Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Seeing Other People | Hannah Stocking & King Bach

Difficulty: 0

You know why I love you, babe. Why is that? Because you only look at me. I only look at you, baby

You don't have to ever do it

Are you checking her out? Nope while you're with me?

So what if I was you know what? I don't think we see eye to eye anymore deborah

We don't see eye to eye no more. I don't look at you

the same if I see a pretty girl walks by

Maybe maybe I want to go in and you know what else what I?

Think we should see other people you have a wandering eye so do I but I don't check out all these other guys well

Maybe you should fine. Well fine. Let's see other people then fine fine fine. Hi

So this is your first day

Yes, my first day since me and my ex broke up. Well, what happened in your relationship? Yeah? I didn't work out

Oh, he was always looking at other women that's crazy nonna's no it was in our situation

What is it this is my ex? She's live on Instagram, really yeah

So you're really going to look at your ex-girlfriend while you're on a date with me no

I'm so happy to be on a date with you finally

They're just kind of inappropriate, but I've been wanting to take you out for a really long time

Well, you're not. What did you see in that guy anyway?

oh my Ex I

Saw, I saw everything in him I

Saw, I saw myself. I saw my future

Missing you know I actually saw him on the way here

Do we have a problem? Yo do we have a problem? I'm after you and I got get you do we have a problem

I don't like the way you're looking at. I'm even looking at you dog

What does it look like you're looking at me because that looks like I'm looking at everybody so well only so you're not looking at

Me yeah, you look at my girl. Oh

That's your girl. Okay. Maybe I introduced myself really about that

What's the problem you're so to me? That's the problem no no no, it's not even like that

So I have it - it's called exotropia as well view it's a misalignment of your eyes

It's when there's a defect in the extraocular eye muscles Roger

Maybe I've missed you so much. I can't keep my eye off of you. I'm sorry for everything

I said I tried moving on and seeing other people, but they just didn't see me the way that you see me, baby

I try moving on too

But I never got no bags to pack so I have to go to Walmart if I really want to move on you're everything I

Look for in a person. I'm only seeing you you take me back. I'll take you back right now. Hey, that's not an excuse i'm gay tooooo i'm sexual

Sorry, too

The Description of Seeing Other People | Hannah Stocking & King Bach