Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ajahn Maha Bua - Cremation - 05.03.2011(Part III)

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At this very moment the Governor of the Province of Udon Thani

waits to receive her Majesty the Queen.

At this moment the Queen enters the specially reserved place, at the front of the saala

Also the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva

and two other ministers wait to receive their Queen.

In a moment the Queen will go up to the cremation pyre to give a set

of 10 x 3 robes in praise of the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha.

Luangta Maha Bua receives the honor of the Queen to reside over his funeral.

(Actually the Queen herself was one of the first of the royal court

to pay her respects to Than Acharn Maha Bua a long time ago

and since then became a longtime follower of Than Acharn Maha Bua.

She is said to have discovered Than Acharn Maha Bua, just like Lungphu Khao)

Now the Queen walks up to the funeral pyre

The building of the cremation ground was done building up earth in 3 levels,

each level beautified around with white flowers. Also the staircase up consists of three levels.

On the top of the 3rd level is then the actual funeral pyre where the remains

of Than Acharn Maha Bua rests with the big umbrella hanging over his remains.

A walkway for wheelchairs, also divided in three parts leads all the way down to the big saala.

The Queen will place the 10 sets of robes around the funeral pyre. (a symbolic one)

10 high ranking monks will 'examine' the robes.

(The names and monasteries of the monks are given)

The monks will examine the robes and chant: All things in this universe are impermanent...

The queen places flowers on the funeral pyre and uses a wooden flower to light the fire.

The Queen goes back down to her place.

After the queen leaves the cremation ground, only monks with more than 40 pansa

(rainsretreats) will go up and place a wooden stick on the funeral pyre,

as a gesture of last respect, in order of pansa:

Lungphu Bunmee

Lungphu Baen

Lungphu Bunpleng

Lungphu Lee ů etc

There were more than 30 monks who had the honor of going up..

Now the Princess Chulaporn goes up and places a wooden stick on the funeral pyre

Regarding Than Acharn Maha Bua's project 'Thai help Thailand',

where he collected Gold and dollars for the National Reserve,

the princess Chulaporn was residing over this project.

Than Acharn Maha Bua had the goal to collect 10 tons of Gold

and 10 Million dollars for the national reserve of Thailand,

so that Thailand had a strong basis for its economics.

Also the daughter of the princess places a wooden stick at the funeral pyre

Since the project of 'Thai help Thailand' was opened on the 12 april 2541

there were 15 occasions where Gold and Dollars were handed over to the national reserve.

A total of 12 ton 87.5kg 10,836 Dollars were handed over

It is a great honor for Than Acharn Maha Bua, that Queen Sirikit

and princess Chulaporn reside over the funeral and for all his followers.

it was a great honor, especially that the Princess Chulaporn supported

Luangta Maha Bua since the project started on such a regular basis,

being his devoted disciple that behaved so exemplary for all the laypeople

to see and to follow. Also in the last few days before this cremation she came every day.

At the moment you see the monks, that have over 40 pansa go up

to place their wooden stick on the funeral pyre of Luangta Maha Bua.

the wood sticks that are placed is from a special wood, that burns very strong

and will turn the remains of bones to a white and clear color, as if other wood is used.

This is important when the bone fragments then transform into relics,

they will turn out very clear and bright.

When other wood is used they turn out to be opaque.

At the funeral of Luangta Maha Bua, all things are given free,

there is no selling and buying of things. Everything was kept simple

and not extravagant in line with the wish of Luangta Maha Bua.

He said, that I will be burnt with wood and not money.

Also he said, that there is no funeral chanting for him: kusala dhamma akusala dhamma ů (good and bad merit...)

for he is not reborn again. So all the time since his passing away,

there was each day only the traditional evening chant.

Normally at a cremation, all the people who want to pay their respects to the deceased,

will place straw flowers at the funeral pyre, in our case wooden sticks.

Today only a certain number of people and monks were allowed to go up

to the pyre and for the rest of the monks and people there were placed

several containers at the cremation grounds, where they could drop the wooden sticks.

All the people who could not enter the main cremation ground or could not come

to the cremation could watch the events either live at big TV screens

placed all over the area or live on their TVs at home.

They were reminded to use the meditation object sangho sangho sangho

to pay their respects to the late Luangta Maha Bua,

who was an outstanding monk and a true disciple of the Lord Buddha.

Because Than Acharn Maha Bua was an outstanding monk,

one who is not reborn anymore, the remaining bone fragments of the cremation

and the ashes will be distributed as follows.

One part is kept for building a chedi at the monastery ground.

The rest will be distributed to VIP's like Princess Chulaporn,

highranking monks and officials, to specific temples

and his disciples (information about this is on luangtas website)

At the moment the laypeople who received an invitation (253)

are waiting to go up to the funeral pyre to place their wood sticks.

Though it is a pity for all the disciples, be it laypeople or monks,

that Than Acharn Maha Bua passed away, yet it is a great indication

for this outstanding monk, that so many monks (est. 15,000) and

laypeople (est. over 1 million) came to this funeral to show their

last respect and gratitude to Than Acharn Maha Bua

and his teaching of the path of practice of the Lord Buddha.

His teaching lead meany of his followers to experience happiness in their lives.

At his moment the Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva

is going up to the funeral pyre together with other ministers,

high ranking officials and other public figures to place

their wood sticks as a gesture of their respect.

According to the testament of Luangta Maha Bua,

all donations given after his death to the day of his cremation,

be it gold or money, will be used to buy gold and handed over

to the national reserve bank on the 7th of may.

Since the day of his passing away thousands of people came each day to make donations.

Minister (of foreign affairs) Sulakiat, a devoted disciple of Luangta,

The former governor of Udon Thani

Since the passing away, everyday in the evening

there was chanting and a Dhamma talk was given by selected Monks,

mostly disciples of Than Acharn Maha Bua.

everyday there were very many people coming and paying their respect

to Than Acharn Maha Bua. Some of them stayed overnight on monastery grounds,

books, CDs Pictures were given away for free for all these visitors.

At the moment this is Khun Salapon Chatri (famous actor)

It is a great honor, that people from all social classes, from all kinds of profession

came, and especially that the Queen herself came

to pay her last respects to Luangta Maha Bua

The teaching of Luangta Maha Bua is simple to understand

and based on his experience of practice.

Also he says that we do not have to take the precepts, for

they are with each person, the effort we must make is to keep them!

So the practice within the monastery is simple and

based on his experience of Dhamma, and one can say that this

forest monastery of Baan Taad is the exemplary monastery in Thailand.

Now after the cremation of Luangta Maha Bua his disciples,

be it monk or layperson, if they really love and respect him,

then it is for them to follow the practice and the teaching of their Master.

and the crowd of people are wishing her well.

The Queen will return to the airforcebase to take a plane back to Bangkok

The Description of Ajahn Maha Bua - Cremation - 05.03.2011(Part III)