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Clench them but cheeks, my big boys! Because Daddy's new masterpiece is about

to sprinkle the modern metagame! Especially when the deck has a turn one win!!

Here is how we spank: we ramp into accomplice, we then pay one mana, and play

Lukka. With Lukka's minus 2 ability, we exile Accomplice and dig for a creature with

greater converted mana cost. That will most likely be Felidar, witch when it

enters, we flicker a permanent. If we flicker Lukka we can then use Lukka's minus 2

ability again, targeting Felidar and getting Emrakul! Bbut it gets even better!! If we

have an extra mana for Accomplice, we can also put out Saheeli! With both Felidar and

Saheeli, we make infinite tokens with haste and win that very turn, which means

that when we are on the draw and we have one land, four simians, Accomplice, Lukka, answer

and Saheeli, that is a turn one win! If that is not sparkle, then I don't know what is!

But what I love most about this deck is that there are so many other routes to

win. If we don't have Simians, there are plenty of other ways to ramp. And if we

don't have Accomplice, you can instead target the Pyromancer. It is a great way

to dig through our deck, and its token ability alone could win us the game.

Lastly, we have Oath of Nissa. It lets us dig for combo pieces and helps with mana

fixing. Now on a sideboard! Against blue decks, we have Choke and Veil of Summer.

Against creatures, we have Paths. Against graveyard decks, we have scavenger. And my

favorite: Knight of Autumn. It does everything you could ever want, and it's

a very good target for a Lukka. That has the deck, let's get to the gameplay! Be

sure to subscribe if you're ready to see some sparkles! So without further ado,

here's gameplay, and I hope you ENJOY! Opening hand is a no stinky so we're

gonna mole and this be quite good we'll keep our with our Burrell hope I'm it's

an amulet deck well our opponent thought very hard this game oh this is so great

nothing like a turn to Emmer goal and there's concede going in the game to are

bringing in the autism with that let's go to game 2 opening hand is possible

we'll keep I'm closing amulet we play Arbor on passes often so close that case

play so he leaves cry and hopefully our pros got something good because next

turn they're about to get spanked I row plasm so they deal to damage our

creature alright it does the last so we'll scry bottom and pass it back and

what be this grab summers pact and pass it back very suspicious and now I'll try

and pull this trigger here accomplice will then copy it activate or get the

clone and now infinite copy flicker coffee oh and there's a concede that was

a very tough match there but against all odds we persevered but now it beyond to

the next match opening hand it would be nice if we had a planeswalker but we'll

settle for this oh and it's drawn we must out speed them next one out Ron

ouch we'll need something good please look good that is not Luka but we'll

take the Pyromancer and then take this list

on three that pretty good Luka that ballista there is quite annoying that

situation but let's force the sack out of them play a compost Luka par game

they're gonna have to kill it right here oh okay unless there's really confident

the board looks like I don't know what they thought we were gonna get if they

have carne though they can kill it you they have carne

nope they can see the downs was strong that game game - oh no it's still kind

of bad but we'll keep it nice for all oh and a chalice so much for Othon this

uh-oh but that's pretty good so here's a little do life hire master just scar

these two hoes on lands okay back for fauna and I grabs the wind passes back

oh so nice let's test the water swing for four come on please make this work

Guardian look there I go again Emma cool can they kill it no there's a

concede at least we can say that's one game we won fairly as opposed Game one

but that's how I go sometimes now it's on to the next match opening hand one

land an emerald because it's discard as I guess we'll keep open could here as a

companion which means they're probably five color elementals art well that's

pretty good and now next time use need another land Oh plum needs on land too

because they just passed that wasn't what I had in mind but always for all

trying to land her at the oath I was hoping for green but we have a looka

there grab Lucca and then pass back I'll play storm Kenda fell at our I think we

got to do here late I ran sir its guard Emma : birds and could place it Healy

this turn as well I'm just afraid they have a 6-1 trample our next turn that

would be unfortunate but let's roll the dice place here you could copy and draw

but instead scar I land on top and if all goes well we'll clap some cheeks

next turn in no.6 one traveler is - it's a healing so here what would do make

them Manas look on our wonderful hit em Urkel or not nope so we win hooray

what is this aether vial oh no a fucker are so Haley look in Celia both on three

they can kill one of them resumes draw a card maker creatures

Harbinger play another Harbinger you grab flickers but what will they kill

they kill Luca and puts the Healey on one we just need a white source please

no in that case Pyromancer I pull another one oh he can't protect say he

Lee knew how very sad its cries autumn swing it's like that okay in dr.

