Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Перу. Шаманим Национальное блюдо Севиче!

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Ok. We're in Cusco. This is the central square in Cusco.

Plaza De Armas - it's called

The most recognized square in this mountainous city

There is a new restaurant opened on Plaza - Ayasqa!

What we are about to do is...

Nastya will learn how to cook national Peruvian dish - Ceviche!

Also, a shaman will make a small ceremony for us, dedicated to the food.

Nastya will be tought to prepare Ceviche! :) By real Peruvians!

Lets go and have a look!

This is the Shamans corner. He's is going to do his Shaman thing with the food...

Make it helathy... purify it from evil energy

This food should be very special!

Chef Roman, is at your service!

R: How do i look? N: Handsome!

R: Handsome?

We begin the ceremony...

Shaman-Chef: Ok! you are ready for cooking!

R: This was wonderful. I have goosebumps on my skin.

N: Yeah! What a smell!

R: Allright! Chef mama, are you ready?

R: What are we cooking now?

Shaman: Chicha, was the most important drink for the Incan Empire.

In the Incan culture, Chicha was used in different ceremonies

One of the ceremonies is the offering to the Mother Earth.

It is very important!

Chicha is always present! For Incas, it is like whisky! the best drink!

It is very natural, very healthy, very delicious, and easy to prepare!

Allright! Chicha de Jora!

For Chicha, we use this specific corn. We will soak in in the water for 24 hours.

And we shall wait until it turns into this one!

After, we will boil it. Smell it! It smells almost like the Chicha!

For example, if i build a house. I will offer to the Mother Earth - Chicha

It is very sacred for us. Sacred for the Incanato people!

and after that, you have here the finished liquid. The liquid that we recieved after the fermentation process...

boiling... and patient waiting..

and then we have this....



Beautiful, please you also try!

N: mmm it smells very good

Ok! Now it is time to start our cooking class!

R: The most imporant thing - Ceviche! The national dish of Peru!

Shaman: It is very important to have very fresh fish!

We have fresh fish from the Andes

Lemon, Garlic, Ginger, celery, parsley, chilly, onion,

pepper, corn, sweet patato, salt, and, uhhh, salat leaf!

These are all the ingredients we need for the Ceviche!

This cooking class is very different. Because we are cooking with magic and love!

When your mother cooked and you went to eat, you though "mmmm very delicious!"

When i cook i put all my intention, and love, happiness, and open heart!

This is the magic ingredient for the food to be very delicious!

Ok! Now! The first ingredient is the fish!

Put your hand inside the pocket

You have there one special ingredient

N: no :( Shaman: Yes, you have!

Chef: You have!

Yes, you have! Here!


R: Love! Put some love there!

With Love and good intention! REMEMBER!

Take this beauty to the table!

The best time to taste!

N: This is so delicious!

R: Ye?

N: This is sooo delicious!!!

R: Is this the best Ceviche you have ever tried?

N: Yes!

R: This is the best Ceviche we ever tried!

N: This is fantastic!

R: There is too much love in this dish!

Chef, accept my huge gratitude!

R: Cool! This is too tasty!

N: The sweet potato is wonderful!

N: This is Grandiose

R: As a huge fish fan, especially raw fish can say that...

this is insanely delicious!

If one day you will be in Cusco, then 100% go to the Ayasqa restaurant!

Incredible Ceviche! Incredible! You will also learn how to prepare it!!

I'm ready to lick this plate...

N: This was so delicious...

Welcome! Welcome friend! Peruvians!

We are now the citizens of one country!

Yes! We are family!

We are very happy! Because you are going to live your lives here!

Shaman: Good for you brother! You just had the best Ceviche in your life!

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