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Hi, Welcome to my youtube channel

in todays video, m gonna demonstrate what is an immobilizer and how it works

An immobilizer is basically an antitheft mechanism, that prevents an unauthorized access to the car ignition system

it is considered as one of the good security features now a days

immobilizer have two indications, one is on key or remote

and one indication on the car dashboard, which shows whether the car is locked or unlocked

one of the good added feature is that , if you let the car unattended for more then one minute, the immobilizer locks the car automatically

now m gonna give you demo, i have pressed lock button, and blinking is started on the front indication of dashboard

immobilizer basically comes with two types, one is built in on the key, and one on the remote

the one currently you are watching is built in on the remote

now lets check out , how its work

in immobilizer, we have a transponder, and a chip built inside the key

transponder resides along the key swich

chip resides inside the remote or key

when you inserts an original key

the transponder query for original code from the key, as key contains a code

when original code is sent to the transponder from the key, transponder sent a signal to the car ignition system

and the car starts upon turning the key switch to on position

if we didn;t inserts the original key containing the chip

the car wont be started

if you used the duplicate key, even then ignition wont be started

lets start the demo, if you used a duplicate key

the ignition wont be started

i have inserted the key in to the switch

but i didn;t unlock the car

now if i turned the key to ignition for starting, the car wont be started because its not unlock

i am turning the switch to on position, but its not starting

and indications like hazards lights turned on to show that unauthorized access is being carried out

now i am going to unlock the immobilizer

after unlocking , i will start the car

the car will be started

for that, you have to press unlock

indication is also present in the remote

now i have unlocked the car and let me turned on the switch for starting

car is started

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The Description of Immobilizer in Suzuki Mehran / Maruti 800, How it works.Immobilizer system information [Urdu/Hindi]