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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oscars Are for White Ladies

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The only thing the nominations of the 88th Academy Awards have accomplished is getting

the Twitter hastag #oscarssowhite trending on Twitter for the second year in a row for

a number of reasons including zero actors of color being recognized. Aside from the

actress, costume and makeup categories, if we look at who has taken home the more than

3,000 gold statues the Academy has handed out ever since it's very first ceremony in

1929, you'd think they'd redesign the award to look a little more representative of it's

winners, like this. Even when we look at what women have won, #oscarstillsowhite. Blindingly,

I need some sunglasses, whiter than this white. Although, I am, I'm pretty white, it's probably,

probably about just that white. Out of 87 Academy Awards for best actress, just one

has gone to a woman of color. No women of color were nominated in this year's category,

we can go ahead and make that 1 out of 88. Women of color are likeliest to take home

Oscars for best supporting actress but considering the relatively small number and the often

stereotypical roles, these awards can sometimes feel more like obligatory nods to diversity

rather than a symbol of any cinematic revolution. After all, no one of color has won, much less

been nominated in a number of categories including best director, best original or adapted screenplay,

best cinematography, sound editing and visual effects. If we add up the total number of

Oscars women of color have ever won, it doesn't even add up to the number of times Meryl Streep

alone has been nominated. To explain why the Oscars are so persistently, painfully, boringly

white, the most logical explanation is to look at who's choosing the winners and when

we do, we find ourselves in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which just

happens to be one of the whitest places in America. I'm not kidding, it's whiter than

Utah. 'The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.

You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.' So considering how unrepresentative

the Oscars are of who's watching and increasingly making both studio and especially independent

films, is it time as some have suggested that we the audience stop awarding the Academy

with our viewership? Let me know what you think in the comments below. And hey, don't

forget to subscribe. I'd like to thank the Academy for this naked white man who probably

makes more money than me and doesn't have to deal with harassment on a day to day basis.

Umm maybe if I tell people he's my boyfriend they'll stop uh, hitting on me when I say

that I'm not interested.

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