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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Is Captain Kirk Actually a Womanizer?

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Hi there!

Since this is my first Trek, Actually video to focus specifically on Captain James T.

Kirk, I thought it might be fun to teach my wife Captain Kirks favorite card gamefizzbin!

Of course, it wont really be fizzbin, technically, because I dont have the same cards they

use on Beta Antares IV.

But we can still play it even though all we have is a standard 52-card deck of playing


Look at that!

Youve got half a fizzbin already.

Im in trouble!

Anyway, when it came time to choose the subject of this video, I decided it would be fun to

explore one of the most misunderstood aspects of Captain Kirks character.

I suppose the best way to begin that exploration is simply to ask the question:

Is Captain Kirk Actually a Womanizer?

This is one of those things that many people just kinda take for granted.

Captain Kirk is a notorious skirt-chaser.

Hes jumping into bed with another alien babe every other episode or something.

Kirk is a womanizerhas become one of those aspects of Star Trek that are familiar

even to people who arent really fans of the show.

Its referenced by comedians, it shows up in parodies of the show, its cited to contrast

Captain Kirk with Captain Picard, who is far less promiscuous, especially when it comes

to members of his own crew.

Or so it is said.

I cant exempt myself from this phenomenon.

My first exposure to Star Trek was the movies, which I discovered as a child in the 1980s.

From there I latched on to Star Trek: The Next Generation once it started.

I didnt really start to watch and pay attention to The Original Series until I was a teenager,

and by then the notion that Captain Kirk was the Galaxys Most Legendary Lothario was

something I had accepted as just another part of Star Trek.

Pick a number between one and five.

Which one do you want?

Good choice.

Anyway, the more I watched The Original Series, the more I started to notice something.

Kirks actual portrayal on the show didnt really match his reputation.

For example, Kirk was supposedly a cowboy, a loose cannon, a shoot first and ask questions

later kinda guy.

But on the show hes pretty by-the-book most of the time.

True, there are several episodes where he takes it upon himself to initiate sweeping

changes to the societies of planets they visit, but the writers were making this stuff up

as they went along and didnt really build out Starfleet as an institution during The

Original Series, so the responsibilities and limitations of starship captains werent

clearly defined.

Kirks crew on the Enterprise rarely object to the actions he takes, however drastic and

unilateral they are.

Even Spock seems to regard Kirk not as a maverick who plays by his own rules, but as a model

Starfleet captain.

Now that Ive been a Star Trek fan for over thirty years and seen every episode of The

Original Series at least two or three times, and seen a few of my favorites more times

than I can even remember, I can say with confidence that the same is true of Kirks reputation

as a womanizer.

It just doesnt match up with his portrayal on the show.


A queen!

And it is after sunset, which means that is very good news for you, my dear.

Say, I was thinking.

Weve got a pretty good game going here.

Would you want to make it more interesting?

Lets say, loser does the dishes?

Its a bet.

Heh heh heh.

Dont misunderstandIm not saying Kirk was celibate.

Far from it.

In fact, if you look at Kirks entry at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki, youll

see the authors have helpfully listed all of Kirks love interests from The Original

Series and the movies.

There are quite a few names on that listtwenty-four, to be exact.

At first glance that seems to reinforce the image of Kirk as a philanderer.

But on closer inspection, it turns out that almost all of the women listed in Kirks

wiki entry under theRomancesub-heading are people he was in serious, committed relationships


The first four are ex-girlfriends with whom Kirk has been broken up for years by the time

we meet him, and one of themCarol Marcuswe dont even find out about until many

years later, in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

The fifth person on the list, Helen Noel, is someone Kirk flirted with at a party but

it apparently went no further than that.

The tenth person on the list, Lenore Karidian, is someone Kirk kisses and seems to be developing

deeper feelings for, but she turns out to be a murderer before anything else can happen

between them.

Next is Edith Keeler inThe City on the Edge of Forever,” who is usually regarded

as one of the great loves of Kirks life, a woman he comes to care about so deeply that

he very nearly sacrifices the future of the galaxy to save her.

Despite the intensity of his feelings for her, their interactions with each other are

fairly chaste.

Im pretty sure they never get around to having sex before poor Edith gets pancaked

by that truck.

The next person on the list who we can definitely say Kirk slept with is number eighteen, Miramanee

fromThe Paradise Syndrome,” whom Kirk marries while suffering from amnesia.

Miramanee becomes pregnant with Kirks child and dies soon after.

The rest of the list consists of people Kirk either tried and failed to seduce while he

was in some kind of altered state, or who tried to seduce Kirk while they were not what

they appeared to be, or who Kirk flirted with for some strategic purpose but probably didnt

actually sleep with.

Oh, and Antonia, a woman Kirk lived with at some point, probably between the events of

Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II.

We catch a glimpse of her when Picard finds Kirk in the Nexus in Star Trek: Generations.

See how Ive got a red jack, a black nine, and a red three?

Thats called prelude to a fizzbin.

And since were playing during a month that has thirty days, all I need is a spade above

a four or a diamond below a ten and I win.

Well, dont look at me like thatI dont make the rules!

