Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kommissar Rex-Richard(1x7)

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Therapeutic Ward Psychiatric Clinic No. 3


Sure... Allow me to introduce you.

Inspector Moser, Dr Werner, psychiatric pathologist.

- How do you do? - We did our studies together.

So he's the one you copied from?

The other way around.

I only meet my old school mates in jail.

Richard grew up in rough areas but that's an exaggeration.

Listen, Richard.

In one of the wards of the psychiatric clinic

there were two suicides and now a man drowned in the bath.

He doesn't quite believe that's what happened.

Why not?

He slips, bangs his head on the edge of the bathtub,

faints and drowns.

But then he should have a bump on his head. This man doesn't.

How did the other two patients die?

One hanged himself, the other jumped out the window.

Any signs of external involvement?

My colleague said no.

- Colleague? - I was on holiday at the time.

I noticed on this corpse that he smelled of caraway schnapps.

- What's so curious about that? - His blood contained no alcohol.

Where are the case histories?

I have this man's here. The other two have disappeared.

Couldn't you do something?

Not if it wasn't reported.

Only the head doctor could do that,

but no doctor likes to admit such a case in his ward.

That leaves the staff and they'll say what the head doctor does.

Come on, Richard.

Can't you do anything?

Maybe we got an anonymous phone call from a patient.

- Good idea. - Who's to go?

- Send Stollinger. - Stockinger!


You have no business here.

- We have a very attentive staff. - Listen here, Doctor!

A patient rang saying Steiner's death wasn't an accident.

Alcoholics and manic depressives will say anything.

There have also been two fishy suicides.

If you want our help you'll need a search warrant.

You won't get it. Now leave before I lodge a complaint.

My patients need peace.

Your concern for your patients is touching.

I'll need the two suicide victims' case histories.

They'll be in Pathology.


The staff aren't cooperating.

The patients know something but I couldn't talk to them.

If you're not in white or in slippers, you stand out.

Could the patients be reliable witnesses?

Sure. Many are more normal than some on the outside.

You'd need to talk to them in private.

I've got an idea. We'll send you as a patient.

What? Are you crazy? I'm not mad, you know.

Be positive about it. You'd get three days rest.

They've already seen me. They'd pick me in a jiffy.

- Let Hllerer do it. - He's sick.

What about you?


I'll do it.

But you'll look after Rex!

Okay, you can take your bone too.

Now go and get your ball.

I doubt if Stockinger has one.

Right... Sure.

Now get the box with the dog biscuits.


What have I got myself into?

Come here.

I'm going to have to tell you.

We're not going away together.

You can't come along to where I have to go.

It's only for a few days.

You'll be staying with Stockinger.

Your name is Georg Schober. Divorced. Taxi driver.

Your date of birth remains the same.

The police withdrew your licence for drink driving.

My colleague has certified you're an alcoholic

and is sending you to Psychiatry.

You'll go into the same ward as the victims.


This'll stay too. It doesn't suit an unemployed taxi driver.

- How will you reach me? - I'll think of something.

Listen, Richard.

You'll probably be put on a drip right away.

Resist at first.

Withdrawal symptoms are aggression and unpredictability.

You don't see why you've been committed.

You're nervy, you shake...

- What's with the drip? - It's harmless. The pills aren't!

Just pretend to take them or you'll be mostly asleep.

Good luck.

Listen, Rex. I have to go.

Be good and leave Stockinger's only pair of slippers be.

It's hard for me too.

I have to go.


Can I help you?

I'm to report here, but I'm okay.

I just need a few pills and off I go again.

- Do you have a referral? - Yes, but it's all wrong.

I don't know what I'm doing here. I'm not sick.

That idiot of a doctor!

With my licence back I'll be fine.

I understand, Mr Schober. I'll be right with you.

Please wait over there.


Where can I get a drink?

A beer maybe.

An unfortunate accident is all it could have been.

I'm of the same opinion, but a police investigation...

Some schnapps wouldn't hurt now.

You can say that again.

Can you get some in here?

You can get everything in here, if you have friends and money.

Call it a day, gentlemen. It's bedtime.

If you want to go on playing, get out.

You'll now get a few more problem solvers.

