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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 14 Videos With Unexpected Endings

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Some of these videos have good endings and others end not so well.

Try to guess them if you want.

You will not win though.

. .


A lizard sways in strange patterns that look like they could be to meant attract a mate.

But apparently it must have been a warning signal to back away, one that this person

made the mistake of disregarding.

I dont know how much damage this animal can actually cause to a person, but the very

last frame at the 6 second mark shows that its jaws are wide open and its going to

try its very hardest to find out.


Whats wrong with this guys mirror?

Thats what victorcruz280 whats to know.

Youd think that the mirror is broken, and it is in a way, but I guarantee youll never

guess how.

My first thought was that this had to somehow be the reflection of a passenger.

But the face and glasses look the same as the driver, and during this part, you can

see no one is sitting with him at all.


A YouTube channel called Abandoned Explorer heads to an old house that is so eerie, its

best to go by day.

I hear a strange noise in this video at 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

Is this a creepy sigh?

They are in the center of the house so I dont think it can be the wind.

Anyway, they continue exploring until one of them yells for assistance.

Perhaps theyve made contact with something on the other side.

But as it turns out, theyve only made contact with the other side of the floor and now dangle


They do show the same hole earlier at 6 minutes and 12 seconds though, so this might have

been staged.

I can tell because this distinctive yellow area is seen in both shots.


This dress looks a bit different than normal, but its odd edges are more than a fashion


There is absolutely no way you can predict what happens next, and thats exactly the


With the sound of a dentist drill, this dress slowly unfolds like an umbrella into pointy

edges that look like they can really dig into someones skin.

The dress is actually equipped with motion sensors to detect if someone unwanted presses

up against you.

Thankfully, it takes 15 seconds to inflate, which is plenty of time for people to safely

get out of the way.

The only problem I could see, aside from the embarrassment of everyone nearby watching

your dress inflate, is that this could probably go off at the slightest touch.

I presume the technology is not able to discern between a person or an object, so I assume

even brushing against the wall for a brief period of time might be enough to set one



Doug Nelson is excited to be out fishing with his family and proudly records their catch.

Except what should be a moment of family bonding almost tears them apart . . . and I mean that


Just as they are about to reach into the water with bare hands and retrieve the line, a Great

White Shark leaps up and swallows their catch whole.

There was no way to predict it was near until it was already well above the surface, and

by that point, fate was the only thing keeping the Nelsons alive.


A waitress is closing by herself when her shift takes a horrible and life changing turn.

Somehow she trips over not one, but two bar stools that are perfectly located in her path.

The likelihood of this happening seems very low, but maybe Im wrong.

Also, at 47 seconds, the way she hits the glass with her back turned makes me think

this might be a professional stunt.

I think a real fall almost definitely would have been headfirst.

Im not even sure if hitting the glass with her back like this would generate enough force

to break it.

Still, if this is real, then I feel queasy analyzing what could be a persons final

moments on earth.

All of this could had been avoided if only she had turned the other way at 43 seconds.


A YouTuber named Skittz comes across a man lying motionless in his car with the door

wide open.

They check his pulse, which is reasonable, but instead of calling the police or an ambulance,

they decide to do him a solid and drive him home to the address on his registration.

I mean, its a nice gesture and all, but if this guy was having a serious medical problem

and passes away on their watch, then Im pretty sure they could be held responsible.

Anyway, when they finally pull up to his house, they let themselves in using his keys and

leave him in a safe spot.

Just when they think theyve done their good deed for the day, something completely

unexpected happens.

All this poor woman sees is two strangers standing in her home over someone she knows.

She probably thought they were in the middle of breaking in.

They run out the door, but since they came here in someone elses car, Im not sure

where they were going, but they managed to get away.

I feel like this situation could have been avoided by just knock on the door instead

of going straight inside without at least announcing themselves.

The whole situation borders on the edge of being implausible.

Do you think it really happened?


These golfers are too busy handling a young gator to notice something completely unexpected

charging from behind at the very end of this 5-second Snapchat.

I think this short video is almost certainly real because I can hear the young gator calling

for its mother.

The entire internet is screaming for an end to this video, which unfortunately I have

yet to find.

But that gator is moving fast and already has a head start so I bet they paid with a

pound a flesh, as the old saying goes.


A person checks their CCTV to catch whoever busted their sideview mirror.

Its on the sidewalk side and therefore absolutely couldnt have been a car.

The video does not end at all as expected when a phantom force snatches the mirror and

gives a twist.

Then again, maybe a manufacturers bolt or something came loose here at 2 seconds.

Point is, Ive never seen a car mirror do something like this all by itself before.

Have you?


A large rat finds itself trapped in what looks to be the corner of a kitchen.

It appears to be at the mercy of the man recording, who to be fair seems to want to cause it no

harm to begin with, but as Marcus Good-Iron zooms out, you can see to your horror that

its not in a kitchen at all, nor is it on a floor.

I guess a large rat climbing your wall isnt exactly the happiest of endings, but it is

most definitely unexpected, not to mention a good reason to give the walls a good scrub-down.


A YouTuber named Yara records herself singing in her room when a visitor approaches.

Or, maybe its just the sound of her tablet getting put down.

She looks down the hallway . . .

It sounds like a lock gets popped but no door opens, there are no footsteps, no one says

hello . . . and then . . .

Yara claims she saw a demon but thats a lot for me to believe without the physical


I will say that those two noises were awfully odd, and it didnt sound like anyone else

was with her before they occurred.


Jarrett and Sable buy a USB stick from the deep web, completely unaware of what they

are about to get themselves into.

ducts an imaginary orchestra in his mind as classical music plays.

I dont think I have ever seen this person before in any popular movies or shows so I

am going to assume that this clip is both original and homemade.

Let me know if I am wrong.

Next up is a wall of vanity license plates with first names, almost like someone has

collecting them as trophies for a long time.

Eventually Jarrett and Sable find another clip that I really hope is from some kind

of video game or something.

Again, tell me if you recognize this scene from anywhere.

If not, then I dont even want to know the actual source.

I keep getting the feeling that this videos were connected to a string of disappearances


This elderly woman apparently is the one who holds the answers.

Worst of all, Jarrett and Sable have trouble getting the video to stop playing, almost

like its cursed.

Im not saying that these videos are 100 percent real, but even if it turns out that

all of these clips are fake, I suppose somebody still could have edited them together as clues

to help solve something theyve done wrong.


Mr. Biggs is a giant iguana who is not behaving normally.

He hardly recognizes his owner upon entering his room (and yes, Mr. Biggs does happen to

have his own room).

The large lizard fits a single finger squarely in his mouth and clamps down.

But a closer look reveals its actually just an empty glove at the end of a ruler.

As it turns out, Mr. Biggs was just hungry and not trying to take over.

He might have even mistaken the glove for a big hunk of lettuce.

Looking at him here at 3 minutes and 7 seconds, you would never have expected this could be

the same Mr. Biggs as before.

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A Twitch streamer named Nikki is at the height of her game when her stream ends in a way

that absolutely no one in her chat could have ever predicted.

Nikki jumps up to see whats wrong and is greeted with shouting demands.

If you can understand what she is trying to say back to them then please let me know.

A strange man briefly comes in and begins ransacking the house for valuables.

You would think thats where their plans would end, but apparently the plan was to

also force them to go to the bank and make large cash withdrawals.

Thankfully, her viewers called the police quickly, and at least one of the assailants

was caught on the spot.

Still, for just a regular stream, this ending is extremely unexpected.

Im just happy the residents of the home were okay.

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