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Hello and welcome here on TropicMedia TV !

Today we have for you the topic TAROT 2- Axis Gimbal for Brushless

GoPro Hero3

with the current new frame .

Now we are all first Imagine items

and later assemble.

So stay tuned !

All parts were well packed in bags,

However, I would like to us a little bit Save time and therefore let the

Unpack away .

The board , the mounting for the GoPro Hero3 and the sensor for

the orientation

were already completely assembled as you can see here .

Even the power cord is already soldered .

For attaching to the frame there are 4 self-tapping screws ,

with a 1.5 mm Allen key .

This Allen is not resolved .

The pilot hole located at the 4 outer edges of the Boads .

Next, I will show you the lower large frame part ,

it has a little bit changed ,

the part is no longer flat.

But it is true three-dimensional formed , at the edges which also has


So it is also a good stiffness possesses .

It worked through quality processed and a professional look

yes ... and the fumbling with the pins of course also falls way and thus

so that additional

Errors or vulnerabilities.

The upper part is smaller frame of course just

high quality finish

has the same characteristics

as the lower large frame.

Through this form you have of course less the same material or

maybe even better strength .

Some of you it might be from know the automotive industry .

Take a plain sheet , presses there a three-dimensional form of pure,

such as a wing or a hood .

And it already has a certain strength stiffness ,

yes and there is a real high-quality work .

The only difference here is that it is not pressed but cast .

There are two 2 mm Allen Bolts , whereby the base of the

actual stabilization system 's

later then attached to the small frame will .

The four small damper which we here see which ensure

that the vibrations from the non- copter to the stabilization system are transferred.

As you can see here are the very soft and seemingly made ​​of silicone

or similar material.

Next, we look at the actual Stabilization system.

Here we have the first foot , indeed the Foot is yes afterwards the small frame

secured with the two screws that we have just described here.

Yes ... and the engines are already all so far prepared , fixed

and it is a very positive thing to see that there

hardly matters are to be made .

Which, of course , this also means less Errors occur.

The two brushless motors make a very high-quality impression and

seem to be well made and give hope for a good performance.

The second three-core cable and connections

seem to be chosen large enough

and can be problematic in the sockets tuck .

What we see are now here Mounting to the stabilizing system

attach to the copter .

They are , unfortunately, highly glossy and have not the matt finish as the two

Frame parts.

the middle holes come here for us to question

the two large bracket on the lower To fasten frame.

There are two different lengths 2 mm Allen screws

each provided with a safety nut are available.

So now we only miss two Small parts , on the one hand is the

a washer directly on the brushless motor between

Motor and mount GoPro Hero3

is set.

The second part is a small larvae screw,

which then mount the GoPro Hero3

is fixed on the Brushless motor.

Last but not least, to finish off the Connection cable are included.

Firstly, it is a three-pole cable which on the one hand a plug on

the other three plugs with only one

Pol has white, red and black.

Secondly, this is a three-pole What cable on one side a

Has plug.

What we see here is the connection for the board to the pc yet

set different details.

In addition, you should have at order to consider whether a FPV

supported camera on the copter would fly or not, if yes

you should still equal to the component order for the PoPro with this ,

is to have quite as favorable.

I'll be here again later in more detail on the component received .

The tools we need in any Case, a 1.5 mm Allen

a 2.0 mm Allen

and a small phase tester or Screw the front is not

is sharp.

If necessary, provides a narrow Pliers on , for the small lock nuts .

Here you see the two-page pictorial Instructions with relatively few

is equipped English terms .

Who thus now a bit is curious , to the new

System of TARAT for the 2- Axis Brushless Gimbel for GoPro Hero 3

Version 2 , with the improved frame.

The Experienced simply our next Video. We look forward

of course, for a Thumbs up or when their our channel

subscribed .

Thank you for your attention to ... equal ...

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