Other than the ex-girlfriends, Miramanee, and Antonia the only person on the list we

can confidently conclude Kirk slept with is Deela here.

Shes number nineteen on the Memory Alpha list, and she appears in an episode from Star

Treks third season titledWink of an Eye.”

The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Scalos.

But when Kirk leads a landing party down to the surface, they find it totally uninhabited

no animals, no plants, no peoplethough Spock does find some evidence that people

were there recently.

The landing partys red shirt disappears right in front of McCoy, so they decide maybe

its a good idea to return to the ship.

But once everyone is back on board the Enterprise, they start experiencing random malfunctions.

And then theres this weird air conditioner looking thing thats been tied into the

environmental controls.

And theres this high pitched buzzing noise that keeps recurring.

Kirk learns whats going on after he has a sip of coffee on the bridge and everyone

else starts moving really slow.

Thats when Deela shows up.

Shes like, “Hi, Im the Queen of Scalos.

The reason everyone else seems to be moving slow now is because I spiked your coffee so

that youd become hyper-accelerated like us Scalosians.”

Deela tells Kirk there is a scientific explanation for how and why the Scalosians all exist in

a much faster time frame relative to everyone else, but she doesnt waste time sharing

that explanation in detail because its not really important to the story, and this

is Star Trek, not Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Kirk heads back down to the environmental control room.

When he gets there he runs in to Compton, the red shirt who disappeared from the landing


It turns out Compton was hyper-accelerated, too, and now hes 100% Team Scalos.

Kirks like, “Oh yeah, thats niceKick!


There are some more Scalosians there and they grab Kirk.

Then Compton does a last-minute babyface turn and tries to help Kirk, but one of the Scalosians

fights Compton off, scratching him in the process.

Thats too bad for Compton, because it turns out that if you get scratched while youre

hyper-accelerated, you start to age at much faster rate.

Thats why in a few moments Compton is lying dead on the floor looking like Willem Dafoe

in old age make-up.

The Scalosian in charge down here is this guy, Rael, and hehang on, he looks familiar.

Where have I seen him before?



Captain Kirk, watch yourself!

This dude resurrected his dead girlfriends head in a cake pan.

Dont turn your back on him, Jim.

Hes hardcore.

And kind of a sicko.

Anyway, it turns out there are only five Scalosians left on the whole planet, and the same natural

disaster that cause them all to become hyper-accelerated also rendered the men sterile.

As a result, the two remaining Scalosian women must mate with outsiders in order for their

species to survive.

The Scalosians plan to convert the Enterprise into a big freezer to preserve the rest of

the crew in suspended animation and thaw them out as they need them.

But for starters, Deela has chosen Kirk to be her baby daddy.

And that brings us to the scene that is the whole reason why Im even telling you about

this episode.

Its not even a scene, really, its a single shot.

But that one shot is pregnant with meaning.

Just like Deela is hoping Kirks shot will get her pregnis that too crass?

Deela and Kirk go to Kirks cabin.

They seem to be getting along pretty well with each other.

We cut to another scene, then cut back to find Kirk on the edge of his bed, pulling

his boots on.

And that is the closest we get to Captain Kirk having sex with someone in all of the

TV and film adventures of the original Star Trek characters: the naughty suggestion of

recently completed coitus represented by Captain Kirk putting his shoes back on.

Granted, one big reason for that is that Star Trek was originally produced and aired in

the 1960s, when censors were very careful not to allow offensive material to be broadcast.

They kept the airwaves clean back then, reserved them for wholesome, family friendly programming,

like George Wallace defending segregation on Meet the Press, not restrained depictions

of adults engaging in consensual, mutually enjoyable sexual relationshipsfilth like

that might be a bad influence on the kids!

Whatever factors outside of the production of the show may have contributed, the fact

remains that Captain Kirk, as he is actually presented on Star Trek, is far from the relentless

horn dog he is reputed to be.

He seems to have quite a few ex-girlfriends (almost as many as MacGyver), but all the

exes were introduced to are women with whom hes had serious, committed relationships.

Is it accurate to call someone promiscuous because theyve had a half dozen or so serious

romantic partners?

If we must sort Kirk into a category according to his sexual history, I think its much

more accurate to call him a serial monogamist.

Hes had quite a few partners, but theres no evidence that he frequently engages in

casual sex.

Hes not BoJack Horseman.

Hes more like Mr. Peanut Butter.

Aside from the limitations imposed by network censors, and Kirks own apparent preference

for relationships rather than no-strings-attached hook-ups, the best evidence we have that Kirk

doesnt sleep around is that we know he has a much more important priority in his

life, something a more active and adventurous sex life would only distract him from.

Im talking about his professed first, last, and only love: his starship.

InThe Corbomite Maneuver,” Kirk and McCoy are briefly interrupted by the arrival

of Yeoman Janice Rand, who delivers the Captain some food.

Kirk reacts to her presence with annoyance, and when McCoy asks him about it he explains,

Ive already got a female to worry about.

Her name is the Enterprise.”

InThe Naked Timewe get another glimpse at the depth of Kirks commitment to his


And it seems like it might not be the healthiest relationship hes ever had.

