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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Newfangled Four - A Newfangled Tango

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Everybody's Mambo Crazy, Cha Cha Happy, but I'm lazy, I don't dig that frantic turpsichord

(When) When I trip the light fantastic, I don't wanna be gymnastic, that's not what a dancing floor is for (for)

What I've got in mind is a big improvement, (ment)

With a very minimum amount of movement,

So, let the other couples push and sho-o-ove,

What I've got in mind i think you're gonna love,

You'll love (you'll love)

I've got (What you got, girl) (Okay) (I cant wait to see what you've got)

A Newfangled Tango

And there's nothing to it

You just sort of stand there

And just sort of do it

You stand close together

There's no wasted motion

It's a Newfangled Tango

An old Fashioned notion

The floor may be crowded but that doesn't matter

It's not necessary to move (don't move, why move?)

It may be crowded, but that's all the better, it's just like romancing (what?) while dancing, who's dancing?

Oh you start off with one step and cling to each other (that's really awkward, no, I do not like this)

And you know how one step can lead to another (No, you stupid lead, no)

Oh there's nothing wrong with a waltz or fandango, but oh what could come from(Oh yes there's something wrong, oh yes there's something wrong, we need to get right out of this)

A Newfangled Tango (Newfangled Tango)

Why'd you (Really had to)

How could you stop the tango?!

You guys!

You've been talking crazy 'bout the dance that's slow and lazy

All you do is stand there,

and hold each other tight!

Don't you see I feel fantastic, don't need moves, don't need gymnastics

Gotta take it slow, gotta take it slow

just to make me feel, make me feel alright

What I'd had in mind may not have been their groove yeah (Oooooh, not have been their groove yeah,)

What I'd had in mind may not have been their groove yeah (Oooooh, not have been their groove yeah,)

Still, I wanna dance

Where I barely move

I've got a plan that I feel so good about

And this one, I think they're gonna looove (tatatatata, you looooove)


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