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- That's some talent. She got the moves.

- Okay, so they just all live in this house like Big Brother?

- (laughs uncomfortably) What am I watching?

♪ (rock intro) ♪

- (Thomas) We have something crazy planned for the rest

of the Hype House members. - Hype House?

- (Thomas) So, we ordered a bunch of trampolines,

and we're gonna go... - Trampolines.

- I broke my ankle on a damn trampoline.

- (Thomas) And we're turning the entire Hype House

into a trampoline park. Ryle is the first jumper.

- No jumping in the house. - (man) So, we did something

to the house. I didn't even know you guys

were coming. - (both guys chuckle)

- (laughs uncomfortably) What am I watching?

- Is this like another Team 10 scenario?

- (teen 1) What the? No way. - (teen 2) That's so sick.

- (teen 1) Oh my god. - Oh, [bleep].

There's a bunch of guys. Look like college students

or something. - This is like a college

dorm room situation here. - (man) What's your reaction to this?

- (teen) That was so cool! - (man) So, while you were gone,

we all decided to do something? - (Chase) We?!

- (man) We. (chuckles) The entire house decided

to do something. - Okay, so they just all live

in this house like Big Brother? - (Chase) Oh my (censored) God.

- (man laughs) - (Chase) This is LIT!

- (laughs) - That does look totally fun.

- (man) Be careful. - (teen) Is that a rule?

- (man) No, just be careful. Isn't this so much fun?

- Gosh, they really don't-- obviously, no parents live here.

- (man) Oh! Okay. - Woo! Look at him go, man, huh?

- Ugh. My mom vibes are just off the charts right now.

- Oh my god. I'd be puking right now.

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- Good times. I probably would've done that to my house

if I had that big of a house when I was that age.

- Cool for them, but I'm just like--

I can't un-momify myself. That really seems unsafe.

Have we tested this out? There's a lot of kids

home in the middle of the day, so I assume they're all just,

you know, racking up that YouTube revenue or something.

- (FBE) These were a few clips from a recent vlog by a group

of young TikTok influencers. - TikTok! Oh, man.

That thing is surging right now. - (FBE) So, they all work together

in what is known as the Hype House.

- The Hype House. Okay. - These kids are just [bleep] around.

They're doing [bleep] that I would yell at my kids

for doing, and they turned it into a job.

- (FBE) This house has kind of infiltrated the mainstream media

a lot recently, so much that even The New York Times are covering them

as well as the Today Show. So, we are gonna show you

a clip from that. - Oh, I can only imagine.

- (reporter) This group of 20... - 20. Jeez.

- (reporter) ...trend of young social media stars snapping up

big real estate, so they can... - Snapping-- how much money

do these kids make?! - (reporter) they can

physically be together to make videos 24/7.

And the Hype House is living up to its name.

Since they moved in together in December, the Gen Z group...

- I've seen their TikToks! I recognize some

of those little faces. I mean, you can't avoid 'em

if you go on the site, on the app.

- (reporter) ...has over 150 million followers.

And the videos on their... - Wow.

- (reporter) TikTok account have been viewed

nearly 100 million times. - Wow. Look at them go.

- (reporter) TikTok stars with endorsement deals can earn

between $200 and $20,000 per video. - I'm gonna have to get

on TikTok, man! - (reporter) ...endorsement deals

can earn between $200 and $20,000 per video.

- Listen! I wanna be an influencer too! (laughs)

- (reporter) Some are high school students,

some in college, some just drop by to shoot videos.

- (Avani) I don't live here, 'cause I wouldn't do my homework

if I was here. - Good girl.

- (Thomas) We have a house of 20 people that post

three to four times a day. We're talking about over 150 videos

every single day from just our team. - I had no idea that this existed.

- It's cool to see that these kids are getting busy and they have

a little future already. - (interviewer) Raise your hand

if you're a teenager still. Right.

- These are my students. - (woman) We put our life

all on the internet, 'cause that's what everyone

wants to see. One little mistake,

and then everyone attacks you for that.

