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In this video, we will be looking at the range of services that APPTUTTi offers

and helping you choose the ones that best suit your needs

APPTUTTi is the first online portal to help app & game developers access China and emerging markets

We achieve this by providing the SDK resources you need

to alter and adapt your apps & games correspond the local markets

This helps you navigate complex channel structures

and overcome various market complications

such as language barriers, currency control and the protection of your intellectual property and creations

Our mission is to encourage developers from all around the world

to unlock and access the largest mobile user markets in the world

Let's take a look at the 3 packages that we offer developers

Our first package is the standard package also known as RSPP

which stands for Register, Submit, Plug and Publish

and this are essentially the first simple steps

it takes to optimize and publish your apps & games in the local markets

and to increase accessibility of the worlds largest mobile markets

we offer a standard package free of charge

which makes it a perfect choice for all developers

who wish to try out services and explore the possibilities of this markets

This package come to a general selection of services

including a translation service which helps you eliminate the language barrier

and which is available free for the first 1000 words

well translations of longer text are also available at an additional rate

well our packages also include our super SDK resources for you to self-integrate

or plug into your app to optimize it to increase it's compatibility with the local markets.

But if you do require assistance regarding the integration process

we do offer all our partners and integration service for an additional fee

This tailored service includes a study of the source code

the SuperSDK integration itself, APK testing and publication of the final app.

For more information on our translation and integration services

please refer to the respective tutorials and respective pages on our website.

And finally with our standard RSPP package

you also gain access to 3 app stores in a region

and benefit from technical support provided by our team here at APPTUTTi

Our next package is the professional RSPP Plus package

This is price at $3,999, and as the name suggests

In addition to all the features available with our Standard RSPP package

you will get access to more important features

making this the perfect choice for developers would like to full APPTUTTi experience

You'll gain access to all the major app stores in the markets

and it should increase exposure of your apps & games

and enable you to reach a wider audience and help you capture a larger share of the mobile user markets.

You'll also receive priority technical support of this package

but perhaps most importantly you will be able to register your app or game for intellectual property protection

through our one-stop service.

This includes the preparation of documents, application for IP registration

Monitoring the status until approval and delivery of the license through the partner resources portal

This process ensures that your original creative elements

of your apps & games are properly protected from been exploited

by other developers and competitors in the markets

The final package we offer here at APPTUTTi is our premium package

known as the Deep Dive Customization Package or DDCP for short.

We will customize and tailor our services to your project

which makes this the ultimate partnership between you and APPTUTTi

and one that we encourage developers to aim for

In addition to the benefits available with the RSPP plus package,

we will set up a consultation to learn about your project and understand your needs and concerns

You will then receive customized technical support

which will further optimize and improve the compatibility of your app in the local markets

as well as usual acquisition and local marketing support

to help you build your brand and reach as many users as possible.

Given the unique nature of this partnership,

we are unable to let partners sign up directly for this package

Instead our dedicated team here at APPTUTTi

will seek out potential projects and invite eligible partners to join.

To recap, we offer 3 packages for developers here at APPTUTTi

The standard RSPP package includes the basic features you need

to kick-start your journey into China and emerging markets

The professional RSPP plus package will give you access to a wider range of app stores

as well as the crucial IP registration service

And our premium DDCP package forms the ultimate partnership between us and developers

the personalized support, user acquisition and marketing tools.

But here at APPTUTTi, we understand that not all barriers can be solved.

So let's take a look at our partner financing program

We have introduced this scheme to support those in need of some financial aid

to transform the projects into apps & games that work in China and emerging markets

Our scheme provides up to $20,000

which can be used towards current product optimization or future version development.

Our application process is fairly simple,

First, you must be a registered partner and already submit a project to us.

You can watch our registration and app submission tutorial for more guidance on this.

Now head over to the partner financing program page scroll to the bottom and click apply

The partner, partner ID and project ID fields will already be filled in.

All you have to do is select a project title you wish to apply financial aid for

explain the purpose of the funds you will receive

and select the amount you wish to apply for using the drop down menu

Click submit once you are ready and a Pop-up message will confirm your submission

Your application will be reviewed in around one week

and we will notify you of the result

Our financing program is part of our mission

to increase accessibility of mobile app markets outside the Western world

and encourage developers to explore the possibilities that this markets offer

So we look forward to receiving your applications

and giving you the best APPTUTTi experience

with our range of partnership packages and professional services

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