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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG/SPA) [#ProblematicMen] Educated Pervert RM 'I First Saw It in Second Grade' #Mix_Clip #Diggle

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Then when did you first see it?

Excuse me?

When did you first watch porn?

When I was in second grade


I didn't intend to watch it (Trying hard to make excuses)

I watched it by accident

[RM] There was a website for a workbook I was doing at that time

There was an online cafe where I'd upload my homework status

There were some spam posts uploaded there

There were words I'd never seen before

and images, so I clicked one out of fascination

and ten porn sites popped up

At first, I freaked out and closed them

They kept coming into my mind

At first, you freak out and close them

but later, you start zooming in

At that time, they kept asking you to verify your age

Did you steal your father's ID?

I'm sorry, father (A late confession)

I saw porn for the first time in 11th grade


I went to a foreign language high school

During a conversation class,

we had to shoot a video and do a presentation

You had to borrow a camcorder

so I borrowed a camcorder from my friend

I was trying to put in a new tape but there was already one inside

I wondered what it was and pressed the play button

It was made in the USA...

Did he film it?

- No - [Hyun Moo] There was American porn

- On that tape - [Seok Jin] In the camcorder?

It was the first time I had ever seen porn

I was so fascinated that I watched like this for two hours

(One with the camcorder)

When I took my eyes away,

there was a round mark right here

I was surprised

I remember my heart pounding

On the staircase going from the second floor to the third floor,

I watched it on the weekend when nobody was around

I stayed still like this

Nowadays, everyone sees it in elementary school

- [Hyun Moo] Really? - I saw it in seventh grade

[RM] People watch it in elementary school

- When? - Seventh grade

Seventh grade? How?

I went over to a friend's house

At his house,

there was a woman in her 20s (Jang Won is not interested...)

who lived on the first floor of the apartment

[Seok Jin] While we were playing ball (Jang Won is very interested)

It's already erotic

Even to this day, I haven't figured out

why in the room of a single lady

there was an American magazine like that...

We discovered it while fetching our ball

My friend living there discovered it

He said, "Hey, hey, let's go inside"

That room was connected to the veranda

So we opened the veranda window and took it out

- and saw it - And?

At that time, boys are like this (The world is theirs)

- Very energetic - That's right

Usually, in that kind of situation

there's not much time

so you rip the pages out

The important ones...

(Lots of experience with ripping them out)

That's what happens so you can see it at home

But that wasn't ours

Nowadays, you'd just take pictures with your phone (Still imagining...)

But there was no such thing then so I just absorbed it with my eyes

What kind of content was it?

It wasn't anything dramatic, just nude pictures

Nude pictures all have stories too

They all do

How about Kim Ji Seok?

- First grade? - [Ji Seok] Honestly

I was very innocent

This is the funniest thing I've heard today

Hey! (Look at this dude)

Kim Ji Seok...

You have a great sense of humor

Really, seriously...

[RM] This is so awesome

I like you so much


When I was about to become aware of the opposite sex,

as soon as I entered middle school,

our entire family emigrated to England

[Ji Seok] When I had just entered seventh grade,

instead of video clips,

- erotic novels were more popular - [RM] Erotic novels~

You wouldnt know

- It was erotic novels for us - There's something romantic about them

Erotic novels were really trendy

but before I got a taste of it

- I emigrated to England - You could've taken them with you

- I was cautious - Of getting caught

There was airport security and whatnot, so I was scared of getting caught

So, when I went to England

I kept thinking about them

so my friend sent them to me via fax


At that time, it made sounds

- Fax machines were very noisy... - Yes, they were incredible

Early in the morning, my father came downstairs

He asked, "What kind of fax are you getting at this hour?"

So I said I was getting a translated version of an English textbook

from Korea...

Did you get caught?

He came close to me

and said, "How good of you," and left

I was so embarrassed

[Hyun Moo] How about Jang Won?

I've never seen anything like that before

(Dying of laughter)

That's even funnier than Ji Seok's story

How funny

[Ji Seok] So this is how it feels

[Hyun Moo] If that's true,

that's not normal

[Jang Won] On my way home from middle school (Will he tell the truth?)

some kids were huddled together

so I went over to see what it was

and they showed it to me

I burst into tears

Out of happiness?

Tears of ecstasy?

I was moved...

It was nice

Was it nice? What did you see?

All nude...


- [Hyun Moo] Completely nude? - Completely

I was so shocked at the time

that there was something as amazing as this

Once you see it, you keep thinking about it and your heart pounds

- [Jang Won] Of course you get curious - Didn't you try to get it somewhere?


When I was in ninth grade, I saw a video clip for the first time

Oh, a porn video?

I think it was my friend's parents'

- Was it a video tape? - [Jang Won] Yes

I borrowed that

- Did you copy it? - I hid it inside the CPU cabinet


Wow, as expected of an engineering student

- I opened the cabinet... - [Ji Seok] Amazing

I hid it inside the cabinet of my desktop

- Then your mom would never find out - Never

To watch it, you'd have to open it using a screwdriver?

So I knew how to hide it

but I couldn't play it because my parents were at home

- [Hyun Moo] That's right - Also

that was during the VHS days

The tape would get caught if you weren't careful

and the video would get staticky at the important scenes

Slightly different

[Hyun Moo] Because you played that part over and over

I remember doing that

What was the title?

I'm not sure. You know how there's an FBI warning at the beginning?

You saw a hardcore one

If there's an FBI warning, it's quite hardcore

It was around ninth grade, tenth grade

[Hyun Moo] How about Tyler? When do Americans...

watch stuff like that?

Aren't they more open?

When I was in middle school,

do you call it dial-up?

So when you connect to the internet

It makes that sound... (The good oldays of the internet)

Screech~ Screech, screech

- 01441 and stuff like that - [Hyun Moo] That's right


Anyway, I'd get connected like that

and search online

I searched for one

and of course the results were

porn stuff

but it'd take a really long time to load

so it'd come down like this from top to bottom

Before it finished loading

The face would come up first, so you'd know if you liked it or not

Just by the appearance! (A major twist from the green-eyed boy)

Wow, amazing

I was waiting and it finished loading the eyes

I'd thinkthats not itand go back

- You knew just by the eyes? - [Tyler] So then

regardless of what the girl looked like

What angle the picture was taken from is important

depending on how you feel...

In the old days, you needed a lot of patience

to download a picture

The picture would load and suddenly

when it had loaded down to the neck...

[Hyun Moo] There'd be no response

And since there are more pixels starting from the shoulders

it took a long time

You ponder at that point

[Hyun Moo] Do I close this...

So being my young self

I thought it'd be great if the image would load outward from the middle

I kept seeing only the forehead

Just the forehead

[Hyun Moo] Only the forehead looked very sexy

It took such a long time

I think we're living in a very happy world

Wow, we can spend the entire day just talking about this

Our limit was one minute

[Ji Seok] We can spend the entire day

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