homeland that's why they have awakener swinging for a nut load and they grab on

Netflix music and eel 5 this turn just from Amna

I'm going after sick heliox of that oh my let them die but with the the

OmniFocus gray bottom but instead of hurting say Healy will target the

Pyromancer and response I killed the Pyromancer Rooker so then we pass back

on a scorcher has exactly ten so we're going the game to going in the game

feels bringing graver heating with that let's go game to open hand is very good

Wilkie begin with arbor and the spirit guide well then placed for all I mean in

Toluca and we probably won't had anything but we'll hit here that's so

nice oh and opponent concedes opening ham we

could be looking at a turn for Luka so we got a keep I was I'll go found you so

both in grab our burl and suspicious opponent passes okay play our burl and

then pass back and the turnip a violent harbinger and well I grab a West mer

guess they don't want to see mrs. boobies anymore so you be shaking her

titties for Jesus instead now I'll be time for a big explosion accomplice play

Luca target looker and now we have M Urkel what big going on do about that

exactly as I expected bears to concede now beyond to the next banking opening

hand pretty Lam heavy but if we can hit a Plains walk with the oath and it's not

so bad so we'll keep em on dad me something good that is the opposite of

good but we'll take the simian spirit guide snow looks like with thick yo yon

planeswalker oh oh we did it we did it our pawns

probably just like what the heck's going on I just played a land and an artifact

oh my I'm so happy oh and they can see that just might be the best moment of my

life I'm going in Game two is bring any anti blue and with that let's go to Game

two oh no we have one lamb but we have a

choke okay keep Islands is begging for the choke that's pretty good place for

all and then please play an island just yes yes that's right okay now they could

have forced a negation host shoot me full steam vents have one on top I there

well let's show both of us yes we just can see it again nope they're still

hanging in a bobbles annoying though I'll shoot they have a land impossible

it been they pass back let's go Pyromancer jumping these hoes have a no

land would please gotta send me an pass back well I'm baubles again at non

island that's terrible oh no we're so close just need one more me

then swing before I sing all right it does puts in a weird situation the

safest option play accomplice and hold on to a pass back maybe cracking that

bobble again all right time to evaluate risk you took his role and here goes

nothing look at Target Oh kind of glass that is unfortunate all right hit number

two but we lose Luka oh look it's bobble again calling time so they could counter

with cryptic my best shot here swing for two lamb for the Power Man Suzanne pass

back well now I was three bobbles and it turned tokens and then Vale a summer hit

number four we go seven them back to them what disease attempted bounce the

choke okay then thanks for getting back blast more bobble action and the neuro

getting cryptic back on top tough spot here what do we draw compost not really

what we're looking for so here's it with you swing for 4 at

5:00 Arbor Elsa helix cry Luca yeah there's still in a really good position

they've drawn so many cards this game but they're swinging at us yep or wipe

it they probably bored why baby fetching in backhand blast or card but they blast

us directly how many blocks do they have oh my god so if we just block that hoe

yeah and that wouldn't have been lethal but game 3 going in the game 3 we're

bringing in the greater hate and what that lets go to game 3 don't think this

is gonna work so we're in a mole it's also pretty bad kind of mole this as

well this will work will keep our burl alright temp show cool back opponent I'm

buzzed goose in the island scavenger can't play that pass back and an out and

they make it food they play Emery Ashley Ben gravy please you need to land that's

not a land play Arbor pass back a crack a spell bomb and killed the arbor L

packing our me pulled Birds just gonna kill it it's like we had amazing luck

for two minutes and everything else afterwards just knew oh no or lund that

doesn't help the situation for at would be able to play scavenger - all right

don't think we're getting this one either spell bomb fail but blossom top

lost there but sadly it is too little too late a bit of a hiccup on her quest

to spank look can't we just pretend like we won that one for Game one we

basically deserved a window over time like we won now it's on to the next

match opening hands seems that potential so we'll keep away the elf oh and I

might be ad nauseam so let's go oh that's kind of a with it we'll take it

and then best move here exhausting go Pyromancer comp these two hoes and oh it

came back okay so back opponent on twice team envisions another seeming visions

as quite the load and another whiff what to do I suppose swing and then go

Guardian on the Pyromancer it'll draw - off of that please be a planeswalker

oh that is exactly what we wanted back home Oh Rexy

and unlife he might have us I'll give it a shot

activate Luca target I think they have a chance to beat us here can they do it

just grace or cold weights I mean they don't have it they pulled the old

Chikurubi you know the meanest thing they were just crying but now that they

had the wind so we're going to game to going in the game - we're bringing in

the autism and with that let's go to game - yikes Emma Kalon hand knew oh

there's so much worse mole yeah I guess we'll keep this opponent bust a nut I'll

land okay pass back upon us cries and oath of Nyssa sure oh it's a Huey yes

now things be looking quite good by Malayan them past back they play a prism

and let's see if they can survive this turn play Guardian which is east spoils

oh when they grab path to exile that case change the plans look how do they

path sure and that's a good pull to grab the Guardian scry autumn Allen save

opponents got it exile was blowing past back but is this madness slay the

Guardian and there's a concede so we be going to Game three opening hands seems

acceptable so lucky we pull Guardians start with our bure gonna place prison

oh that means we'll do this night of autism

farewell prism how it be back tower ponent plays on life please land here oh

I was hoping to play Guardian to flicker the autism but alas the autism must wait

wave harm answer swing for - I don't seem indigenous and plays another unlife

no land play oath of Nyssa Lucan another night of autism I think we gotta go Luka

and then dig for a land a Healey tempting but we'll go Forrest wing for

sex and can our opponent do it what they pass back how interesting but accomplice

and then activate Luka Chemical nice going first six and we're gonna put a

lot of opportunities will it be enough for them to win Oracle Oh stinky but no

they don't have the win there okay let's see what happens hacks like that and

there's a concede all right a bit of a rocky match but we got there so what do

we make of this deck it was a bit unusual how he'd win some games on turn

two and then other games got really grindy and in those granny games you

just never expected the SEC has it turned one win and normally after you

played a deck for five matches live matches are usually enough to see

everything that deck has to offer but in this case it just feels like the deck

cuts so much that we haven't yet explored and that excites me not just in

pawns normally I avoid making two videos on the same deck but I really want to

figure out why people haven't played Guardian with leuco before how people

tried it and it wasn't good or maybe people just haven't tried the deck yet

so I am very much looking forward to how this deck progresses you sure to

subscribe if you wanna see modern content and here are today's

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do is interact in the comment section below but that wraps up this video stay

safe and as always I hope you have a great day

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