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You have two boss and a very strong enemy.

So, well, I think I'm toast here.


TIM: Hi, everybody.

Welcome to another episode of PlayStation Underground.

You got Tim here,

and I'm joined by fellow PlayStation teammate, Gillen McAllister.

Hey there, Gillen.

GILLEN: Hello there.

TIM: And we are so excited to be checking out

Streets of Rage 4's Mr. X Nightmare DLC.

And we have a couple special guests.

Hello to Jordi Asensio,

Lead Game Designer at Dotemu and Guard Crush Games co-founder.

Hi, Jordi.


TIM: As well as Ben Fiquet,

Art Director on Streets of Rage 4 and co-founder of Lizardcube.

Hi, Ben.

BEN: Hi, thanks for having us.

TIM: Yeah. we're so pumped to be checking this out.

Just to kick things off,

can you guys just tell us what we're looking at here?

JORDI: Okay, in the mod you go from arena to arena,

obviously kicking bad guys.

At the end of every arena you get to choose between some bonus

that will upgrade your character.

So it gets harder and harder,

and you try to go as far as possible.

TIM: And I think I'm recognizing the character we're playing.

But I feel like the first time I met her

I was on the other side of the controls from her.

BEN: Yeah. That's a new addition to the playable roster.

This is Estel, which actually became a fan favorite

throughout the release of the game.

She's a boss that redeems herself during the story.

And she's like a real badass.

She's in the police department

but she fights for justice, and she's really cool.

Actually, when I designed her, she's actually a cop I met

when I was just --

In front of my building there was three cops like looking to enter.

TIM: Okay.

BEN: And she was so badass that I remembered her,

and I had to draw her.

And somehow she ended up in a game.

It was really like almost she had that kind of --

And you could definitely tell she was a boss.

There were two guys with her, which was funny.

TIM: That's so cool.

So she was a boss in every meaning of the word basically.

JORDI: Sorry. I just realized that the --

We took a body as an upgrade.

So now you have someone with you controlled by the AI

that will help you.

It's really a tough choice what to take at the end of the level

because you can go either way.

For example, here on the second level, I'm the one playing,

I took Glass Canon upgrade.

So now I do double damage, but I take double damage.

So I'm gonna have to be really careful.

Here I have the choice between Air Master,

which adds an extra jump, like a double jump.

And I have the choice to have no jump at all,

but having some stat boosts in attack and movement speed.

GILLEN: And talking about those items,

do those items only last for the next room

or do they last for the duration of your run?

JORDI: They are permanent.

They are permanent.

So you really become really, really powerful.

TIM: That's really cool.

It almost reminds me of a rogue-like kind of decisions

as you're passing through each room in a sense.

But that's really, really cool.

BEN: Yeah. This is kind of rogue-like.

The only thing is the rooms are essentially the same.

This is basically the size of a dojo arena

that you have in the original game.

But there's much more to that.

There's hazards, tricks,

and different kinds of enemies you can find.

But basically, yeah, you take --

Every perk lasts for the entire run.

And you can add a --

If you find two times the same perk,

it's gonna increase the efficiency.

TIM: Oh, Okay.

JORDI: Yes, you can stack them.

For example, here I stacked a lot of fire perks on my special attack,

so I have a very powerful fire special attack

that will create a little pound of fire on the ground

when I hit an enemy with it.

GILLEN: Got you.

TIM: That's great.

JORDI: No, it's fire, but I don't use it here

because it's on the special move.

The special move drains life.

TIM: All sorts of elemental powers going on.

JORDI: Yeah, yeah.

And I have the, of course, yes, the lightning power on the weapons

so it propagates to nearby enemies.

So it's very interesting.

It propagates a little damage that you see there.

TIM: Cool.

GILLEN: I see we're going old school, old school visuals.

So are we expecting to see the return

of some classic enemies in Survival Mode?

JORDI: Yeah. There are like something between 20 and 30 new retro enemies

you can fight, and bosses.

TIM: Yeah. I think I feel like that Boomerang, speaking of bosses,

looked familiar from an early Streets of Rage game.

Oh, so, sorry. Is this another new character we're looking at here?

JORDI: Yes, it is Max Thunder from the original game, Streets of Rage 2.

TIM: Oh, awesome.

JORDI: Yeah. It's one of my favorite ones.

I just love grapplers in fighting games.

You see there we are playing co-op?

TIM: Yeah.

JORDI: And what is interesting when you play two players

is that you have just one upgrade per level.

So you're gonna have to choose who will be the one who will take it.

TIM: That's awesome.

So it's like the constant Streets of Rage experience

where you're like, who's picking up that turkey off the ground.

With higher stakes.

That's really great.

I also gotta mention,

I love the hieroglyphs in the background of this stage.

It's so good.

GILLEN: I was gonna say,

sort of we're seeing Max's return.

Estel's new, unique to Streets of Rage 4.

Max players will remember him from Streets of Rage 2.

Curious to know, is his moveset exactly the same as 2,

or have you added some new features and new abilities to him?

BEN: Well, definitely the original moves,

fans know and love about the character.

But this one, for example,

he didn't have a neutral move in the original games obviously.

So we added a lot of new things.

But mainly we tried to stay true to the character.

And also in the new DLC

you can have the possibilty to have new moves that you can mix and match

for your playstyle.

In the video you can see moves that haven't been seen before.

And the fans are gonna see that --

These are not the moves you're supposed to do there.

GILLEN: Are they unlockable?

JORDI: Yes, you unlock them playing with them in Survival Mode.

Each time you end the run, you are rewarded with points

that will unlock move for that character.

So if you want to unlock a move for everybody,

you'll have to do some good scores with all the characters.

TIM: Awesome.

GILLEN: As with the main campaign,

I guess unbreakable combos is the way to high scores.

JORDI: Well, It works a little differently scoring-wise.

Because in the main campaign, with scores you win extra lives,

which are very useful to finish the games.

But here you win stars.

So making a combo is an important factor to have stars

because stars help you survive in a difficult situation

like this one, for example,

because you have a boss, you have two boss,

and a very strong enemy.

Well, I think I'm toast here.

It's gonna be --

You see I don't have any stars left?

And the big guy will run at me.

I can try to throw them over the rings,

but it's gonna be really hard.

But I have the double jump.

I have the double jump so --

GILLEN: You're definitely surviving longer than I would,

I'll tell you that.

TIM: And real quick before we say goodbye,

Ben, what was the name of that last character?

BEN: That was Shiva, fan favorite character back from the original games.

TIM: Awesome. Welcome back, Shiva.

Well, that's our look at Streets of Rage 4's Mr. X Nightmare DLC.

Coming soon on PlayStation 4.

I wanted to say, Jordi, Ben,

thank you so much for joining us on PlayStation Underground.

This was great.

JORDI: Thank you for having us.

BEN: Thank you, guys.


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