Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big Show & Kane destroy the SmackDown roster: SmackDown, Nov. 11, 2005

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Think about it this way.

[NOISE] >> That's Chris Masters,

that's Chris Masters [INAUDIBLE].

>> [NOISE] >> The Master Lock on our general manager.

>> Get the hell off him.

>> [NOISE] What the hell, who is this?

>> Here comes the Smackdown locker room,

Matt Hardy, Ray Mysterio.

>> Son of a, I don't believe this.


that's the SmackDown Survivor Series team climbing into, into JBL's limo.

>> Doesn't matter, they're all SmackDown superstars and

they kept going after Masters.

>> What the hell?

>> What the hell is this? My God.

>> My God. >> It can't be.

>> My God, it's Kane.

It's Kane from Raw.

>> No.

>> My Lord.

>> Cole, what the hell is going on?

>> Kane is marching down the aisle [INAUDIBLE].

>> It's a set up, Cole.

>> In a SmackDown arena.

>> I'm telling you this son of [BLEEP] set us up.

>> Yeah, it's the Big Show.

>> Where the hell is he [INAUDIBLE].

>> [INAUDIBLE] My God, Cole.

>> Big Show coming through the crowd.

>> What the, my God.

[INAUDIBLE] damn set up!

>> The World Tag Team Champions from RAW are here.

>> My God.

God, we need help right, there goes Funaki.

>> Funaki from the SmackDown locker room.

Man, man!

>> And a Chokeslam!

Scotty 2 Hotty out here as well.

What a boot by Kane.

>> We need help.

We need everybody out here.

>> Brian Kendrick.

My God.

>> Off the announce table, here comes Paul London,

the SmackDown locker room emptying.

>> My God!

>> What these two monsters.

Here comes [CROSSTALK] Hardcore Holly.

>> Come on, Holly.

>> Dear!

A Spear by the Big Show.

>> God.

>> Here comes Heidenreich.

>> Come on, Heidenreich.

>> Kane and Big Show are dismantling the SmackDown locker room.

>> [INAUDIBLE] Road Warrior Animal.

>> This is unbelievable. In our ring, in our damn ring, why?

It was a set up.

We never expected this.

They caught us big time.

>> No, the champion Batista is already down.

already a victim of a brutal assault.

>> This whole damn thing was a set up by Big Show with Edge this past Monday.

>> And the champ, my God, no!

Double Chokeslam!

A double Chokeslam!

And remember, Batista's buddy, Eddie, suffered [INAUDIBLE] and

concussion earlier on.

>> My God.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God, I, I'm speechless.

>> Not this.


>> Talk about rubbing it in our face.

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