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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ഒരു ചായ കുടിക്കാൻ ഷൊർണൂർ വരെ | Indian Coffee House and Oudh Tea

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Shall we go and have a tea?

We will travel from Ernakulam to Shornur, just for a tea.

This is how we should have tea.

Good morning. I heard that we will get aroma tea in Shornur.

Aroma tea and medicinal tea also. So shall we go there and try it?

It is around 3 hours journey from here. We are starting early morning.

It is 6 AM now. It is still dark.

We will travel till there , have the tea and come back.

On the way, if we get some good food, we will taste that also.

There is an Indian Coffee House nearby. We will stop there for breakfast.

Then we will proceed for the tea.

It is summer. Mango season is approaching.

We can see small mangoes on the trees.

Sun has risen.

Now it is time for us to stop somewhere for breakfast.

Because of the crowd, we have to park on the roadside.

I selected a place where it is not very crowded.

If we want to shoot in their kitchen, we need to take permission from their head office.

We couldn't do that.

We will shoot whatever we are eating.

Do you have masala dosa?

One masala dosa and one plate puri.

So our dosa, sambar, chutney all have come.

Able got puri and masala.

Do you know the specialty of masala dosa in Indian Coffee House?

Masala will have beetroot in it.

Masala looks different. It has a reddish color.

This is its specialty.

Let us start eating with sambar and chutney.

Indian Coffee House is a nostalgic feel for me.

My father used to take me. They had rose milk then.

It was in Changanassery.

We used to go there for rose milk and masala dosa.

Indian Coffee House gives me nostalgic memories.

I am breaking the dosa and dipping it in chutney.

It has ground onions. So I am getting the gassy feel.

It is hot too.

Not too hot, but moderately.

Now let me try sambar.

This is the real Indian Coffee House sambar.

It has not changed at all.

But it is a runny sambar.

If I had a spoon, I would have drank it.

We have ground coconut chutney also.

This is also thin.

But the taste is good. I get the taste of green chili.

And the taste of coconut also.

Mustards, coconut, chili all mixed together.

Able got puri masala. He will eat now.

The masala he got with puri is looking like the masala in masala dosa.

Only difference is that it is not very thick.

Two coffees.

This masala has a special taste.

It has the taste of beetroot, carrot and potato.

Normally, it is only the potatoes.

This is a different taste.

That is the specialty of Indian Coffee House masala dosa.

Able, will you give me a little from your masala, just for tasting?


As I told you.

It looked similar. It is the same masala.

How is the puri?


Now coffee also.

You don't have lemon juice?

Okay, it is there?

My coffee had come.

Hot coffee from Indian Coffee House.

After this masala dosa and puri, we will head to Shornur for the tea.

Let us continue our trip.

Here on the way, we saw a paddy field where harvest is over.

We can see rolls of straw kept here.

It looks beautiful.

It is a nostalgic feel. There are two goal posts for playing football.

A train passing by.

Now we should move on to have tea.

There is nobody to play football. Maybe they will come in the evening.

I am Ubaid. Nice to meet you.

I am Fahad.

We came here for your tea.

Sure, tea is ready.

Salman told me about the special variety tea.

I was hearing about Oudh tea for the first time. So I thought of trying it.

I already told you about tea. But it is not just tea.

You have something else also apart from Oudh tea.

You have Oudh chips also?

It is used for perfumes.

It is not for eating.

I always think of food. I thought the chips will be for eating.

So this is chips for aromatic purpose.

For keeping indoors, right? Let us try it.

Let us go inside.

There is a nice aroma when we enter here.

Oudh is a natural extract right?

This is what we use for the aromatic purpose.

If we burn these sticks, it will give a good scent.

If we smell the sticks, will it have any fragrance?

Some may have a smell.

Only some?

Yes, it depends on the quality.

Is this like sandalwood?

This is the stage before final product is made.

Is Oudh the name of a tree?

Oudh is a tree called Agarwood.

So your firm is named after that.

It is Arista, the name of our brand.

We can mix honey or lemon with this.

We mix this with tea for the flavor.

This tea is made from Oudh leaves.

I had no idea at all about this.

It was Salman who told me about this. A big thanks to him.

All information is written here. But it is too small for my eyes.

So it is better to understand from them.

It is tea bags. See, this is a tea bag from an open packet.

There are many tea bags.

We can buy if we want. It costs Rs 170. A bit expensive.

But they say it has medicinal values.

As I always say, I am not an expert.

I will tell you about the taste after drinking.

This is a different smell. I don't know whether you have experienced this.

I don't know whether it was the exactly same aroma.

But I have experienced a similar fragrance in Somalia.

They have like this in many African and Arab countries.

In African countries, they use it in a powdered form.

But the smell is similar.

It is a good fragrance for keeping inside the house.

It will be good to keep indoors in evenings.

Now let us have tea.

They have small cups for having tea.

In China, there are many varieties of tea.

They give for tasting in small cups like this.

Let us try Oudh tea.

This has the taste of tea leaves.

And with it, there is some new taste too.

The smell is similar to tea leaves.

This is not just a scented tea.

