Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chris Is the Nipple King - Parks and Recreation

Difficulty: 0

-What a wonderful event.

Everyone is having fun.

This is great!

-Chris, could you just please?

-I'm sorry. I was just trying to cheer you up.

Just hang in there. -Thanks.

-Alright. If you'll excuse me,

I found out this morning that I am playing

a special role in this parade.

No spoilers.

[ Band playing ]

-This is the perfect thing

to take my mind off of yesterday.

I'm gonna pretend that this is my victory parade

and the town is celebrating my hard work and dedication.

-There you go. -Leslie, Leslie.

I'm so sorry. I need to talk to you.

-What are -- What?

-I'm the Nipple King.

-Kernston's Rubber Nipples company

elects a Nipple King and a Nipple Queen every year

to ride on the float. Congratulations, Chris!

-Thank you.

It's such an amazing honor.

-It's wonderful! -But I do need to talk to you

about a float that is in this parade,

because I'm not sure that you're going to be --

-No fun for you! -Uh-oh.

-No fun for you! -Is that me?

-Maybe it's not you. Maybe it's Kate Upton.

-Oh, thank you.

No, it's me. And damn them! -No fun for you!

-Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! -No fun

for you! -Hey, stop, please!

[ Banging on window ] Stop!

Excuse me, Pawnee. I'm sorry. -No fun for you!

-I don't mean to stop your parade, or anything,

but I just have to say something here, okay?

I don't think this is very fair!

-Babe, babe, stop wagging your finger.

-Certain people are lashing out at me

because of things that I did this year,

but I am not trying to stop you from having fun.

I am an extremely fun person!

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