Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SDF/YPG advance in Hajin, eastern Syria

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Heavy fighting is taking place in east Deir Ezzor

between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Islamic State (IS) group.

This is the last fight against IS.

Hajin is their last and main stronghold.

SDF fighters are approching it from four sides.

IS militants, on the other hand, are fighting hard to defend their last stronghold.

They use car bombs, IEDs, and mines in their counterattacks.

Yet, the SDF is advancing

especially from Bagjoz, where fighters advanced more than 7 km.

And now, they are heading to the village of Susah.

This occured after they broke the first line of defense of IS.

We have liberated more than 7 km from Daesh.

We have taken control of the first two bases in addition to the villages of Baghoz Foqani and Baghoz Tahtani.

Then we headed to Susah village.

Daesh (IS) militants are using snipers and mines in their counterattacks against us,

but thank God, Daesh is being totally driven from the region.

SDF fighters are also establishing a camp for civilians who flee IS-held areas.

But IS fighters often do not allow civilians to flee.

So far, the SDF have liberated 7 km in Baghoz and are heading towards Hajin,

along with the constant besieging of Shafah, Susah, and Hajin.

Also the US-led coalition fighter jets bombard IS militants and their bases, blocking movement and potential counter attacks.

An emergency corridor is being opened for fleeing civilians.

This operation has strong support from the US-led coalition.

This comes after an agreement made between the SDF and the coalition.

The operation receives much support by US, British, and French troops on the ground as well.

They are bombarding Susah, Hajin, and Shafah with mortar shells and artillery.

This is the dividing line between us and Daesh in Baghoz Tahtani.

We fully liberated it last night.

That house over there is still held by Daesh.

Coalition fighter jets are bombarding them heavily and intensively,

but we request they take care of the civilians and avoid targeting them.

We are worried about the civilians and we are eager to offer them shelter and protection.

The border with Iraq is totally liberated from IS,

protected by SDF and the Iraqi army.

There is also a wide gap between the SDF and Syrian army.

The Euphrates River acts as a natural boundary.

There are fears of potential attacks by Syrian regime forces,

but the main concern for the SDF is carrying on the operation against IS to eliminate it for good.

Reporting in Kurdish: Akram Saleh, Kurdistan 24, Deir Ezzor front line.

English subtitles: Helbast Shekhani Editing: John J. Catherine

The Description of SDF/YPG advance in Hajin, eastern Syria