This is a scented tea with a different taste.

Is it true that this has medicinal values? I just told about it.

It is a scientifically proven fact.

It has antioxidants and lots of health benefits.

We introduced this in our country.

But in countries like Japan, Thailand and Malaysia, they have been traditionally using this.

This is not a new concept.

It is there in other countries. But in India, we are introducing this.

So this is new in India. And we have that in Kerala.

This is good.

I can call this my morning tea.

We had only coffee on the way.

We had coffee from Indian Coffee House.

This is my first tea of the day.

This is a good tea.

Just like green tea, Oudh tea also has health benefits.

We can taste it if interested.

This is without sugar.

is it okay if we put sugar?

Yes, we can put sugar. Depending on our choices.

There are people who love lemon or honey.

This is Oudh tea with lemon, but without honey.

This is original lemon extract right?

In this, the taste of lemon is standing out.

Taste of tea is not prominent.

Taste of tea is not standing out, but it has a blended tea taste.

People have different choices. With green tea also, some take lemon and honey.

If we want a stronger tea, we can dip it for a longer time.

Not about tea, this tastes more of lemon juice.

If you try this one, you will understand the difference.

The one we had now was very light. We have two categories.

Some people love strong tea while some love light tea.

First, we had light tea. Now let us try the stronger version.

This is my third cup. Small cups.

It holds only five to six teaspoons full.

In the first cup, we had light tea.

Second one was lemon tea. This one is a strong tea. I am going to try this.

This is strong. And it is different from normal tea.

Very different from the normal taste.

I am getting the same aroma that I got when I smelled one of these wooden sticks.

This is good.

I liked the strong one.

I gave you the light one first so that you can compare both.

Now you can properly compare both the tastes.

I liked this very much.

This is what we recommend.

We give the light tea to understand the taste difference.

It is said that we should have tea mixed with oxygen.

It might be irritating to hear that sound. But that is said to be the real way to have tea.

Shall we drink like that?

This is how we should have tea.

Oxygen should mix with the tea that we drink.

Even with juice, we should shake it well before drinking.

So that oxygen will mix well.

I have heard so. Not sure.

Shall we try with honey too?

This is Oudh tea with honey, without lemon.

He was stingy in adding honey.

I am getting the taste of honey and Oudh tea.

As there is less honey, I am not getting sweetness.

If we want, we can add more honey.

I would have added more honey in this.

This is Oud tea with lemon and honey.

I loved Oudh tea with honey more than this.

In this, he had added lots of honey.

It has the taste of lemon too.

People have different choices.

I loved the mixed taste of honey and Oudh tea.

We heard a lot about Oudh tea and Oudh scent.

Can we see the plantation?

Have you recently started it?

No, it has been three years since we started the plantation.

So we will go to the plantation and tell more.

Is it a walkable distance from here?

No, it is like a off-road trip. We have to go by jeep.

It is over there, in a hilly place.

We will get an off-road experience.

Can we trek till there?

How far will it be?

It is only 600 meters. We can go by walk also.

But this is a better experience.

This is a hilltop in Shornur. Can we see Bharathapuzha from here?

We can see Bharathapuzha and many Oudh trees.

The wind direction may be towards this side. All trees are drooping this side.

Does this tree normally grow in our land?

Did you bring this from somewhere?

This is rarely found in Kerala.

We brought this from Assam.

The leaves are ready for harvest?

We are using these leaves presently for the tea.

Can we use the leaves even after they grow into trees?

Yes, we can use till they are cut off.

Do you cut off these trees?

Yes, we have to cut it. And replant later.

There are other ways also. But we are planning it like that.

When the wood becomes thicker, we will inoculate it.

After inoculation, we will observe it for say three to six months to see how much it has formed.

If we find that there is sufficient quantity, we will cut it.

I didn't understand what is inoculation.

Inoculation is a method of injecting a serum.

Oudh will be formed in our land only if we do that process.

It won't form naturally here.

Is it because of our soil?

Not because of soil. Actually, there is an insect which tries to harm this tree.

Oudh is the antibody that the tree grows to protect itself from the insect.

That insect is not found here.

Even if we bring that insect, we can't say whether it will be successful

This is the process carried on in many countries.

By injecting the serum, we are creating the impact of the insect bite. right?

Have you received any training for this?

In our group, there is one person who has received karshakashree award .

It is Ubaid's relative. He gives us all guidance.

His name is Mohammad Haji.

Did he get the award for this?

No, he got it before we started this.

He was into farming from long back.

We ask him for guidance.

We have also taken help from experts in this field.

But he is the one who supports is mostly.

So this was all about Oudh tea and Indian Coffee House.

And Oudh tree also.

A big thanks for giving us this chance.

And for permitting us to visit this place.

So let us continue the journey.

The next video will come soon. We will have more tastes, places and information like this.

Always be with us. Live with a smile.

Goodbye for now.

Not just Oud trees, there are many other trees on nearby hills.

Green hills have a special beauty.

We can see Bharatapuzha, but water is not clearly visible.

We can see the sand.

Water is not there because of summer. It is okay.

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