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Today, another Vocal Coach Reaction by request,

We are talking about Jessie J, a great singer that I've been follow from a long time and I appreciate a lot.

In this case, we'll listen to her performance at "The Singer" Show in 2018, in China

so, she's gone to "conquer" the Eastern Countries,

and she won this 2018 competition.

Let's listen together to her version of "I have nothing", a wonderful song by Whitney Houston.

She has these beautiful low notes, when she sings in the bottom of his range...


Let's stop for a while, guys.

Jessie J is a "energetic bomb".

I mean, when she comes on stage, she spreads energy all around,

she has an incredible power while singing,

and an impressive vocal range, but overall, lots and lots of energy.

Why I say this... It's because a song like this by Whitney Houston,

performed in an unforgettable way in his original version,

with great power and extraordinary grit,

is very tough to sing, because the listener has the "vibes" of that version in his mind,

so, when one choose to sing this song, this means:

#1 being exposed to criticism

#2 being able to sing it in a very different way

because, if the versions are very similar, the situation can be hard...

I think JJ is one of the few singers that can afford this,

as you can listen her interpretation is not different so far,

and this fact expose her to comparisons and some criticism...

She's performing this song very well,

she has tha great big sound on the lower notes, and even when she go up,

she keeps up that power, this full sound.

She can be really aggressive in the higher parts,

and at the same time she can be very sweet and sing the lower parts with intimacy

I like this version so far. Let's go on!

Wow! Beautiful and particular arrangement in that passage...

Here, she has changed a little the rhythmic accents. She has customized that part.

Wow. Cool vocalization.

She's so great! She sings that high notes with that important weight...

Here, she uses the "growl" attacks too...

This ending is so beautiful and particular...

Beautiful... just beautiful.

She chosen a different ending, that's good, it's something different than the original version

that we know. Here she thanks the sudience in chinese... she's home, by now.

I'd like to say something... She's really great, and a wonderful singer

and she has this incredible grit... I listened to her in several performances,

she's really unstoppable... A sort of "vocal Terminator", in the good sense of the word, of course...

I mean: when she comes and sings, you can get sticked with your senses on what she does...

She has lots of energy and that gritty mood, and she sings great.

She has been brave, choosing to sing this song

without making a completely different version,

(as I said before, it could be a possibility)

'cause you can take this song and do a customized version without

a chance of comparison with the original version, that everybody knows and that's hard to reach...

Because you know, guys, Whitney is Whitney,

and his songs can be tough to sing even for a famous and expert singer

The point is that she choose a very similar version, changing it a little bit,

mainly about the vocalizations, but

very close to the original, in the mood too,

and I think she's one of the few singers that actually can afford this song that way,

without raise up in the listener doubts or comparisons, or the sensation that something is missing...

She's perfectly able to sing this song and make it work,

making it gets to the heart, making it fly.

It's perfect for her, because it has that low notes, where she can "fulfill" very well,

and there are that high notes that she sings with a very clear, straight and powerful sound. Very effective.

Now, let's go back to listen to a couple of things...

You know that, when you sing, there are the "taking of breath", where you inhale and sing the phrases...

These "taking of breath", are generally natural; you can often listen to different singers singing the same song

taking breath in the same points.

She surprised me taking the breath in a very particular moment:

in fact, this could represent a characteristic, a detail. Let's listen.

Pay attention when this happen on the word "hide".

This is peculiar, because generally, this phrase is all tied up in one breath, before to start the "chorus".

She put a peculiar thing that you can't find in other versions. I like it!

There are many ways to customize your own performance of a very important and famous song

And something you can do is to "shift" the taking of breath.

that obviously are predictable, and do something different.

One of the things I like is when she put the larynx down while singing the low notes, making his sound warmer,

putting some air into the sound to make it softer, so that her low notes becomes fascinating.

Listen into this phrase the word "do"...

You can listen to how this word has a "wraparound" character...

Another peculiar thing she do is to raise up his larynx, clearing up the sound when she sings high notes,

that results in a sort of "childish" timbre that I like very much while she sings.

Listen how she sings vocalizations with this clear and young...

Then, she enriched this performance with peculiar vocalizations, very "on this own way",

as she does for example in this point singing a high note... Let's listen.

A beutiful vocalization. And she has the skill

to be transformable, so being sweet singing soft and light notes

and suddenly becoming gritty and bold, as she do in this point of the song...

So, she flew from a light head voice to a super "growl" attack

to make dynamics work. Very great, really...

And, beyond the attacks, she has hold a whole note in growl, listen...

She is truly a great performer. Her vocal skills, her energy and grit, her ability to stay on stage,

all this make she shine and stand out, I'd say "explode" indeed, because she's a bomb, as I said before...

Especially in these songs that are part of her background, of her vocal tradition.

We did a little "vocal analysis" about the great Jessie J,

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A big kiss to everybody, and let me know your impressions about Jessie J in this video

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