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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Thomas and Friends Tomy Train Race Compilation

Difficulty: 0

It's time for world's strongest

Engine! team Tomy vs. Team track master! hyper glow Thomas, Henry,

Glyn, crash and repair bash,

Christmas time Thomas, Nia,

snow-covered Gordon, and

snow-covered Spencer. Tomy track master; lady,

Murdoch, duck,


extra fast Thomas, rusty, Toby and Mavis.

for team Tomy. Right, dad's gonna be team track master,

You're gonna be team Tomy. You pick first. which key member do you want

Join can lady. You know what lady is a magical engine

She needs a magical

Glynn. Lady of the rails with her magical gold dust and vs Glynn the coffee pot with his magical coffee beans.


Set go

Here comes Glynn up there Candy Cane Lane

And he's gonna be lady lady over the top way bar. Oh, wow. She's pulled right now

Granite stock completely lady is slowed down a

Little bit of action of wind lifts up ladies. Definitely the Candy Cane Lane over the bridge

With Christmas and trash bridges her down. Oh

And I think if she stopped yeah, she is right inside there. You can see now her

Copley coupler is actually caught in the track. You have that problem a lot

Yeah, as soon as we do that got Gwen got this beat I take that clean one this one no problem

Thanks, Dan coffee look you try coffee how much salted good attempt for lady of the rails

But Glen I think this is the first time he's made to the next round

I'm gonna go with one of these Tom. I mean it was Christmas time Thomas when you're going with extra fast, Thomas

Liam loves these Thomas versus Thomas's this is gonna be a musical journey for our Thomas but extra thought I saw is I don't think

He has time for this. He's just too fast ready


Off and here comes Thomas

He's chugging he's going at so fast - but except as Thomas have told me over the halfway point and he's getting very aggressive

Right off the bat. I'm meters pushing up once again


It's that cop LeBron

So soon as you get the coppers on the way is that too fast Thomas and he's extra fast extra getting rid of

Better bit of residue the children you gotta learn to win by track Christmas time Thomas with his snow

He got a little bit slippery try and bring presents to the children extra fast, Thomas surprised

Look on his face. Even he's surprised he won. Well, it's a win for team told me meaning that Liam gets to pick first

To be picked

I think I'm gonna go with a big strong engine to take care of Arthur Henry are the steam team

Representing the track masters side while Arthur from the LMS railway will be on Team Thome ready


Off here comes Henry up there Arthur

Oh no Arthur struggling to get up the hill even giving a little bit of a push just so you get some on county caitlin

Henry definitely far in a way. Whoa

Both engines are quiet. This is weird

This is really weird. I know they cancelled each other out. This is a super quiet

Part there was a little bit of a person he's slowly gaining on Henry who's knocking down candy canes. It looks like

Are you gonna eat the candy cane

You eat that candy cane we're gonna watch our Thor slowly pushing on Henry

And then trying to fight that but look at those bills turn

This is even a track designed to help Henry, but Arthur definitely getting a little bit of an advantage

Pushing him down the Candy Cane Lane and there it is. Oh and the cover doesn't even get caught

Ours are pushing down. Hey, let's get have no problem with Henry Henry's wheels. Looks like they're slowly slipping a little bit

Oh and it's all the mass hungry is just holding on look at those couplers

Wow look at that. He's gonna rub a hole right into this snow

Listen, the snow is their turn to I used to be keep drumming on it

Arthur all the way up. I don't know William. What do you think?

You think Arthur will win? Oh

Look it up with this holding on there. This is a really unique situation

Just those that way right inside there with the buffers Henry

Says things are looking up for me. Well, we can't be looking down Arthur the LMS. Oh


Henry the number three engine great effort by the big green caterpillar

But Arthur out of nowhere representing the LMS told me is up William. You are the winner winner chicken dinner you get to pick first

Toby I think to go up against Toby we're gonna have an engine like hyper go Thomas

Toby eating a candy came from Candy Cane Lane versus hyper glow Thomas with those awesome paint job his I want something

Ready set

Off and this hyper goes off. It's quick up on Candy Cane Lane, Toby take it aside

All this makes it past the halfway mark Pacheco managers are extremely strong toby

Is this bad island ice below and he takes a break down to the treatme you'll get eliminated now was a big fast

Win for Toby and team. Tommy William has won three in a row folks. I think I know who he's gonna pick

