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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: True Geordie LEAKED dms? #DramaAlert Morgz Footage LEAKED! - Jake Paul & Erika Costell!

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Into the news

True. Geordie is trending and it's

Unbelievable, but before we get into the Hat story on why true Geordie is trending first

We have a bunch of other stories and the first story is coming from a guy you might have forgot we're talking about Christian burns

Christian burns got famous from going to VidCon a couple years ago where he was bullying a

security guard short clip without rolling

Wow, so after that clip went viral a couple years ago everybody kind of knew who Christian burns was and

What a horrible person he is

Now he's been out of the news for years, but he is back in the news today because he was caught on

Instagram live

begging for money, okay, and then sang the n-word and then literally

Threatening to do a I I think I even have to mute myself saying this

Pressed attack. Here's the clip roll it fucking stupid ass advice and you're feeling sorry for me

I don't want you guys to call me. I don't want any of this shit dude. I want you to send me

Money so I can buy some food. You stupid people you're retarded

No, I don't need food. I just I want to be able to go out and have fun do didn't live my life

but I can't I

Yo yo, yo kW moneybags yo kW money back heat laughing bro

I'm gonna commit the biggest thing to talking the theme in this century, dude

And then you're not gonna be laughing on your grandmother's dead and your mother fucking dead and your brother's dead. Okay. All right

Hello, FBI. Oh

Do I have a story to tell you?


in the news popular youtuber known as

Morgues was trending yesterday because he got into a fight. Here's the clip roll it

Yikes now

Apparently this actually is not morgues. I reached out to morgues. He told me in the DMS that it was not him

It's not him and he publicly tweeted out this people actually think this is me with all due respect

I have better things to do than scrappin and the streets to be honest. The video quality is so poor

It's hard to say if it's him or not

but I highly doubt he would lie about it cuz eventually the truth would come out and he would be exposed so

I do believe morgues and I don't think that is actually him also

In avenues James Charles back in May had his life turned upside down

Losing millions of subscribers. I mean you guys all know the story

I'm not gonna take you through the process again

But I'm here to report that James Charles has gained the subs back and he tweeted this

Uh, we hit 16 million sisters again

I'm so grateful for every single one of you and I am beyond blessed to be alive and do this job

Thank you for supporting me

Congratulations, James Charles for navigating your way through the storm also

In video 'is jake paul was spotted with Erica Costello

That's right. These pictures started floating around on line last night

Sparking rumors that the two are back together now immediately. I reached out to Erica Costello

You know my best friend Erica

Asking her what gives this is what she said

I reached out to her saying what is this she responded by saying literally harmless?

Interesting, but speaking about Jake Paul Jake pull uploaded a brand new video and in this video he was talking

About hey, I'm gonna be fighting on the ksi Logan Paul undercard and I need somebody to challenge me

Who's gonna come get it?

I mean he was talking some big talk about you know

someone coming forward in the community and fighting Jake Paul and

Someone did come forward and it was a surprise to everybody

We're talking about


Yesterday fouseytube tweeted out who I actually want to fight on the Logan ksi undercard finish off

What Deji started yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes

Yes now

Listen, I'm pretty sure that Jake Paul is gonna say to phousi you don't have enough clos

But to be honest Jake Paul's not really pulling that many views himself these days now

I will omit Jake Paul does have more clout than phousi currently, but not by much. I want to see this. However

Dutchy does not believe that food is ready. Daddy said this Raleigh's a fuzzy if you want a spa

Let's go. Alright, I can fly out to LA after my whole courtship

And we can actually spa. I tried contacting you

Like we talked for a bit and then and then you just ghost it. So I'm saying this now if you want a spa soozee

Me and you know cameras if you don't want cameras

Or we can film it we can spa and I will show you that your no way near ready

Alright, you can clip that everyone but up Papa

So apparently edgy and fuzzy are gonna spar to find out if Uzi is ready to go ahead and fight Jake Paul

But speaking about the Paul's

Jake isn't the only one trying to make some moves his brother Logan Paul has made some moves

Justin Beaver put out a post saying that he loves his wife wife

appreciation Logan Paul responded by saying must be nice and Justin Beaver responded by saying real nice and then

Justin Beaver followed

Logan boo now

I immediately started texting Mike from the Logan Pole podcast asking him what gives like I want the inside information

And Mike didn't tell me shit cuz he's a horrible person

Please tell him on social media

Actually, I like Mike. He's pretty cool and now ladies and gentlemen, we need to talk about true

Geordie true Geordie started trending today on Twitter and it's all from alleged leaked

DMS and these DMS are very graphic

I'm not like I'm gonna show you the DMS, but I'm gonna have to block out like every word


Geordie allegedly was speaking to a girl saying that she could have it whenever she wants it he goes on to say even if you

Tell me to remove my peen

So you can have a bigger D

While we are effing you, I will obey no matter how humiliating that is because you can have whatever you desire. Oh

He falls up with wanna know a secret girl says tell me he goes. I have a bigger deed

Oh, I can't say the word so Dido

Apparently Geordie responds by saying how do you feel about having a big black?

Rooster inside of you. He says would it be ok, if I sucked it after it's been inside

Hey guys, it just gets worse than that like like there's a couple more pages this I mean very graphic stuff

Talking about inserting a Dido like I mean it just this is wild wild stuff now

True Jordy is the homie, right?

Like he's reached out to me when like, you know, I had controversies going out for for help

Like I love this dude, I believe in this dude

This stuff is crazy immediately

I reached out to him to try to help him to try to get a statement from him and he is not responding to

anyone, which makes me lead like it leads me to believe that all this is real and highly embarrassing for him and

yeah, I just I

Don't know what to say. I'm trying to get a statement from him

I didn't even want to report this without talking to him, but I got to do my job also

You know the news faze clan

has a new

Investor and this is gonna be a surprise to everyone

Well, maybe not if you've been paying attention

But offset and cardi B have invested in faze clan faze clan

Officially announced that offset has joined faze cardi be posted on Instagram proud of you

babe offset, hashtag secure the bag

interesting interesting stuff and let's talk about

collaborations because one big collaboration is in the works and we're talking about mister bees and

Elon Musk couple days ago. Mr

Beast tweeted at Elon Musk saying yo, I need to send something to space for a YouTube video, please DM ladies and gentlemen

That is it for the news guys

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