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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MODERN RP ACCENT feat. English with Lucy // TUTORIAL

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Hi I'm Joel, I'm Lia and I'm Lucy. So in today's video we're going to be talking

about three features of modern RP, which is also know as contemporary RP. And we're joined today by one of our faves, it's Lucy!

Hey guys, thanks for having me. Thanks for having us, we're so polite. It's such a pleasure! Thanks for coming to my house.

Thanks for letting us sleep in the same bed! Oh yeah, sorry! You know how you guys are always on about them being a couple? Well I just put them in the same bed

and thought there'd be no problem. haha no it was actually really fun, you kept hearing us laugh, didn't you? You just giggled the whole night long.

In a platonic way. Yeah, oh definitely there was no tickling! I got really jealous, I felt really left out. Aw you should have come and joined us. I had a glass against the wall. Let me have fun too!

It's an honour to be on the Joel & Lia channel! Aw you're in the Joel & Lia sandwich right now. This is what it feels like. Joel & Lia Panini! We need to start calling it that, the Joel & Lia panini.

Come on, if we're doing contemporary RP, sandwich doesn't cut it. Or focaccia, is that how you say it? Don't swear! Joel!

Okay, so lets kick it off. The first feature of modern RP is, the L

vocalisation. so we're just going to go through a couple of words and we're

going to get Lucy to say the word in RP and then Joel or Lia will say it in Contemporary

RP and these differences are tiny so don't worry if you can't hear them, we're

going to talk about them too. real whereas in modern are people would say

real wall tall table yes you guys say more like table. To be honest

when I'm speaking quickly that's probably what I would say. And the last word: shelf. Yeah so do you say the

L in shelf in contemporary RP you just skip straight over that you'll just be

shelf. It's almost like a W is there

yeah you sort of replaced the L with vocalised W so it's 'ooow' instead of 'l', and again, like

we said it's a really tiny difference but it's a

noticeable difference because you will get people that speak conservative RP

they will say "no it's shelf!" yeah it's more common amongst people our age

to sort of be speaking modern RP so skipping over these L's so if you can hear

the difference great and if you're trying to work on that accent then

that's just one of our tips and many people might flit between the two and

depending on situations so if I'm presenting yes I'll probably go more on the....

shelf! yeah shelf sort of side. But yeah, I'm contemporary when I'm speaking with my friends. But just remember you can speak however you want to. We're

not telling you how to speak and what's correct and incorrect we're just giving

you some tips and some ways that identify different accents so the second

feature is glottalisation so we're just going to run through a couple of

sentences again and you can listen out for the differences so first sentence

please Lucy not only not only take it off take it off (it feels like an order!) quite easy quite easy

I would definitely, I would speak where you are. Not only, it's not such a strong glottal stop.

but would you ever say bottle or butter. No, in one word I wouldn't but when I'm connecting

words then I would. definitely and I think if you did do that that's a sign of a different accent

you probably wouldn't be a modern RP speaker if you do say things like butter

you never say but but yeah that's true actually but actually and do you say

that with words like cat do you say cat or cat yeah so normally if a T is at the

end of a word then I'd say have you got a cat. yeah that's so interesting isn't it.

so yeah worth bearing in mind and like we said these changes are really small so the

last feature is yod coalescence yeah, have I said that correctly? I think you said it beautifully! here's a couple of examples of that -

the first one Tuesday Tuesday and then we've got graduate graduate oh I did a

glottalisation there as well,Yod coalescence is just a fancy word for

when you're taking a sound like Tuesday which is technically what you're

taught is the correct way it's the traditional way to say it but in modern

RP you'd turn the T into a CH sound so Tuesday goes to Tuesday but also the

vowel instead of going Tuesday you just go Tuesday yeah if that

make sense. It's more efficient isn't it, it's just to the point. Lets yod drop! Let's start a new movement. so those are the three features that we are going to

teach you today there are many other features but these are the three main

ones I think that you would hear every day if you listen to a modern RP speaker

yeah and there's nothing wrong with the way that language and

accents are evolving if you like for instance when I listen to my boyfriend's

parents speak compared to the way he speaks I always think that he's trying to like

drop his accent a little bit to like be more down with the kids

down with the kids is basically what to say but it's just it's just the way it has

evolved and it's just easier to speak maybe it feels a bit more relaxed in the

mouth maybe we are the lazy as a generation yeah in any language if you

look at old films you think oh they look like so stuffy and they sound so

old-fashioned yeah and it is because every language tends to evolve yeah it's

just a natural process I guess I like it it's nice a bit of diversity I think the

way people speak I love listening to people speak I don't know if the older generation would like it, they're very protective over their traditions.

Well thanks Luce, do you mind us calling you Luce? No it's nice, I do it on voice whatsapp and I don't know if I'm allowed to. You are. I'll give you my written permission

afterwards, but no one else is allowed. No Lucy to all of you. No that's fine!

Actually I once filmed in a video that my mum calls me Lolly and I was like but no one else is allowed to call me Lolly apart from my mum

And people still call me Lolly. It's so weird! You're not my mum!

We did a video over on English with Lolly's channel,

but we actually did film a video over on Lucy's channel so what did we film there? We filmed some funny stories about mistakes

that we made in our own language yeah with the intent of making learners of English as a second language feel a little bit better

and in the meantime making us feel stupid, we felt very stupid, some of them were ridiculous.

we come across so dumb especially me, so if you wanna have a laugh, maybe go over and get your fix!

comment on Lucy's video with a little blonde emoji so that we know you've come over from us.

anyway don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and we'll see you next

time oh my god, I just pulled a little bit of your hair! Got like the worst evils ever

keeping it in! don't touch my wig!

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