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Today is a day of victory or death! Of living for ever or dying forever. We are going to

play BelloLudi, and BelloLudi today is about the Gauls and the Romans.

What is the game BelloLudi? The game of BelloLudi is a wargame that allows you to play a very

big battle on a fast an simple way. How does BelloLudi operate? BelloLudi operates

by means of giving commands, then a dice has to be rolled to see if these commands will come through.

And after that it's just like every other wargame: movement, shooting, hand-to-handand possibly a test.

What is the difference with the more known wargames, that experienced wargamers know?

It's faster and simpler, in fact, because it is simple, it is therefor much faster.

And, it is more interactive because of the BelloLudi cards that you can play at any moment in the game.

I want to charge these Romans here. How do I do that?

In fact, you have already given the order as you are telling me that you want to charge the Romans.

Then the only question is, do you want to engage to the maximum? Maximum!

Then that is the order you have given, then roll the BelloLudi dice and then you will

know how many moves you will get.

Three!, three that means that you can move for the missile and combat units, 18".

And for these boys, which are the light troops,

(as we assume that you ordered the whole group), they can move 36".

These I can move up to here, I'l move all of these forward

And here we move directly into the fight.

Because you said, forward to the maximum

I'll teach them a lesson, these Romans

How will they be able to do as much damage as possible to the Romans?

By rolling as high as possible. That's nearly always the case.

You've got four dice in hand to hand combat and normally you will hit on a 5 or 6, but

you are charging, so on a 4, 5 or 6 you've got a ...

Look at that! Two hits.

Then I will roll for the Romans And because I am not charging, I'll hit on a 5 or a 6.

Woooh! And that are three hits

In this case I have won the combat. The question now is: will you stand, yes or no?

Do I have a magic potion? I do not know

You may roll a dice: 1 to 4 and you'll make one move to the rear and 5-6, you'll stand

5! I've got magic potion. You stand!

In the meantime something else has happened and that is that this unit, with four hits has become shaken.

And this is the end of the turn for this unit

We're now going to start, I have chosen the Roman side. My opponent has chosen the barbarians.

So red dice and blue ones

We'll see how the battle will unfold. I'm very curious.

Let's see how many orders I can give

Zero! Alas

My javelins have been brushed aside, but now they are running into solid decent legionnaires

who will fight back properly At least, (pansies!) I hope so

Yes a blunder! What will happen now?

What happens now? We'll leave that to the dice.

Koen will throw a dice,

High or low? You wanted to charge, so high Five! Forwards one move forward

yes, turn four or five, I'm not sure, we didn't really keep track. The center of the Romans is crashing down

So there everything is going down the proverbial drain

There we will try to counter attack and if my cavalry wants to wake up at some point,

then, who knows?


I have now played it. I find it fast and simple and is is simple and thus fast.

On the one side that is a great advantage. You'll have a nice afternoon, just because it is so fast.

I can imagine that for a group of people who do not know of wargaming this is a great game

And the other hand, I think it is too simple and I've got the idea

because I'm used to other kinds of games, that too much is dependent on the dice and too little because of strategy

But that is something that also is the case with Black Powder

which, to my mind, inspired this game. So no surprises there.

If I look at the goal of the game then I would rate it as an 8.

when looking at the demands I personally have for games I'd rate it between a 6 and a 7.

That is because I like more complicated games.

Well, I thought it was a good game. It has been derived from games as Hail Caesar and Black Powder

But the fact that you can have a table filled with miniatures and that you can play that

to a close in a single afternoon without ant difficulty. Fulfilling you mission and a clear winner,

i think that is a big thing. Something fantastic. Wargames do not have to last all afternoon on my account

and I think that letting the dice speak for themselves, you'll get the most fun out of the game.

Without it becoming overly complex. So, it scores high marks in my view.

The system with cards I think is very nice. It adds a lot to the game.

I do think that you should limit the cards by maximizing the number of cards played on a unit

Or else you'll get the problem of: I've got this cards, oh, and I have this one and then

you are more dabbling with cards then that you are letting your soldiers fight.

So personally I would chose to limit that somewhat.

Having said that. Because it enables you to play a very large wargame in a very short

amount of time I'm rating this as an 8,5! This is really my kind of game.

Very short reaction: Thank you boys, for the high ratings. I am really happy with that.

And I think you have told in a good way what the game does and how you experienced it.

And I also know, if you are going for very complex wargames, do not use BelloLudi. But

if you want a fast game, with lots of miniatures, give it a try

I think the criticism of the cards, hardly critical, but the suggestion to limit the

cards, quite right because in this game they were dominant. So, thank You!

Well, we have been given a fantastic welcome with wine and such so really amazing

And more, Ah well, let's say... those Romans... I can only say one thing about the Romans

Strange fellows, those Romans.

It is outrageous that they have won,

completely against all expectations.

And in general, this is historically absolutely not plausible. It's total fantasy

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