Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 二哥現挖土豆來做炕土豆,一口一個,再配上小酒,吃的美滋滋! 【鐵鍋視頻】

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What would you like to eat today, brother?

Potatoes! Good

Dig some jiejie roots back

Boil the potatoes

Remove the peculiar smell

Peel the potatoes

Pour the potatoes into the pan of oil

Try not to move the potatoes after you put them in

Wait for the pot crust to appear under it

Simmer slowly

Add salt

Pepper powder, pepper powder

Garlic, jiejie root

Finally add the scallions and serve

Brother, dinner


There are many potatoes in the field

The fresh potatoes grew up, too

Come on, let's drink

It tastes better than the potatoes on the outside

Then I'll go and sell potatoes

Ok, I grow potatoes and you sell them

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