Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 12 Monkeys (3/10) Movie CLIP - Plague of Madness (1995) HD

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Yo, Goines!

Yo, Jeffrey! Goines!

What? Look here.

This here's James. Now, do me a favor. Why don't you show him around?

Tell him the TV rules. Show him the games and stuff. Okay?

How much you gonna pay me? How much? I'd be doin' your job.

Five thousand dollars, my man. That enough? Five thousand?

I'll wire a check to your account as usual.

Five thousand dollars! Five thousand dollars! Five thousand dollars.

I'll give him the deluxe mental hospital tour. My man!

Kid around, makes 'em feel good. We're pals. I love you.

You're the prisoners. No, you're the guards. Now You got it.

Okay, it's all in good fun. Here's some games here.

And there's- Get out! Get out!

He was in My chair.

Games. Games. Here's some games.

Games that wanna get out.

See? More games.

Games. They vegetize you. See? Aah.

If you play the games, you're voluntarily taking a tranquilizer.

I guess they gave you some chemical restraints. Drugs!

What'd they give you? Thorazine? Haldol? How much? How much?

Learn your drugs. Know your dosages. It's elementary.

I need to make a telephone call. a telephone call?

That's communication with the outside world. Doctor's discretion. No.

If all of these nuts could just make phone calls,

it could spread insanity oozing through telephone cables,

oozing to the ears of all these poor, sane people, infecting them.

Wackos everywhere. A plague of madness.

In fact, very few, Jim- Jim, very few of us here are actually mentally ill.

I'm not saying you're not mentally ill.

For all I know, you're... crazy as a loon. But that's not why you're here.

That's not why you're here! That's not why you're here!

You're here because of the system.

There's the television.

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