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It's been a hard day


Why does this happen to me every time? Welcome back to my channel. It's Candice, and I am

Currently about to go into a West Side

Caregivers. Umm, so, a lot of you actually in a lot of different videos have been asking for me to try

CBD. The hard part for me was

You know doing it the right way without coming off as like someone who's encouraging people to

try medicinal marijuana or they're

Not I'm telling people they need to be smoking or anything like that. I've always wanted to try CBD

I hear so many great things about it. I will emphasize the fact that I am in, California. I am over 21

So this is all completely legal. I think that this will be a very fun experiment and

definitely a learning experiment just for me, and you guys. Always always research where you're going I

Know that the owner and the manager has been studying this stuff for so long

Let's go

My name is Jesse. We are at Westside caregivers. You're a creatio property inclined collective in Van Nuys, California

THC is the

Cannabinoid in the cannabis that gets you high while CBD is not psychoactive.

There's many different extraction methods and when you're looking to extract CBD particularly

You want obviously a high

CBD strain, so there's ACDC, Harlequin, special stains that they grow specifically for high CBD compared to THC. So

Ratios are really important. They're discovering that that's the, uh. that that's really where a lot of

the specific medicinal benefits as far as curing certain ailments or clearing certain diseases or

For the actual effects you're looking to you can get with the ratio, but the thing is everyone's different

it really has to do with the desired effects in the person themselves so for instance 20:1 is kind of the

Bare, like the line for non psychoactive or psychoactive

That's 20 milligrams of CBD to 1 milligram of THC the more you go towards one to one so if it's in 18:1

14:1, 10:1,

yeah, the product is becoming more psychoactive. Cannabidiol which is CBD and THC

they're actually catalysis for each other so

you can get a lot of benefits from THC with a little CBD rather than having none or

vice versa if you have CBD by itself it actually won't be as beneficial as if you

introduced a little THC to it. So for instance if you were dealing with anxiety and depression

20:1 is gonna be a great ratio because you're not going to be getting high from the THC

but you are gonna be getting the benefits of the cannabinoid with the catalyst effect of the THC,

but all we want to do is help people when you're using cannabis

cannabis is something that you can use daily. You can use safely. It's healthy and

It's a very safe way to either deal with an ailment or help you get through that ailment.

My phone is always on and I'm never not working. I get calls at 2:00 in the morning someone's about to medicate

Maybe it's their first time. Maybe they're not sure if they're taking the right amount and what they should be

taking doesn't matter we're always available to our patients so that sets us a step above

definitely and we have the best staff in the world, fun, friendly shop. Woo! And now getting into what

you are giving me. All of these products will not get you high

but they do have incredible medicinal benefits as far as medicating with it for a number of ailments

But I kind of put together a little

anti-depression kit whose IDs in here

This is Care By Designs 18:1 ratio

And we were talking about ratios this just stepped over the line from 20:1 to 18:1

So there's a little bit more THC in there to help with the catalyst effect

but these are incredibly beneficial and these are just like any other pill you take. Simply take them swallow them and with

thirty minutes to an hour you start to feel the effects dolls

20:1 tincture take one dropper under the tongue sublingually

Maybe throughout the day around lunchtime take another one and again at night. EMU is a medium

that's used to get CBD into the skin

to get through all those layers your skin requires a better medium to actually carry the CBD through

to whatever that pain may be. Let's move on to vaping now the two best

obviously any different way you would take cannabis of the longest absorption rate

it's going to be topical, the fastest is going to be to actually to smoke CBD because it goes right into your capillary. Royal Reserve is

this is their custom battery and their vape pen it actually you have different levels so you can have

medium, low, and hot temperature now. Let's move on to CBD

concentrates. This here is a pure CBD isolate

This is a great great way to get high doses of CBD into the body. This here is Sensi-chew

Sensi-chew has given more people quality of sleep than I can even explain or take a

Sixteenth of this which I'm going to dose for you

you're gonna have the best night's sleep in life, and here is your kit again this comes in the weekend box. We're here all day baby.

