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Hi assalamualaikum guys, this is mission impossible

I'm a little afraid of heights

Guys, I have to be balanced

Because if left and right it falls

Relax, I can hold this

This is my cameraman ninja warrior

Guys introduce this Jacqeline

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This is Rajah

This tattoo is a hyacinth macaw

I don't need to mention the price

People already know now

This tattoo once disappeared, I panicked too

Even though I have never met Rajah, this is also the first time I have met Jacquelin

Once found, he took me to the roof of his house

Here we will see a bear going across ..

Ok guys, this is a polar bear

Will cross an extraordinary challenge

It's a very protected polar bear

If he steps on the wrong side, it's over your life and our life

What are we going to do today?

We'll go up to the roof

And will the hyacinth macaw frre fly

Which are interesting

This Jacqueline, her clothes are fashionable everyday

And I'm afraid of heights

Then I have to jump?

Don't look down

Guys know, this we have to whisper what it is

Because if Jacqueline is caught by her mother, we can be scolded

Jacqueline was once caught climbing onto the roof, angry with her

The wire is rusty

Guys sorry I love you, its ok I love you

She is already beautiful, fashionable

Then we go up?

I have to take off my shoes I think

Is she a girl or a boy?

How come he is more boy than me

This is the challenge is because it is also getting dark

This is thanks to the expensive sandals

Is this your first time here or not?

Still not finished guys

That was the room of the mother earlier

But there are some dangers to guys for free fly these days

In these months it is dangerous because many people play kites

Kites are dangerous

Many events hit the kite rope, its wings

you are from Surabaya?

you Surabaya, Jogja?

father of Surabaya, mother of Manado

Beautiful huh

Beautiful, beautiful birds, unique hobbies

What's his name, sir?

Mr. Teguh until it is black

Not black guys, this shirt is really white

So if it's free fly, what's important is the pointers

So white, and wearing a hat, the hat is color free?

So if you look at Jacquelin's IG

All that he wears this hat when free fly

And wearing all white

But isn't it always this one?

I really like seeing him, free fly with style

Let's begin?

This is Rajah, how old is he?

And for this, hyacinth is really friendly

So I always talk about hyacinths

The price is expensive, the nature is cheap

This is at least 1 month yesterday

If that 2 is only 3 weeks

How many hyacinths do you have?

The one below, bought 1 pair in Thailand, is being trained too

No, not ready

Here's some courage that we do, 1 go up to the roof where his mother can get mad at him

The second of her courage was to let go of this hyacinth

Because it's expensive

This is hyacinth, this is?


Calico, marriage from?

Greenwing with the military

Let's begin?

Guys this name is urban free fly

Because it's in between the buildings

So even though this was the hat off, he was already looking, so it's like this, from above

This bird saw its color, its pointers, but when it got close it memorized its face

And he seems to have memorized this house already, so yesterday I tried to throw it from the bottom and he kept going up here.

This is really desperate, he can be scolded by his mother

This may be when it airs, the mother will immediately trial him

What child are you?



From 3

Can I throw it or not?

But can he come to me or not?

Is he approaching me or not

My shirt is black

And this is really cool

Should this be alone or alone?

Urban free fly hyacinth macaw by Jacqueline Wijaya

It's useless wearing his hat

Then I smiled

Lu deliberately embarrassed me Jacqueline

White maybe

Her heart is white

Borrow the jacket

Borrow the jacket, let's try

We try again the loyalty of the Rajah

I'm wearing Jacqueline's hat

Use white pointers

Jacqueline, my face is also far away

I use it

This is an effort, this is proof, whether Rajah

Hyacinth macaw's got this Jacqueline

Can it land on me after I use these pointers

Why, because he's hiding

He was hiding, blocked by other people, he was confused about which one, finally to me

I had a free fly, mine was blue and gold, that's all the excitement was incredible

If this

Lu just saw a luxury car flying

Previously when it was lost how was the story?

So I haven't trained free fly yet

Under it was holding a mosquito racket, he was startled, he was up to fly

What about the mosquito racket?

You hold him, hold the mosquito racket

I give it to people, I hold it, not a bird keeper but, I say leave it for a moment

The thing is, he doesn't usually go up to fly

So when it disappears, it can't fly free yet?

No, there is no father either

How did you meet him?

Meet her following her voice the next day

There is a bird keeper but not a trainer, so it's like asking a lot of people to help too

The parrot hobbyist is compact

If you fad there are birds and then take them

You will meet, it's useless

Then the end?

Finally, I didn't want to fly free earlier

Just because he lost it in the end

Aren't you afraid of losing again?

Already feel the loss

So the hyacinths, who have it, have started a lot, a few

But those who dare to fly free are still under 5 people

The one in Bandung I met H.Odon

Did you meet H.Odon?

Andy Hoo, have you met Andy Hoo?

Once, this is from Andy Hoo

This from Andy Hoo?

Andy Hoo's tattoo

Maybe this is what I was promised before

Ok Jacqueline, it turns out to be you

What is clear is we pray that Andy Hoo will get well soon

First, do you take care of the hyacinth right away?

No, first buy Buffon

Buy a buffon and bite it, then Andy Hoo says that the one who doesn't bite the hyacinth

So try 1, try ordering from him

So you know since Andy Hoo is healthy too

If someone with a crooked beak would know who Andy Hoo is

Masters of all masters

Very legendary, legendary of the crooked beak

And animals in general actually

But can he bite?

He won't bite

Guys pray that I have the fortune to be able to buy hyacinths

This hyacinth is the dream of all ..

You want him to look that way

Looks stupid

This is the dream of all hyacinth lovers

He didn't have to be alone with it

Got this lu chewed, broken

This is my newest turtle

So because it's missing, if it's those people, if the bird is missing it's immediately in brackets

This is lost in fact directly in training to fly

And so you can play it too, the problem is that if you always use a rope it's not comfortable to play it too

Really sorry too

And here again, for a free fly like this, actually for the bird there is a choice

Come back or fly, so free

There aren't any ties

And this really, and she immediately chose to go home, it was a priceless joy

Why are you away from me


Always stay away

Do you want to fly free again or not?

I got it

Just throw it okay

It's a bit difficult because it's already dark, it's a bit dangerous too

The wind is starting to get stronger, guys

This is not just anyone can come here

Sometime later Jacqueline will come to my house

But I was immediately embarrassed

I saw a lot of animals too

But the bird, the macaw

But there are a lot of them all, I only have birds here, there are fish, there are all kinds

And the hyacinth is not 1 but 3

If like this it's already a match

Even if the hyacinth is ready to marry, it's a bit difficult because you have to be very old

That's what makes him expensive

Pajero 3 on my shoulder

How old is this?

5 with 6, it's still a long way off

But it is still a long way to go

Yes, it is true

Poor single just saw

The Rajah is single, really poor Rajah

This is rarely in 1 cage too, though

Just put it aside

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