Doc you pick doc. I was wrong only one

Person can make this quack and that's yeah Liam has doc from the Great Western. Well wave for Team Tommy and Nia from


Ready Set. Oh

Yeah up and she's going on Candy Cane Lane doc a little bit slower knee over the halfway mark

Dave won't me here wheels have stopped doctor number 800. He's quacking along. No waddling

Here's a meeting at the Connecticut. It looks like talking clean. It's just a little bit of ground

you just getting inches on a

Little bit at a time, none of the wheels are turning I

Wonder if yes just being a little bit on duck this is hard to tell

It looks like she's just getting a little bit inch by inch in folks

Slowly virtue. Yeah, there she goes. She's getting dreams now old you drop a candy cane I'm bill

I'm glad you're putting it back. But I don't think it's gonna be enough Atok where girls are turning backwards slowly as

Yes moving on

Lady my truck is pretty evenly matched braces here

Doc the great western engine? Oh wow

Backwards, but when closed again, yes still just inching I had

You can see osmosis turning slowly doc. Not so much. I

Finally near does it well fought effort from the Great Western Railway with duck but Nia of Kenya

That's pretty good considering that to Africa's are far away from the North Pole

It is dad's pink for certain at this point because chalk mouse was one and I'm gonna go way

Review it and who will bash defeat. I mean go up against Oh


And maybe this feels the wrath of rusty

I don't know how bash is good you up against these candy canes with those crashing a pair of rusty big square head he does

Pretty good, doesn't he?

Oh, no. Oh, I didn't expect that

Ready set


here comes cross repair bash up through the candy canes rusty already climbing looks like there will be

Just a little bit over halfway that looks like drugs and idiot badges

Look at this Tajikistan feel the candy canes is mushy and pushy crusher for Ashes

Lucky win another big win for team Tomi as rusty knocks out crash a repair patch rather quickly

Two more races remain in the first round William. It's your pick with the win

Mavis it is I think Mavis is gonna meet Santa Claus here when Spencer comes to town

Mavis the black edge and Spencer sleek silver and strong with that beard who will win. Let's find out Ready


They're off and here comes Santa Claus Spencer Mavis. He's a little bit of help up the hill

That's not a good sign is Spencer meet sir. Oh wow

No, these trot pastors had to speed but the Tommies have the torque. I mean, this is just insane

Spencer well over the hotplate barn that babe. It's the babies have no problems

push the dispenser along that far Clark for it must be the hard place to work Spencer's eliminated another big win for Team Tomy as

Mavis has eliminated snowy Spencer and the final battle going into the next round is

Gordon the big blue sausage versus Murdoch Ready


They're off here comes Gordon up Candy Cane Lane Murdoch re talkin. They'll will meet her on the middle. My toes are very even match

Murdoch seems driven by his sander was pushing on Gordon

blue team f1

Rocket on time Gordon, don't push her out

Wow Murdoch is getting a little bit. Yeah. You came Torquay here once again

Hoping these snow-covered engines. Would you rather well, but looks like told me has eliminated another truck master Wow

the final entry of our three

Snow-covered engines has been eliminated as Murdoch and team told me go on things not looking so good for dad and team track masters

Team, Tomy is beating track master by a score of 6 to 2

Only Nia and Glen have survived 14 track master while team Tommy boasts murder extra fast Thomas rusty

Toby Arthur and Mavis, let's do some second round action William. I think that you had the last wing you get the first pick

Murdoch I don't know who I'm gonna have go up against Murdoch

I think you might as well go with Glyn Murdoch and Glen

I don't think there's a gleam of a Glen in Glens I of him beating this big Anton Murdoch, but let's see. What happens ready?


Went off to the races climbs the hill. No problem. How's Murdoch doing?