- I have no problems. - Not for the moment.

If you don't take your pills, you'll hallucinate.

- You forgot to swallow. - I can do that later.

I don't have that much time.

I must see that you actually take your pills.


- Well done. - What'll happen now?

Total lack of will power?

You don't need that, Mr Schober.

You'll just have a good long sleep.


Thank you.

Good night, gentlemen.



I'm afraid you lose out, my friend.

I'll have to drink it by myself.



- Any news? - Yes.

The clinic's pathologist has found the two case histories.

The head doctor kept them locked up. But get this...

The corpse in the bathtub and the suicide victims

were all alcoholics and all smelled of caraway schnapps.

That's crazy.

We'll have to tell Richard. He's there as an alcoholic.

What are you doing here?

- Are you rigging the window? - Of course not.

The windows have no handles on the inside, to keep us in.

But they do outside, so the fire brigade can get in.

- How did you get out? - Through the door.

Everyone can move freely, even escape.

It's called humane therapy.

I only climb in the window when I've got myself some grog.


It's easier to drink outside. Why are you in here?


I have a roof over my head here, three meals a day...

and lots of fun!

You react okay for an alcoholic.

I still have a brain, you idiot.

- One guy drowned already. - Don't get upset.

If you want to be part of us, you have to take a joke.

- Mr Schober? - Yes.

There's a call for you. A relative, I think.

Must be my uncle.

- Schober here. - I've got something important.

I'm being cared for.

The nurse even lets me phone in her office.

I see. You're not alone. Tell me where we can meet.

First there's breakfast, then there's a medical at ten

and at 1 0.30 I go for a walk up to the church.

Okay. In the church at 1 0.30.


Thank you. May I see you if I want to make a call?

No. This was an exception.

Normally patients can't make private calls or it'd be full here.

Some put in mail orders that we have to send back.

But nurse, I'm not a madman.

You're an alcoholic. I don't like them.

Only the odd drink.

I'm a social drinker, not an alcoholic.

Nothing's wrong with me, but I do miss...

Being without a woman feels a bit strange.

No problem.

I can fix that.

This works wonderfully!

I'm not sure you're really an alcoholic.

Maybe you're acting.

Listen, Rex. I have to leave you in here for a while.

I can't take you with me, but I'll try to hurry back. Okay?



Get back in there, Rex!

On the double! Get in. Sit.

Now stay and wait.

For an alcoholic your blood count is extremely good, Mr Schober.

I haven't been drinking long.

First I lost my girlfriend, then my licence. It happens.

How much for a journey from here into the city?

Well, about...

About 200 schillings. Why?

We're just testing your memory capacity.

Tell me, how much is a litre of milk?

Shouldn't you ask me the price of a beer?

So you admit you're an alcoholic?

If you insist.

Is the maths class over?

- Can I go for my walk now? - No problem.

We'll have lots of time yet.

I didn't know you were so devout.


You look so rested.

The nurse waits till I've swallowed the pills.


I've tried the bathtub.

The tub is 1.6 metres long

and it's 1.1 0 metres high.

Someone the size of Steiner couldn't have drowned

without someone helping.

I have some news too. All three were alcoholics.

All three?

And all three smelled of caraway schnapps.

It could be dangerous for you.


The nurse hates alcoholics and the doctor keeps hassling me.

Got anything on them?

The doctor was transferred here after a mishap.

The nurse at reception

only started three weeks earlier.

There could be a connection.

- How's Rex? - Great.

By the way, you owe me a pair of slippers.

I don't have any money on me.

Listen... don't ring me any more.

I don't want them getting suspicious. I'll ring you, okay?


Take care of yourself.



What is it, Rex?

I should have known you'd manage something.

Good boy.

Be quiet.

We'll have the entire hospital onto us.

You must go back with Stockinger. Stop it.

I know.

If we can find a hiding place, maybe you can stay. Come on.

Hey, Schober.

You belong over here, not with those lunatics over there.

- It's not much fun here either. - I wouldn't say that.

We have our own treatment methods.

What is that?

Drink up. You'll see.

Rum without tea.

I'm beginning to like it here.

Better be careful.