Very excited you came through Candice. Yay! I'm excited. Yeah. Yes, I'm nervous. Yeah. We'll get you dosed out right, you're gonna love it.

So I'm lounging here about to get ready for bed

I am contemplating taking the spray right now, but even in the directions. It was like

Take only 15 minutes before bed, so I like really think that this is gonna help me go to sleep.

It's very hard for me to

Shut down at night and not

Turn off that part of my brain that just keeps worrying

I don't know why I'm nervous. So this is a mix of CBD and melatonin

Hold it

Oh it says to shake the bottle I didn't shake the bottle. It's it's weird.

So I just took that CBD oil right, well,

I turn on Netflix, and there's new episodes of the Great British baking show and now I can't watch it

Cuz I'm probably gonna be asleep. I fell asleep very quickly

I did not think that would happen. It was nice because it wasn't like you know if you've ever taken

Ambien or something like that you have this weird feeling these weird anxieties

And this was kind of just like okay, I'm tired

Today is vapenatche

Shout out to

h3h3 and also I'm gonna try a

topical patch

I am relatively sore from all the workouts. I've been doing.

Humblebrag. You put this on it is a 4:1


Topical patch and it's 96 hours

Today has just

not been a great day.

It's so frustrating, but it is it is true that it's hard to talk to people about this, and I think that's

why I wanted to share this part of the video. Nobody's perfect and that

everybody has their own struggles, but part of the disappointment

comes with guilt of

the fact that there is literally nothing wrong.

There are good days and bad days and sometimes you've just gotta be upset for a little bit.

Well today, I'm going to be trying CBD through a gummy version and

this little thing has four servings in it. You'll see me struggling a lot with these packaging because they make sure

that they are child safe and a lot of the times they're also Candace-safe. And here we go.

Does not taste as bad as the other ones.

Tastes pretty good. I just got done with my workout and took a shower and I'm gonna try the tranquila-tea

tonight to see how it tastes. It's chamomile and lemon myrtle with


It smells pretty good smells like

regular tea.

It's not like whoa man it's weed.

This is what it looks like it's just a little satchel with all the herbs and spices in it.

It tastes like tea. It doesn't have any

weedy taste to it. A little sweet, but I like it. I

fell asleep pretty well. It did take I didn't really feel sleepy for at least 30 minutes. I fell asleep. It was perfectly fine.

And I had some crazy-ass dreams, though.

So I don't know if that was from that or if I'm just a really weird person. This is just a quick update.

I've noticed a huge difference in my focus at work and my ability to get things done, and you don't feel anything.

It's not like you know that you're taking something. It's just kind of

helping you get your thoughts under control.

Who knew? I'm about to head out and I

have this extract so today is extract day

just use 1 -1.5 drops of this.

It's under my tongue. I don't know what to do now, I just let it. It doesn't taste like anything -- that's nice.

I guess I go about my day now.

Alright, hello everyone

it's the end of the week and I

think that

It actually helped. I think that this is a great alternative

for if you're just feeling a little bit of anxiety.

It's kind of I know that this sounds weird, but if you've ever taken a Xanax

and they kind of just shut off that anxious part of your brain, that's basically what

CBD was doing for me. I could feel the biggest difference with the


dropper and then with the nighttime things. I got some of the best nights of sleep

with the nighttime stuff. I think it gave me a new appreciation

or perspective of


Cannabis industry. There's no absolutely, I did not feel high I did not feel out of it at all and

you know when you take some sort of anti-anxiety pill

medication you have this

come down, which is really bad, and you feel foggy, and you feel out of it

and there was absolutely none of that. You know I think that I would continue to

use some of these products, obviously not every day. You really need to look up your dispensary or

whoever you're talking to and know that they're gonna give you something that really is gonna

help you, and then they're not just there to -- I hope this helped you guys.

Let me know if you guys have tried CBD before. A lot of you guys were asking about it

So I really hope that this helped. Just know that I am here with you, and this is a constant ongoing

battle and that you are not alone. If you like this video

please like, if you want to subscribe go ahead and do that. Let me know if you want me to try any other products

umm and I

guess we'll see you next time. Okay


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