He's a little bit slower needs a little bit of help up that hill win. Oh, wow. Yeah, he's getting towards our lockdown

He says I may be a coffee pot. But you're just a little tea cup by friend. Eh and in a Vulgar Display of power

Glen the coffee pot has eliminated

Murdoch the big orange engine team Shockmaster picks first as a baby Yoko's nia team told me who do you want William to face me



And in the most orange battle you'll ever see we have Nia of Africa versus rusty of narrow-gauge ready


They're off here a climbing Candy Cane Lane. No problem. I was rusty doing he's already halfway out there

They meet about halfway rusty all denied because you get the upper hand here. Just be very aggressive

Push it on here knocking off fatty can't get away. It is quickly over rusty very dominant

I wouldn't be surprised if we saw this guy in the final before Tommy engines remain in the second round. Oh

You've got Arthur I'm gonna go with made us Mavis at the farquar quarry versus Arthur of the LMS. Let's get him going ready


And here's Mavis barely making it up the hill but she will make it ours are a little bit faster

He goes over the halfway point

It is good to be an aggressive interesting back and forth battle Arthur now getting the upper hand

He was definitely taken to the Mavis Davis is fighting back a bit

But really Arthur has been dominant at the candy cane either showing a little bit of grit here

But she's going downhill and it's not looking good for her at all. And

She caught up on anything

I think she is caught up on anything

I think Arthur is this showing here the dress-up mess with the wheels turning on this weird track

Mavis is Bill also turning Oh

Looks like you got a little bit more tracks in there maybe

Going she's the one that's kind of off track

You think I think I may be just a litigator. That's I wouldn't sing with

Okay. Well now you're touching some a-listers eliminate a weird angle for Mavis Arthur ultimately eliminates her and moves on to round number three and

The final race is extra fast Thomas versus told me the steam tram William. I think I know who you're gonna pick

That's what I thought you'll get a pick Ready Set

Toby maybe no problems out there, but that's about Thomas be extra fast Oh Toby fighting back. This is our Hill

I thought that so gosh, whoa

Back it for fourth of that. I got extra fast Roberts was definitely just dominated by Toby is just kidding working with them

Look at this guy's form surprise

Exercise Tom enjoy a good average, but ultimately Toby wins

I can't believe that extra fast Thomas lost let alone two Toby Wow way to go Toby here are the final four in the

Semi-final lot of red engines here Glen holding on 14 track master and four team told me it is rusty

Toby and Arthur well William, I know who I'm picking. Who do you want to have go up against Glen rusty?

Good choice you think Russ is gonna be the ultimate winner at this time. I don't know Toby eliminated extra fast, Thomas

Anyways, let's see these two square heads face off Ready

Set they're off here comes coffee pot too much coffee man up there rusty already halfway. Yeah, they are meeting halfway

Yes, Quinn unreal win holding it off for the track fast

And he oh what an exciting elimination rusted on his news reel spinning Glenn the coffee pot holds on for deep

Trackmaster making it to the final rusty has been eliminated

The other semifinal match is all team told me as Toby takes on Arthur one

Who do you think is going to Wow? Okay Ready


Toby will climb Candy Cane Lane Arthur and he will meet and it looks like Oh

Toby hasn't been up in there badger scored over halfway

Wow Arthur

Assholey pretty easily match at this point. Will there be a better winner?

oh, yeah, are there now getting a little bit more aggressive Holbrook troubles off and hard to tell

Ezreal hearts thing Arthur's are kind of stuck in play Arthur just gets a little bit

Just inching up that you can see that

Just inches here and there and he was he grips

Difficult on that I think is something moving on pad, even if it's battles are still going right?

There let's look we'll start moving they've really kept moving

Toby I thought Toby was very lovely swim in the final

I think you are if they're doing this and he is pushing on it. Look at this house, Toby fighting back

But ultimately, I think it's too much. I don't think that needs to be able to go off here. His bills are non-stop

Well, yeah, look at that

Right there folks you can see that, sweetie

Cobbler is doing caught up and Leslie left it out. It is all over

All right kids stuck here at Yankee enjoy being obtained Toby

You know is he's kidding, this is awesome I kind of like obesity, you know, he's getting anarchistic II

Just need enough to get lodged in there man. And Archer. I think Arthur will go on

I think he will fatigue and eliminate Tobey Tobey repeatedly got his cobbler stuck in the track

I thought he would make short work of Arthur Arthur prove them wrong and

Articles on to the very final the final match will be a track master

Bruce's told me affair as Glenn takes on Arthur, but I want to see a battle for third place

Let's have rusty and Toby go at it a couple more square faces has told me we'll get the bronze medal and that's no doubt