They do breath tests.

- How do you avoid them? - Easy.

Just eat an apple before the test

and drink a few cups of coffee.

And none of us blows into the tube with full force.

You get thrown out if you're caught twice.

You sure know the ropes. Got any more?

Once you've been here a few days, anything goes.

The patients know more than the staff.

Cheers. I'll forget about the bathtub stint.

Did he duck you too?

He does it with everyone he finds in the tub.

Not very funny. A few apparently drowned.

What do you mean by that?

A patient told me about the bathroom incident.

Lunatics often have accidents. No one thinks twice about it.

Yes, but get this... All three were alcoholics.

Any one of us could be next.


Not a trace of the dog.

Richard will kill me.

I thought you were scared of dogs.

You should be pretty happy.

This is about Rex, not just any dog.

We were getting on fine. He even chewed my slippers.

You looked everywhere.

We even called all units, against the rules.

Just wait and see.

Hey, you old idiot! Can't you clean up your mess?

- Did you do that? - No need to get upset.

We just want to have some fun.

Don't do that again.

For him it's no fun.

Wait, I'll help you.

- What's going on here? - Nothing.

- Everything's okay. - Don't create any problems.

- We can deal with your kind. - Really?

How? With a double dose of sleeping pills?

I've warned you. By the way, you have a visitor.

Three victims and all alcoholics?

- What did they smell of? - Caraway.

But all alcoholics try to hide the smell.

Someone is carrying a grudge.

I once had a case...

This guy wanted to kill doctors.

We caught him before he did any harm.

What was his motive?

A surgeon bungled an operation and left Austria.

As assistant to this surgeon he began threatening all doctors.

Lots of people hate alcoholics but don't go and kill them.

That's the difference.

People these days are considered to be of lesser value.

There are more opportunities in a hospital.

But that doesn't identify who it is.

Look. Up there is where I've hidden him.

See that hut? In there.

The church is being renovated, but no one's working there now.



Good boy!

That's my dog! I brought him a blanket.


Do you know the whole city is looking for him?

- I'll have to phone Stockinger. - Wait a while.


Hi there.

I've brought you something.

What's the matter with you?


Calm down. Stay calm.

Stay calm. What do you mean police?

Many dead.

Many dead? What do you mean?

Did you see anything?


Do you have a dog too?

I used to.


- What's going on? - Nothing. I was just checking.

Good night, gentlemen.


Rex! Time to get up!

Come on.

You have to get up early in a hospital.

Come on.

Up you get.

Good morning! We have work to do.

That's him coming out now.

Look, Rex. Schnapps.

Schnapps. Alcohol.

You don't like it. Follow him. He smells like that.

Okay, Rex.

Go! Follow him.


Bloody mongrel!


Give it here. Good boy!

Good boy, Rex.

What's going on? Anything?

We're wondering why that nurse is here.

He's on duty again tonight.

Dessert, gentlemen.

- Gentlemen... - Thank you.

Your pills, Mr Schober.

You think I'm going to take the pills you give me?

- It's your health. - Precisely.

I'll notify the head doctor.

Do that! Anyway, I need to talk to him.

You seem to have settled in.

Yes... I'm making progress.


What's going on in here?


I knew that his wife and child died in an accident

caused by a drunken driver.

But that he should then go and murder patients...

He was one of our best nurses.

The driver who caused his family's death...

smelled of caraway schnapps.

He wanted to take revenge on all alcoholics.

Perhaps he'll be back here one day.

As a patient.


That's the last time I'm letting you do such a risky thing!

The nurse almost cut your artery.

Rex was there. How come you let him out of the car?

Cut it out!

- Goodbye, Mr Moser. - Nurse.

No hard feelings?

I knew something wasn't quite right.


Your blood count was too good.

Thanks for letting me phone and...

Shall we go out sometime?

- In two days. - Not before?


The pill I gave you...

won't wear off for another two days.

How about one for the road?

See you around.

Don't let them catch you. Bye.

You're not a bad bloke for a cop.

Drop by one day when you've dried out.

Hold on, Stockinger.


And thanks.


Sure. Rex, come over here.

Your friend wants to say goodbye.

Nice dog

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