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- [Jinger] Look at it!

She's doing it!

Oh my gosh, look at her!

- [Gage] She knows where to go.

- [Jinger] (smacking lips) Come get the snacks!

Come get the snacks!

(all cheering)

- Oh, hello Leela!

Everyone loves Leela!

Hey guys, this is Leela, she's our new little puppy

and she's so cute and she loves to play.

Leela, do you want to play a game with me?

I gotta know how many Legos tall you are.

Are you two Legos tall?

No way!

I think Leela is five Legos tall.

(laughing) We're gonna play a game with Leela today

where we actually build a giant Lego puppy maze for Leela.

I saw this on Speakable.

He did it with his cat and I thought

it was hilarious and so cute.

So we're gonna try it with Leela.

She is fun, she's energetic, and she's super super fast.

So I wanna turn this whole kitchen area into a maze

and see if she can make her way through

to have some really yummy snacks.

I guess will be 10,000 dog treats

is the prize! (laughing)

You know, cause like every challenge is now

for $10,000, well she wants dog treats, not dollars.

Hurry Gage, clean up the kitchen so everybody thinks

that we have a clean house all the time.

- Okay. - Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Hey lazy bones.

Do you guys know why we have to put a blanket

underneath our dishwasher?

Because she tries to go under there.

We have to get a new piece of trim that goes under there.

So right now,

our trim is a blanket. - She keeps trying to hide

under there.

- I know and I'm afraid

she's gonna get hurt or something.

This is like a fun circular area.

We're gonna make this into a big maze.

This is gonna be the start, that's gonna be the finish,

and I think we should do it in like a circular pattern.

What do you think Gage? - Circular

- [Jinger] I feel like you'd

be really good-- - Pattern

- [Jinger] Pattern

- Pattern

- I'm pulling up some patterns for some mazes

shaped in a circle,

but Luke actually had a really good point.

It's gonna really hard to do a circle pattern with Legos

because they are actually, like, rectangular and square.

So, let's find maybe something square-ish

or that has straight sides,

so then it would be easier to build.

I think he has a good point.

Okay, this is making more sense with the Legos.

I think we're gonna do something a little bit like that.

Okay, we're gonna start from the center

and I just built the inner square.

Check it out!

It's coming to life.

Gage had a brilliant idea.

Tell us your idea Gage.

- So we're going to use painter's tape

to lay out the different paths

that Leela can take

and we're gonna build on those painter tape trails.

- Awesome that's a good idea.

So we're gonna mark our path with painter's tape

so we know where to build walls.

Then we can get everybody in here

to build the maze so Leela can play.

I'm really excited to see if she'll actually do it.

She's a pretty young puppy

and so she might just jump out.

I don't know what's gonna happen but it'll be really fun.

Also, I had another idea what we could do with the maze

but I'm gonna save that for later.

Okay we tried to tape for exactly four seconds

and realized that just building it was faster.

We've already got a good start here.

This spot right here is what we're duplicating

from the map on here.

We're just going step by step.

Hopefully this maze works out

and the dog can actually get through it.

I think this is really fun though

and it's just, like, fun to try it anyway.

(fast-paced electronic music)

You guys, the building is all done!

We have a really cool maze here!

This is so awesome!

Leela's been taking a nap and she usually loves

to play right when she gets up.

Are you guys excited to try this out?

- Yeah let's do it!

- This is gonna be so awesome.

I think we're gonna have her end in the middle.

I think it would be cool to start her,

like, here on the edge.

This is the only way

to enter the maze. - Ooh, yeah!

- [Jinger] Don't you think that'll be cool?

- Yeah, definitely.

- [Jinger] And then she'll go around.

We have to put the snacks in first before we grab her.

- Oh yeah, let's do that.

- We have these really yummy puppy training snacks

that she loves, so we're gonna put those periodically

on the correct trail so that

she knows where she needs to go.

Yeah, I'm excited to see if this maze works.

This is so fun.

So I'm gonna put the little treats

I'm cutting into really small bits

cause we don't want her to have too much.

So we're gonna do little small bits

and where I think she might get lost,

I leave the next trail.

So she, I have her right at the corner

and then she's gonna come through here.

So I'm gonna give her one right here

just to give her a little reward.

And then she's going to come around this edge.

She might get lost here,

so I'm gonna put one right there for her

and then one in the correct trail, which is right here.

- [Luke] What are you doing up there, Gage?

- I'm setting up a really cool shot with this white camera

up here on top of the kitchen.

And I'm going to see if I can do a really cool camera shot

of up above the whole maze. - Of the maze!

That's cool!

- So that's gonna be really cool.

- These little packs have a ton of dog treats in there.

At least 10,000, just like I promised her

10,000 dog treats if she completes the maze.

We're gonna put her prize in the bottom of the maze.

Gage, do you have that shot ready?

- Almost!

- [Jinger] Leela, are you ready to save the world

and win all the doggy snacks in the whole wide world?

Are you?

You guys, if you think Leela can make it through the maze,

smash that like button.

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited!

Are you excited?