- These are the kids that couldn't get in the industry,

so they created the industry. - I'm on the fence.

I wanna be like, "Yo, you know, go to school

and get a 'real' job," but I mean, who--

obviously, don't take my advice! - I don't mind it.

I mean, they're out workin'. You've got people faulting

this generation for not getting out and working their butts off

to make money, and then they work

their butts off, and then they get chastised

for that as well? I think it's [bleep].

I think these kids-- it's like, do what you need to do, man.

- (FBE) So, as of filming this episode, it looks like

there are 16 members of the Hype House

based on who their official Instagram account is filming

with just a few of them

actually living in the house. - Right.

- (FBE) We don't have time to look over all

of the Hype House members,

so we're gonna quickly take a look at some TikToks

of their most followed members to show you more.

- Great. - (FBE) So, we're gonna start

with Charli D'Amelio, who has 35 million followers...

- What?! - (FBE) ...and over two billion

video likes on TikTok as of filming this episode.

- Wow. Talk about influence.

♪ (tranquil music) ♪

- I've seen her. I saw her--

it was in my Google feed. It was like I was-- my news feed.

- Well, she's a good dancer. I mean, that's some talent.

She got the moves.

- And a billion people are gonna do that same dance.

- All my middle schoolers are practicing these constantly!

We're supposed to be testing and they're doing the TikTok dance

in their desk! - (FBE) Charlie is a 15-year-old

TikTok influencer. - 15! (whistles)

- (FBE) And she is one of the biggest rising stars

on the app right now. Since becoming TikTok famous,

she has been in a Super Bowl commercial,

got to dance with J.Lo and was just on Jimmy Fallon.

- What? - She can't even drive herself

to any of those things, 'cause she's frickin' 15!

- That's amazing. I mean, I don't think

that happens to everybody, so I'm glad that she has

so many followers and she's doing something good out there.

- Girl, you know what? I ain't mad at you!

You better TikTok on! People are watching.

She's making her money. She's doing her thing.

She's making her mark how she's gonna make it.

I cannot poo-poo on that. I cannot down that!

- (FBE) Well, next up, we have Addison Rae,

who is a 19-year-old TikTok creator who currently

has over 22 million followers on TikTok.

- Son of a gun. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪

- (chuckles)

- Adorable.

- She got 20 million-- 20 million followers for that?

- No! NO! You guys, come on!

No, that's not true. That's not REAL!

- That last o-- that one wasn't even a good pout.

I don't have any lips, but... - I don't know if I would

really watch that. Maybe she's doing other types

of videos that I haven't watched, but just by looking at this,

I would be like, all right, you're a girl making faces. Next.

- (FBE) So, Addison is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana.

And she primarily posts lip sync and dance videos.

And she actually originally gained a lot of notoriety

when she made TikToks with her mom, who now has a following

of her own on the app. - Shut up.

- I'm not upset with them as people. They're capitalizing.

That's brilliant what they're doing. I hope they have someone smart

in their corner saying, "Yeah, you're doing

the right thing right now. Make that money."

♪ ("Stranger Things" theme) ♪ - "Living a normal life,"

"Selling your soul for fame." - (laughs)

- (chuckles)

- I'm so confused. And people wanna see more of this?

Bring me five shirts. Bring me five shirts!

I will get us TikTokkin'! - If you got one of those

attention spans that are just really short, it kind of holds you.

- (FBE) That is Chase Hudson, who is better known as lilhuddy

on TikTok. He currently has over 15 million followers on the app,

and he is known for his e-boy style and fashion.

And he's actually currently dating Charli,

who we showed you earlier. - Of course.

Tokkers gotta stay together. Does that--

they're not called Tokkers, are they? (laughs)

- They're young. They're beautiful.

You know, people are-- I mean, when you talk

about influencers and stuff, people wanna look like that.

And I still think the biggest thing in my house,

if you can make my kids laugh, they'll follow you,

like if they enjoy what you're doing and they have some fun with it.