Under the influence of a mysterious infection that errodes inhibition, Kirk says to Spock,

This vessel.

I give, she takes.

She wont permit me my life.

Ive got to live hers.”

As he exits that scene he pauses to whisper to the Enterprise, “Never lose you . . . never.”

So maybe its not so much that Kirk isnt interested in gettindown with the ladies

more often than he does, he just doesnt feel free to do that because as a captain

his first duty is to the ship.

He does indicate a strong attraction to Yeoman Rand on more than one occasionwhen a

transporter accident splits him into two people in the episodeThe Enemy Within,” his

evil half goes straight for her.

And we catch him leering like a creep at Rand and one or two other women throughout the


But the fact remains, Kirk controls whatever lustful impulses he may feel, he appears to

prefer to have sex with women hes in relationships with, or at least seriously interested in,

and when we see him kissing or flirting with women hes just met its almost always

because one of them is in some kind of altered state or attempting some kind of strategic


Even Kirks implied roll in the hay with Deela turns out to be part of a ploy to thwart

the Scalosians and save the Enterprise.

Before we wrap this up, I do feel that its only fair to note that so far Ive been

talking only about the original Classic Trek version of Captain Kirk.

In 2009 another Captain Kirk was introduced into the Star Trek canon, and his sex life

appears to be quite different than that of his counterpart.

The James T. Kirk of the Kelvin Timeline who we see depicted in the films Star Trek, Star

Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Beyond is much closer to the swinginbachelor type

the original Kirk is often described as being.

Unlike the Kirk of the prime timeline, who has apparently been single-mindedly focused

on his career in Starfleet since he was a teenager, Kelvin Timeline Kirk grows into

a rebellious, unfocused young man.

Hes just as smart and cunning as his prime timeline counterpart, but far less serious

and goal oriented.

He only attends Starfleet Academy after Captain Pike dares him to do it, and while hes

there he seems a lot more interested in, ahem, extracurricular activities than Prime Kirk,

whom his old friend Gary Mitchell describes asa stack of books with legs.”

Kelvin Kirks tendency to engage in casual sex continues after he becomes Captain of

the Enterprise, at least for a time.

In Star Trek Into Darkness he spends the night with two sexy cat ladies.

Its also mentioned that at some point he had a relationship with Christine Chapel,

who has since transferred to an assignment on the outer frontier.

Kirk doesnt seem to remember her.

By the time we see him again in Star Trek Beyond he doesnt seem to be gettinnearly

so busy, but that might be because the Enterprise has been on deep space assignment for three

years and this Kirk now takes his responsibilities as Captain as seriously as Prime Kirk and

considers people under his command to be off-limits for sexual relations.

Kelvinverse Spock, on the other hand . . .

Thats what happens when you think with your . . . human half.

Really, the answer to the questionIs Captain Kirk actually a womanizer?”

depends on which Captain Kirk youre referring to.

If youre talking about Kirk Prime the answer is no, he isnt.

If youre talking about Kelvin Kirk the answer is yes, he is, for awhile, anyway.

And by the way, thats perfectly fine.

Kirks promiscuity, or assumed promiscuity, is usually brought up to put him down or make

fun of him, but theres nothing wrong with being promiscuous in and of itself.

So long as he acts with the full knowledge and consent of his partners, and within the

bounds of ethics expected of a person in his position, I say let Kirk, or anyone else for

that matter, have sex with whoever he wants, as often as he wants.


I almost forgot to tell you howWink of an Eyeends!

So, Kirk double-crosses Deela in the transporter room and grabs her stun weapon thingy, then

meets up with Spock, who has figured out how to reverse the hyper-acceleration process

and intentionally accelerated himself in order to help Kirk.

They destroy the Scalosian air conditioner, and Kirk beams the Scalosians back down to

their planet and takes the antidote to return to normal speed, while Spock remains hyper-accelerated

for a few minutes minutes so he can repair the ship.

And then they just leave!

They abandon the Scalosians to either die out or try their deep freeze scam on some

other unsuspecting ship that passes bywe dont know what happens because theyre

never heard from again.

This isnt the only time Kirk drops a group of defeated villains on a planet and flies

away instead of either helping them or turning them over to the authorities to answer for

their crimes.

I can think of at least one other time Kirk did this, and it came back to bite him in

the ass in a big way.

But thats a subject for another video.

As far as this video goes, I have to conclude that Captain KirkPrime timeline Captain

Kirk, anywayis not the womanizer he is reputed to be.

Quite the contraryhe seems motivated by his duty to his ship and crew, not his


And when he does get involved with people romantically, hes not interested in one-night-stands

but in committed relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

Now, if youll excuse me, I think our game is just about over.

Thats . . . youve got a royal fizzbin.

You beat me!

How the hell is this evenRight.

The dishes.


Now I get to suffer the punishment I myself prescribed, while you stand aside and drink

in the irony like an Ancient Greek god looking down from Olympus.

Did this blow up in my face or . . . what?

You mean, well both do the dishes?

Above all else, a god needs compassion.

You know, youre quite a dish your own self . . .

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