- Yeah - Are you?

Okay, Kyle, I think we're ready to put her in the maze

and start the challenge.

Okay, you guys, vote up in the poll right now

how long do you think it will take Leela

to get through the maze.

Will it take one minute, two minute, or three minutes?

I personally think she's gonna do it in a minute,

because I left really good trails.

We're gonna do the race again on the next round

to see what, how she does it without the treats.

All right you guys, we're gonna start the time.

In three, two, one, go!

All right, no one can help her.

Oh, we gotta get her in the maze.

Okay, let's put her in the maze.

- [Gage] Here we go.

- [Jinger] Okay here we go.

All right, okay.

Come on now, Leela.

Don't break my heart.


- [Gage] She's sniffing around for treats.

- [Jinger] Okay just let her do her work.

She's working.

She's working.

She's licking up all the little snack bits.

Hey, it's working, she's sniffing it out.

It's totally working!

- [Kyle] She's having fun too!

- [Jinger] Kyle, it's working!

- [Kyle] Hi!

- [Gage] Keep going!

- [Kyle] Come on, little puppy.

- [Jinger] Oh shoot, no this way.

Leela! - Oh why did I say that?

- Leela! Leela! Leela!

Come here.

- [Gage] She's going back.

- Okay

(buzzer sounds)

She does not know the rules

that you have to stay going the same direction.

Okay we're gonna actually put her in the middle now

and see if she'll go outwards.

Go from the inside out, instead of the outside in.

All right, Kyle, put her in there.

Let's not call her now

and let's just be quiet and see if she makes her way out.

Okay, get outta the way.

Quick, time starts now.

- [Kyle] You rolling, Luke?

- [Luke] Yeah.

- [Jinger] Okay, here she goes.

(gasps) okay, okay, okay.

This is looking good.

This is looking good.

Come on, Leela.

Come on, Leela.

- Come on. - You want me to follow?

- [Jinger] Nope.

She's doing good.

She's made it one inch.

(both laugh)

- [Kyle] A foot, actually.

- [Luke] Come on, Leela.

- [Jinger] She's the cutest puppy.

Five bricks high was perfect.

- [Kyle] Yeah.

It's working!

- [Jinger] She's doing good.

She's doing it.

This is so easy for her, I feel like.

I say that, but she did just walk out the wrong direction.


Oh, look. (shushes)

- [Kyle] Oh!

- [Jinger] She's doing it.

- [Luke] 50 seconds!

- Come on. - Come on, Leela!

- Leela is a really smart dog,

so I'm not surprised at all

that she's actually figuring this out.

She's staying in the walkways,

even when the Legos are at,

the Lego walls are less than five bricks high,

which is so cool.

She's playing the game.

Leela, come here!

(smacking lips) Come get the snacks!

Come get the snacks!

(all cheering)

She did it!

- One minute and 55 seconds.

- Oh one minute and 55 seconds!

If you guys guessed two minutes, you are the closest.

Good job.

I am surprised because I totally voted for one minute.

Okay, I wanna run her through the maze again,

only this time, we're not gonna leave any snacks

and we're gonna start her from the outside

and we're just gonna put the snacks on the inside.

So we're just gonna put the bag of snacks in the middle

and see how fast it takes her going the other direction.

She's still having fun, so we're still good.

Are you the best doggy ever?

Are you ready to win all 10,000 dog snacks?

- She's so ready!

- [Jinger] She wants to chew.

She's like, "Where is my chew toy?"

- All right, ready?

- [Jinger] Here we go, for round two with little Miss Leela!

Okay, Leela!

Put her down, Kyle.

Luke, you got the time?

- Oh yeah!

- [Jinger] Hurry!

- [Kyle] Go!

Time starts now!

- [Jinger] Okay everyone, be quiet.

Maybe she'll just come.

Whoa, she knows the way!

She knows the way!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

She's going so fast through this maze right now.

Okay, come on, Leela.

You can do it.

Oh my gosh, look at her!

- [Gage] She knows where to go!

- [Jinger] She totally knows where to go.

I love that she's playing the game,

even though I know she can jump over.

That's so cool.

Oh look at her, she's following, (gasp), uh oh.

- [Luke] Oh she, and she turns around.

- [Jinger] Look at it!

She's doing it!

- [Kyle] Oh, wow!

- [Jinger] That is so cool!

(all cheering)

She made it!

- She cut off, like, a minute of her time.

That is so crazy.

- [Jinger] 38 seconds, that is not bad at all!

Good job, Leela!

(all cheering)

You can't eat all of your snacks at once

because we love you too much.

You guys, that was it for this video.

Thank you, Leela, for being a little shining star.

She's just having her dinner right this minute.

You guys, thank you so much for watching.

We had so much fun playing with Leela today,

building this giant Lego dog maze.

It was such a blast,

hanging out with the boys and everything.

We have Gage one up, we have Jack Luke Jackson,

and we have Kyle's toys and games.

It was so fun.

(doorbell ringing)

It looks like someone's here.

We'll just catch you guys next time.

- (All) Bye!

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