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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Netflix's "Cryptic" Hidden Content

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So here's the deal. Over the last couple months people have been asking me to explain something called

Example Short 23.976

Which can be found on Netflix, but not as easily as you think.

Of course standard protocol would be to type the title into the Netflix search bar, but as you can see, doing so doesn't exactly get you any results.

In order to find this thing, you'd actually have better luck typing the title into Google.

Once located, this is what you'll find. It's 11 minutes long and all it says, is that its creators are...


Anyway, if you watch it, you'll see seemingly nonsensical shots of a fountain,

buildings, flowers, and eventually a man who delivers a rather angry monologue.

Now towards the end of the video things shift drastically to images like this:

Alright, so Example Short 2-

Okay, I'm just gonna say 23.

is obviously quite reminiscent of a few bizarre things we've seen online before.

But one in particular especially stands out. Brace yourself here because we're about to head way

back to like, 2014 or some s***. I can't remember exactly when this happened.

Anyway, what I'm talking about is Webdriver Torso. This is 2018, so I'm hoping everyone knows

what this is by now. If not and because I'm obligated to explain things, Webdriver Torso, was a

weird youtube channel that

no one could figure out. It uploaded at an alarming rate and only featured coloured shapes set to beeping noises.

So long story short, Google eventually came forward with an almighty Rickroll (Literally) and revealed that Webdriver Torso

was nothing more than a test page.

So, it is with great honor that I present to you the shortest and most disappointing conclusion to any video I've ever done.

Example Short 23 is exactly, what it says it is. An example of

23.976 frames per second.

Yes, I know, how disappointing.

It's specifically available in order for Netflix users to be able to diagnose issues with streaming.

In other words, can't enjoy binge watching Black Mirror for the tenth time due to crappy quality? Example Short 23.976-

*sigh* God, why don't I just say 23?

may have the answer for you. If this doesn't make sense, you can actually Google how to use it.

So...go ahead and do that because I'm not a tech channel, I'm not gonna give you a tutorial on this.

Now just in the interest of transparency,

This video was most definitely not sponsored by Netflix,

but, I apparently just inadvertently gave you a troubleshooting tutorial for their platform,

So, hey, Netflix, hit me up. Help me out. I'd greatly appreciate that, things still kind of suck.

Anyway guys, that's all I've got for now. Just thought I'd throw out a

quick little video for you guys while you wait on my other content because, haha, yeah I know

for once I'm actually uploading content.

Anyway, with all that said, test out your streaming so you can watch actual creepy content on Netflix and I'll see you all again soon.

The Description of Netflix's "Cryptic" Hidden Content