- I am personally not into this. I'm so confused about everybody

wanting to watch people do nothing. But it worked for the Real World.

It worked for the Big Brother. And they are capitalizing on it

with their own tools. - (FBE) After learning more

about the Hype House and these TikTok stars today,

were you aware of the platform and how massive it's become

that people are able to rent out mansions and make a living off it now?

- Oh my gosh.

I'm sure abstractly I knew and realized that it was huge.

I underestimated. - I knew that it was very popular.

I was not aware at how lucrative it could be to rent a house like that.

- It never surprises me how much money there is to be made

on social media. We did so many fun things

when I was younger to our friends and everything

that if we had this stuff, we would be doing

all this cool [bleep] and getting money for it.

- (FBE) So, with many of these houses, some of the creators find themselves

in trouble with their contracts, other members, or more.

So, as an example, as of filming this episode,

there's actually a legal battle between two of the members

of the Hype House over its trademark. - That is not surprising.

- (FBE) So, in your opinion, do you think that mixing business

and friendships with people like this, especially so young,

is a recipe for trouble? Or do you think that the pros

of them building something like this together

could outweigh the cons? - Well, I think the pros

can outweigh the cons, because a lot of times,

you know, this stuff happens as people get deep into their careers.

So, if it's just happening now and they can stop it at this moment,

then it'll help them moving forward when it comes to building

those business personal relationships with people.

- This is adult stuff coming in at you when you're 15 years old,

and it might-- you don't know about that.

And I don't know if the parents are involved or not involved,

but that's heavy duty. - Friendships aren't even stable

at that age. How are you gonna be business partners?

Especially if you start having multiple people in there,

then they're-- not only business partners,

then you start having relationships. Then that blows up,

and then what happens there? I mean, it is a ticking time bomb.

- From that age, from 18 to 22, you're still learning

how to be an adult. Do you know how to do laundry?

Do you know how to balance a checkbook?

Do you know how to hold a job? Do you know how to

get along with people? So, even though to the naked eye

or to people, they're like, "Oh my gosh.

I knew that was gonna happen," you know, that you failed.

Learn. Get up. Learn it again. Figure out how to do it.

Figure out how to make it better! - (FBE) These kind of creator houses

are actually not too new. - Right.

- (FBE) A few years ago, the popular Team 10

and also Clout House as well as others were created

for groups of YouTubers to live in and make content together.

- Yeah. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

As a parent and a teacher, I'm like, "Do you have a backup plan?"

- (FBE) And right now, the Hype House actually isn't even

the only TikTok house. It's similar to others

like the Sway House or the new Fenty Beauty house...

- (chuckles) Fenty Beauty. - (FBE) ...Rihanna just

started herself with her beauty line

along the side of beauty-focused TikTokkers.

- Okay. That kind of makes more sense about how the money comes into it.

- (FBE) Oftentimes in these houses, the influencers and the creators

who are living there are still pretty young,

many coming straight out of high school

or even still in school. So finally, as a parent,

would you allow your kid to join a house like this?

- No. Teenagers are-- you're still developing as a person!

You don't know what you don't know and what you want and all that.

- Yeah. I think as a parent I would, first of all,

look to see what the other kids are uploading.

And if it's something that I know it's fair enough for kids,

you know, then I would definitely let them go and do what they gotta do.

- Well, it depends what kind of relationship

you have with your kid. They have that drive in 'em,

and you trust what you instilled in them,

then it should be all good. - I'd be really concerned,

because I'd be thinking, like, I want my kids to have a future,

and I want my kids to have an education.

Fame doesn't last very long, and then you see a lot

of famous people that end up broke. (chuckles)

- Yes. I'm not gonna lie. I'd be like, "Go play. Go play."

But you know what? I can watch it.

I see what they're doing. They're not doing anything

out of the norm, out of the ordinary.

They're dancing. If they're doing

not nicey-nicey stuff, I can pull 'em out.

Go have fun! Who cares!

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