem.

Unlock the mysteries of the game by completing the games 23 different endings.

Its filled with easter eggs, humor and it gets from 0 to 100 during most cases.

Its a fantastic game with a PlayScore of 9.17


Dark Souls III

This third and final installment of the Souls franchise is the perfect send-off for the


Scholar of the First Sin was the proving ground for the future of FromSoftwares games,

and with this installment, it sets the bar high with its fast-paced combat and improved


Get ready for more unmitigated chaos, huge bosses and a somewhat unfair balance of game


Ending the series as we know it, uncover the deeper meaning of its lore with the enemies

youve slain and the places you got into.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.18



If the Souls series were hard enough, then FromSoftwares PlayStation 4 exclusive says

one bigeff youto your face.

Just like any of their games, its set in a gothic world filled with ugly beasts and

hauntingly beautiful backdrops.

Play as The Hunter, as you explore its desolate world plagued by a mysterious disease.

Your goal is to find its source.

Theres not much difference compared to the Souls series except for the storyline.

Players use various weapons to survive its unyielding difficulty spikes and take refuge

in various safe zones spread across the land.

But its not to say its a bad game due to its similarities, it still packs a punch

for challenge-seeking adventurers who want to pull their hair our frustration.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.20


The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Reds multi-awarded RPG breaks records after records with Geralt of Rivias


With a Netflix show on its way, theres no stopping Geralts gigolo train.

The third main installment of the series, follow him as he finds the missing child of

prophecy in a land torn apart by war.

Universally acclaimed, it was hailed as one of the best RPGs of all time due to its

consistent story, stunning visuals, and a remarkable cast of characters.

Its what Lord of the Rings would look like if made into a massive open-world game.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.29



When it comes to Sony, thatgamecompanys mesmerizing Indie adventure isnt getting

away on our lists anytime soon.

Proving that the journey is always important rather than the destination, control a robed

figure roaming around a vast desert.

Your main goal is to get to that tall mountain on the horizon.

Its single player experience oozes with simplicity and beauty.

Players can even encounter another player during your adventure.

But the catch is you dont get to talk.

Using only musical chimes, work together to access difficult locations.

Powered by a fantastic soundtrack, Journey is a peaceful game filled to cleanse our minds

from the worries of real life.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.30


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Konami, may it rest in peace, has come a long way.

From Pachinko to consoles then back to Pachinko, it has been through a lot.

Despite all that, it gave us one fantastic game before they inevitably committed seppuku

on themselves.

Hideo Kojimas latest and final Metal Gear Solid game takes you to the story of Venom


A vengeful man sworn to take down those who have wronged him.

Experience Metal Gear like never before due to its huge emergent open-world mechanic and

detailed tactical espionage action.

Its so open-ended you feel like finishing a mission with your cute anime stealth box.

It receives a PlayScore of 8.31


Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar isnt backing down when it comes to their award-winning series.

Still a staple for open-world splendor, follow three different characters and uncover their

personal adventures through heists and reckless driving.

Return to the hustle and bustle of Los Santos and remove any social inhibitions you have.

With stunning visuals, tons of missions and dialogue so R-Rated you feel like your parents

will kill you for it.

It seems like we might have to wait for a few more years before GTA VI gets announced.

For now, lets stick on what we have now that modding has returned.

It has a PlayScore of 9.33


Persona 5

Wake up, get up, get out there.

ATLUSlatest Persona game makes us love Japanese culture even more.

This fifth major entry to the series proves that newer is always better.

Strictly single-player, step into the life and times of the Phantom Thieves as they steal

hearts and reshape society.

With its iconic turn-based combat, sweet jazzy soundtrack, beautiful waifus, memorable characters

and Persona collecting, theres absolutely hundreds of reasons to enjoy this game.

Just recently and we did see it coming, its latest rhythm spin-off releases sometime this

June 2018.

Persona 5 is truly a one of a kind JRPG and it receives a PlayScore of 9.37


The Last Of Us Remastered

The PlayStation 4 is the home for memorable single player adventures.

This game shaped PlayStation 3s future with its iconic characters and heartbreaking


Follow the lives of Joel and Ellie, two inseparable human beings caught in the middle of a viral


With Naughty Dogs signature third-person action, survive the virulent threat by shooting

these creatures on the face and solve puzzles.

But the clickers arent the games main concern, humans are also a problem.

Its a test of survival and the game isnt running out of emotional moments.

We dont need to say too much.

Play it.

It receives a PlayScore of 9.38


And the best Single Player Game on the PlayStation 4 is none other than Uncharted 4: A Thiefs


When it comes to the best single player experience, its gotta be Naughty Dogs final adventure

of Nathan Drake.

After the previous gamessuccess, our boy Nathan enters the retirement life and hands

the lure of adventure to god knows who.

In this jam-packed game, join him and his friends as they embark on a globetrotting

adventure to find a lost city of Pirate Treasure.

But the task isnt always easy.

Pave way through muddy terrain, rocky crevasses, and icy glaciers just to find the next step

of the puzzle.

Its a race against time and your enemies are always one step ahead.

Enjoy its rich third-person shooting action with a mix of clever puzzle mechanics.

Its not an Uncharted game with a bit of both.

It has a PlayScore of 9.49

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