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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Queer People Answer Questions You Are Too Afraid To Ask

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Is there a male G-spot? Yes.

There is a g-spot?

I have not found mine.

It is in your bum.

In your butt? What?

I think what it means to be a lesbian is to be

a wonderwoman, okay?

From the island of Lesbos.

If you don't know what gay means,

then probably you're on the wrong channel.

I don't know.

Why does having to be gay

have to be any different than

being straight?

What does it even mean to be asexual?

It basically means that

I am not attracted to you

because I want to have sex with you.

End of story.

You dont ask them. You wait for them to tell you.

In no way is it your place to ask anyone their sexuality.

First of all,

why do you need to ask?

I don't go around asking everyone if they are straight or not.

It is their story to tell you.

It is not your story to ask.

They won't answer you like I did right now. They will just walk away.

I hope they do, because that is what you deserve.

Oh my god. Is the "gaydar" a real thing?

Of course, it is.

Yes, it is.

Oh, damn. It is a very real thing,

and mine is very strong.

There have been times when I have known somebody is gay

before they did and I was like, "Yay! That was fun."

Not everyone can tell.

There are very few who are gifted.

Over time, you become more and more

intuitive about whether or not a person is gay.

You just end up like, "Hmm... I see you there, buddy.

You might know what penis tastes like."

Obviously it has developed after I came out

and I started expressing myself.

But only queer people can say it.

Straight people can't say they have a gaydar because they don't.

Hell nah.

I have never needed to. I once watched it out of curiosity.

I don't see the women receiving any pleasure.

Yes, I do.

Why be discriminatory towards porn? Porn is porn.

The plus is...

The AA is asexual and aromantic.

P is pansexual.

The A does not stand for ally. Please. Sorry.

Being a part of the queer community,

I meet new sexualities all the time.

The more I see the spectrum widening,

the more I realise that it's pointless to add more alphabets to this.

The plus is just an idea that

the spectrum will always keep on growing.

the spectrum will always keep on growing.

Being queer is



and then breaking out of the labels of

what you think you might be.

I feel like as I read this question, three times in a row,

somebody is identifying themselves as

a sexual identity

that has never been identified before.

And if in case you do,

you realise that you are a pioneer.

So, congratulations.

You have reached the next level.

It feels disgusting.

You go to a mall

and the security there misgenders you.

And this happens to you on a daily basis and then

when she figures out that you're "female-bodied"

and she starts laughing at you.

When these things happen to you on a daily basis...

it's not fun.

Gender is just such a construct

that has been created in our society

to create this divide.

Boys can only do this,

girls can only do that.

I don't know.

This question makes me very...

That we aren't hiding.

That we are embracing ourselves exactly the way we are.

The best part about being queer

is that you finally get to be yourself.

To find a community. To find a familyyour chosen family.

It's very nice, because

from your [actual] family...

from your [actual] family...

you get zero support.

The community is very warm

and very welcoming.

Our minds are constantly telling us

Our minds are constantly telling us

that we can't be with that person,

we can't fall in love with that person.

We just have to unlock

or switch on and be like,

"Okay, I can love that person.

I can love that person, too."

Irrespective of who they are,

feel free to love whoever the fuck you want.

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