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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EVERY GRANDPARENT EVER

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I'm so glad my grandkids. Good. Come over. Please enjoy some nice. Candy while I fix us some tea

I Am not eating those, oh we have to if we don't get grandma's candy she will literally die faster

Okay, I don't have any sweetener, but I just what are you doing eating my collection of precious glass beads?! What?

That's the candy!

Are you stupid?

Every Grandparent Ever

When the vendor comes back, I just take out my hearing aid and act like I got Alzheimer's. I just say who are you

and oh that's

Nice to everything, so I don't gotta deal with a stupid problems, oh

That's nice

That hurts

Yep, smells like old people

Make sure to get these cookies while they're fresh kids, thanks grandma!

Thanks grandma!

I'd like a cookie mom. Oh these cookies are for my sweet baby grandkids

But if you want cookies you could have become a homebaker like your mother instead of the disappointment of a lawyer with a bald husband

Yes mom. who wants milk?

Hey, you want some Werther's Originals there you go grandpa now you have a facebook Oh Thank You Abigail no problem,

Oh Ronnie died,

Oh Sheila died

Oh-hhh Cc-carla's husband died oh

That's so sad Carla must be so lonely

Abigail what are are dm's and how do I slide into them?

My body is literally decaying while I live.

So where do you want to eat grandma? I can look something up. Oh, no. No you relax. Oh, I'll check something on Yelp, okay

Oh! Okay looks like we're going to Cracker Barrel. uhh, is there anything else in there

Okay, let's check cause you're picky oh

Nothing looks like we're going to Cracker Barrel

Come on. Come on. I only eat Cracker Barrell or sushi what let's get sushi. Oh, we're going to Cracker Barrel

I think I have jaundice

Well I guess it was his time

Yeah, he was ready to go. I think we were ready for him to go I mean

He was really mean yeah, I couldn't handle changing another diaper. Oh

What's going on?

Shh go back to death. Dad, You don't have to hang on any longer. It's okay close your eyes

I was just taking a n... Grandpa. You don't have to fear death any longer


Its your time. It's definitely your time.

No really it's f... Just Die please!


call your grandparents! They miss you.

Thank you for spending my last few final months with me

Grandpa, I Wouldn't of missed it for the world

You know it baffles me that you didn't want me to leave you with any of my money

Because I was going to give you all of it. wait

What? but you assured me that after 10 years of not seeing

Me and then before that the only contact being late-night phone calls in which he would ask for money then never pay me back

all, you wanted to do was just spend time with me and not my money

Right I was contemplating leaving you all of it in fact

I feel you deserve it after all you've been wiping my ass and rubbing my oosing bed sores with ointments

But again you assured me that you wanted none of my material possessions

So I guess I'll just give it to charity, but don't worry

I was still thinking maybe I would leave you with my estate

Really, what no time to die?

Grandpa grandpa, NOOO Give me your Home!!!

Every Grandparent Ever

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