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right Frank thank you.

>> And now to the case thats

had emotions running high all

across the country of course

were talking about George

Floyd the Houston native who

died in police custody in

Minneapolis a new independent

autopsy has been released.

Were also learning more about

the plans to honor his memory

and we have all of this cover

live this afternoon. We want to

begin with Channel twos Andy

Serota who was the newest

information regarding this

autopsy Andy Christine and

Keith good afternoon. The

doctors who conducted that

independent autopsy say that

George Floyd died because he

needed a breath of air they say

he was in good health and that

he had no underlying medical

problems that contributed to

his death. The independent

autopsy found that Floyds

death was a homicide and that

he died from asphyxia due to

sustain pressure to his neck

and back compression former

police officer Derek child and

had his knee on Floyds neck

for nearly 9 minutes those

medical experts say that

prevented blood flow to his

brain they also say the weight

of the other 2 police officers

on his back restricted air flow

to his lungs. This contradicts

Hennepin Countys initial exam

which states Floyd had

underlying health conditions,

including coronary artery

disease and hypertensive heart

disease in the video Floyd said

multiple times he couldnt

breathe and died while calling

out for his mother one of the

doctors said today that many

police officers are under the

impression that if you can talk

to you can breathe. He says

that is not true the familys

attorneys and medical experts

say what you see in the video

is exactly what caused his


>> Souza brutal and public

display. Of an 8 minute

prolonged just. This was the

lowest level of human respect

and dignity that any community

should ever have to endure. What this really was was the

What this really was was the

weight. The Minneapolis Police

Department. On Georgias neck.

>> George Floyds rather

overwhelmed with emotions

Monday as he visited a memorial

in Minneapolis serious ploy.

Barely able to walk as he made

his way to spot where his

brother lost his life.

>> Terence eventually collapsed

in his friends arms as he

tried to kneel on one knee he

was surrounded by a large crowd

that was peaceful and

respectful as he honored his brother, he spoke at that

brother, he spoke at that

Memorial calling for peaceful

protests. Because thats not my

brother back at all. It may

feel good for the moment.

Just like when you drink. But when it come down you dont

But when it come down you dont

want people wonder what you do

best crime. My family is a

peaceful family.

>> The doctors who perform the

independent autopsy also

The Description of Family autopsy: Floyd asphyxiated by sustained pressure