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Hey, guys, it's me, it's Lacey Elizabeth, so you know what, let's talk about lashes today.

I've had a lot of requests asking me how do I apply my lashes? Lots of different ways because

I use a lot of different lashes. So this might be a series, if you will. OK, today I'm going to

use these Cala 3D faux mink lashes in Sassy and these were relatively cheap, like $3.99

from Winners. And if you're in the US, that's a TJ Max. Here, its Marshalls or Winners- you know,

same thing, but definitely, we're going to use these ones. Remember, don't forget to subscribe

to my channel click right there, and follow me on Instagram click right there and comment below.

So your lashes come with this protective covering on it, usually

that acts as a case because lashes are good to use, sometimes up to 30 times,

these ones will probably last me 10 uses. But I absolutely love the Cala brand. Like, I love,

love, love it. I reach for these all the time. So basically what I do is I take a lash tweezer,

which is like this one club. Do not use a regular sharp tweezer that you would use to like, say,

do an eyebrow or something like that. I'm going to take our lashes right here,

lash and I'm just pulling up. There's going to be a tiny bit of glue probably on either side

of the lash. So I'm just placing that lash in my tweezer just like that.

Honestly, you can go in with the black eyelash glue. If you feel confident, I'm going to suggest

going in with one that dries clear. So I want to show you with the clear one. But in the next

eyelash tutorial, I do because I said this will be probably a series. I do it a couple

of different ways. Before there's any glue on our lash, we're going to take our lash. Remember, the

the thinner side that's more shallow is definitely our inner lash and the thicker side is our outer

lash. Before we actually put any glue on our lash. Once we take our lash out of our package,

we are going to just hold it up against our eye and make sure that we don't need to trim because

sometimes lashes can be quite large. In this case, I can tell right there that the lash is going to

fit me perfectly. And I do use this brand all the time. So I do know that I do not need to trim.

If you need to trim, you're definitely not trimming from the shallow side, which is our

inner corner. Definitely always trim from this side. Today we are using the House of Lashes

Clear Lash Adhesive. This one goes on white and dry is clear and definitely I'd recommend

this. Unless you're super confident. Don't go with the black because if you mess that,

you're done. I mean, there's a way to remove it. But stick with the clear if you're learning.

So we're willing to apply a thin amount, but a good amount to our lash band.

Concentrating on the end, because definitely you might get a lifting on the end, it happens

to everyone. OK, guys, now that we have our glue on our lash band, we're just going to

let that dry down until it gets tacky. That usually takes about two to three minutes.

Once that gets tacky, I'm going to go in with a second coat of glue. So when it starts to get a

little bit on the invisible side, that's when, you know, it's like drawing down

and that's when it's going to be tacky. I wouldn't go in play with it. No, because you want it to be

super tacky to go on your lid. You'll notice when it starts to get clear and I'll show you guys.

OK, guys, so it's been about a minute and I thought I would just show you guys the ends

are starting to dry down. The center still has a good amount of glue on

it. So we're going to give it another 30 seconds and I'll probably go in and apply

a little bit more glue to the entire band concentrating on the ends.

I've now gone in and applied my second layer of glue to the band,

and we're concentrating on getting glue on those

corners. Now we're just going to wait about two minutes and then we will apply!

I'm just going to go in and apply my eyeliner, and today we're using the Pat McGrath.

OK, so obviously I've gone in with my mascara, so from my mascara today, I went in

with this Pat McGrath Labs mascara. This is Darkstar Mascara. OK, so how I apply my lashes,

you always need to be looking down into a mirror. I'm going to apply to the outer corner first.

And it should just kind of stick and then I'm going to take my tweezers.

And then you just kind of hold it there until you're happy with how it looks.

Now, I'm going to take my tweezers right here. I'm going to squeeze my lashes that still have

the mascara on it and the falsies together. That just makes it look a little seamless, and then

the inner corner. Just like that.

And that's how I apply my lashes and I'm going to go in to the other side and I'll be right back.

OK, guys- to finish the eye look, I'm going to go in

with my Pat McGrath liner in extreme black and Im going to line, my water line.

OK, guys, that is the look, I hope you love it, let me know in the comments down below. Remember,

guys live love and lipgloss! until next time. Bye, guys.

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