You want rusty good? I wanted Toby ready set

Toby bites it up again. Here comes rusty on his side

I think that Toby will get be a slighted back if you go over halfway

Back and forth about this practice you lots of that absent

Toby is pushing on rusty, but this is wow really quick for Toby Liam

I thought rusty was gonna do really well Bonnie Gus at the end

It was Toby who actually wins this and gets the bronze medal

But who is going to be the ultimate winner is the big question here as Glen faces off against Arthur in the final you want

to be the Shockmaster engine



Arthur coming up Candy Cane Lane

He has a tough time to the Glen already up on top and he will go over halfway

And yeah, look at this, ultimately the Toby's did very very well. But it look at me and it is a Trackmaster world

unbelievable Glen and

all the engines in our collection

I would not have picked these three to be the to be the ultimate

Winners of the podium bronze medal goes to Toby of team

Tommy silver Arthur of team told me and

Surprisingly gold goes to the track master and out of all the track masters. I went to Glen the coffee pot

I would not have predicted this at all first races of the year, and it's

Tommy Thomas

Murdock Edward

rusty Japanese bullet train


Lady of the rails




Toby and Mavis

Who do you think is going to win?

Raka do you want to pick first? I know it's when you're gonna pick first


Liam, who do you want to have call up against lady Oh

Lady of the rails versus the Japanese JP five hundred bullet train

This guy has two speeds were only gonna race them on speed number one ready

Set go

They're off and here they go on the straightaway. They're going ahead

It looks like on speed 1 JP 500 is a little bit slower than lady of the rails. Is it going to the curve's?

Report a brat Joe down the heart-shaped track coming around again. This is a very even match

I'm not sure who is going to be winning here. It looks like lady is definitely ahead here a little bit

We're gonna see what happens when they come on through and keep on keeping on that. Looks like Lady finished first overall

This was an upset. I think everybody had the bullet train ultimately

Magic railroad in that magic gold dust goes on for lady Veronica pick Oh Mavis. Ah

Toby the tram engine against Mavis the farc or quarry diesel Toby I think does really well in these does doesn't he ready?


Off here, they go come down the straightaway wild

Look at Toby here storming the field as he is definitely ahead of Mavis at this point in time

Entering the curve track. He will go around Mavis coming egg. Very very very much in second place

But the big story here is Toby as he keeps on keeping on

Come through and he will finish up on the stop locks

May this is eliminate about to the fourth quarter quarry for you

My dear Toby once again showing how fast he has eliminates Mavis onto the second round William

Which of these beautiful engines do you want to see?


You know what? I'm gonna bring bill into the picture. We haven't seen him race in a while

I don't think Edward blue is this beautiful big long engine and bill from the Sodor china clay pits?

Let's get him on the starting blocks

I am number two. He's number two and he is blue and he's kind of a Magoo

Ready Set

Abre do you have you batteries in them?

But he is just slow as they go here comes bill coming around that beautiful corner

Looking like he's avenging his friend Mavis teen eliminated. He is just going on Wow bill Gill race

This guy my team will have to race some horse

He goes on to the second round and adver blue said for who I am number two, and I am blue. Sorry, Eddy

It looks like you've been eliminated. That's okay. As long as we got there on time

Well, you didn't you are much too slow next race party. Who do you have?

You choose someone on as well

I think maybe Arthur diesel versus Arthur another beautiful pairing here

Let's see how they do Ready Set

Harry here looks like

Slightly ahead of diesel any time still go ahead. Let's see if you can hold on to it diesel

Usually a pretty good racer here that looks like Arthur is coming around the corner diesel slowing down

I can come out of the heart shape. It looks like Arthur definitely ahead now on the straightaway on the outside track

He is ahead by a full weight at least

Coming in and he will continue on and win score one for LMS. Railway our third often not seen in the series

But he came up big today down to the last four engine of the first round William. Who do you think is gonna go on?

The Great Western Way dot the number 8 engine versus rusty that big square head of his

No gauge diesel. Let's get him going ready

Set go

Oh looks like Doug got a little bit of a head start in his

coffee but look I lose this race Ashley is I think rusty is creeping ahead and he is moving ahead now a half train lengths

Coming around this beautiful track. Let's see how they go on the straightaway. Will it be?

