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For this episode I grab a couple of friends for a day ride up north to Prescott.

Join myself, Tina on her Moto Guzzi, and Phil on his Husqvarna as we get out of the Central Arizona summer heat.

To give you an overview of the route, we started in North Phoenix, we took the 101 west to

I17 north to connect with Highway 74.

We rode west on Carefree Highway to Wickenburg.

From there we took the turn off to Yarnell Hill and continued on Highway 89 to Prescott.

Hey girl hey!

We met up at QT just off the North 101 loop to air up and gas up.

From there we made our move west on the 101.

It felt great to be group riding again.

The dynamics are different than solo riding,

but there is something really cool about riding in a pack.

Right now, while I'm leading, my responsibility in a lot of ways is to have fun but also help

everyone have a safe ride.

Once we left Wickenburg and headed up Yarnell Hill, the wind at times was brutal.

Cross winds can really affect your cornering experience and this was my first time dealing

with winds in mountain curves.

There were times where I would be leaned into the turn and I would feel a gust that made

it feel like that forced the bike into a further lean which gets to be really, really scary.

Welcome to Prescott!

Prescott makes for a great day trip.

Yarnell Hill and Highway 89 offer plenty of mountain twisties for those who love the challenge.

The town itself is a fun little place to explore thanks to its old timey vibes and an active

town square.

This is absolutely a motorcycle friendly destination.

After a tasty lunch in Prescott, we called it mission accomplished and decided to take the fast

way back into Phoenix.

Highway 69 to I17 then south for the trek home with a quick break at Sunset Point.

What a great ride with a group of friends through the gorgeous Arizona landscape.

Some of our savvier viewers may have noticed shots of us ascending and descending Yarnell Hill.

That's because we flipped around at the top and rode down just so we could ride back up again.

No shame in that game when you've got a fun stretch of road.

Drop us a comment and let us know.

What are your favorite Arizona roads to ride and what is your favorite thing about group riding?

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