Oh, yeah

rusty now a full trade lengths ahead of duck duck going slower and slower rusty comes in and

He will get up on there first and top will be eliminated

rusty big square head himself

Comes through and eliminates doc when a dad's favorite engines the final race in the first round and shows

Thomas just regular Thomas not extra fast not real steam. Just regular old-fashioned Thomas versus big Murdoch

Let's see how these guys do ready set

Defender but these guys are those that know it's necking knock

Knock might be moving ahead. But regular Thomas coming in loud and 12 coming around that way

He is the first to get out of the loop and he is definitely ahead of Murdock at this point in time

As he comes through and you won't be the first off the edge and Murdock is eliminated

Well, big Murdock can't get a break. We love Murdock who we love showing him off

But I mean really he just needs to get a little bit faster here Thomas goes on and speaking of the second round here

They are our second rounders rusty

Thomas bill

Arthur Toby and Lady, let's see how they do is we begin the next set of races you love Toby

But I don't want Toby to win. I think that bill did very well. Let's get that race going on

Toby takes the workers all the way to the solar china clay pits and bill works them so hard that they want to go home

Let's race them want them to go outside first and then come on the straightaway

Okay, that sounds good. Ready set?

Oh, they're off with a go got a little bit of a pop a wheelie there from the hand on top and he is slightly

Ahead of Toby at this time. He'll be catching up though

Definitely as bill comes around and they come into the corner looks like Toby now Delaware has y'all right on the straightaway?

Toby is definitely more ahead of bill and you will go on and he wins

Toby I wanted to eliminate him with no, but apparently Toby is just too fast. That's race

Who do you think is gonna do good here - Liam

Arthur I think it's time for Arthur to get a bit rusty sleek big round and standard gate

steamy versus square small flat face big headed diesel rusty

Let's get him going ready set

They're coming around when they come it looks like lucky slightly ahead of Arthur this point, oh he's well ad

Arthur has slowed right down her brush. He's coming into the heart shape and he is going around as

Arthur barely makes and I don't know what happened or if he ran out of clothing not on the water and run out of something

But here he comes luck you coming through the straightaways. He goes gone. All right, what's going on, buddy?

Hey, no

Are you squeeze them is already going a bit passed away co-worker final race will show us Thomas in the magic railroad as

Thomas takes on lady and her Goldust. Let's race ready


You're off and here they come around the corner should be a very even match wavy and Thomas neck-and-neck nose and nose funnel and funnel

footplate to footplate, bumper to bumper here

They come coming around the big hard track and let's see who's ahead and barely Wow. Look at this Thomas barely ahead

I don't even know how post this is gonna be. But Thomas is ahead now

Will he continue to be ahead and he is and he wins

One of the most exciting races we've had in a long time here Thomas eliminates lady

But how close was that guys and in the final we have three exciting trains neck and neck and neck Toby?

Thomas and rusty we're gonna have a 3 Way elimination meaning each one races each other train to see who can beat them both

Kalium are to these three which one do you want to represent you?

Like that Toby. Hey, I'm gonna go with Thomas Toby's going down my friend whoever wins

This race goes on to race rusty and whoever wins best two out of three ready

Set Oh ready go

back in there off and here they go around the

Heart-shaped Rock, it looks very even at this point. I think Thomas might be slightly ahead

Which would make me happy?

As a comic you the final turn and it looks like they are neck-and-neck with Thomas barely ahead at this point

Look how much it is. He's like a full funnel ahead, and he will go on and win Thome Thomas barely beats

Toby let's see how he does up against rusty if he eliminates rusty that he will be the ultimate winner today ready

Set Wow

There often looks like tom has had a little bit of a pop wheelie there

They're going very evenly I think Thomas is slightly ahead of Rossi would use these make me very happy

As he comes around the heart shaping he is definitely ahead of rusty at this point

Although cue train lengths for a heck he goes on and will he finish him? Yes, he does and rusty comes in second

Well, here it is Tom as the first time we actually raised just an actual Thomas not real steam or not extra fast

And he went on and he won the whole thing Toby and rusty battle of the square heads. Let's finish these guys off

See who finishes in second ready?


Off with Toby slightly ahead of Rusty, which should make Liam happy

And he is you slightly ahead there going into that heart-shaped drop

And Toby will come out first and he will definitely be ahead. Look at this justice

There's actually a tree length in between them

Toby comes in and he will ultimately finish the comments second rocky comes in third and folks here for no reason is a giraffe

handing the trophy off to Thomas, today's winner of the Tommy super races. Toby finishes in second and

Rusty comes in third. Thanks for joining us

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