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for quite some time now comic books have dominated movies but network television

simply couldn't compete they tried but it was pretty lame

there were a few glimmers to be fair but again they just couldn't compete with

the budgets of major motion pictures but then along comes streaming services

particularly with netflix leading the charge with a

seemingly bottomless pit of money and they have

what what it takes to bring comic books to life

on the small screen for what actually end up being

eight to ten hour movies and right now it's a great time

to be a comic book fan in the television space

i don't know how many people are actually watching these shows and i am

curious why do you think people love comic book

movies so much but it's been harder to get them to

watch the comic book television shows because harlequin and doom patrol

maybe it's the paywall situation umbrella academy has been quite popular

i think it's maybe the most popular actually come to think of it if the

comic book television shows of late uh but of course the boys is right

behind it with its season two uh debuting um about a month after the

umbrella academy season two uh and so far when it comes to season

twos we're three for three and i think the

boys will probably deliver as well but nine out of the ten episodes of

umbrella academy season two are perfect like a dream you hope will

never end i said that actually about the incredibles 2

speaking of twos uh i was like when i was watching and i knew it couldn't last

forever and i was like i don't want it to end

and i felt the same way watching the umbrella academy but of course it's a

much longer piece of entertainment so it's got that going for it but yeah

i'd say maybe around episode i don't know

six or seven i was like yeah i'm getting up there this show's almost over but i

wish it would never end it's so good so much story so

much story all the main characters get rich story lines and there is

tons of action uh from visual effects of you know using their powers to just

you know regular action with you know uh cool

choreography and thrilling chases i got a lot of

flippy kicks this season which i appreciated

but i have to say in episode 10 i was a little disappointed

that the show to me jumps the shark a bit which of course we'll discuss in the

spoiler review and speaking of spoilers in season two

there are so many twists like wow i can see why

netflix hasn't shown very much as of my filming

this review there's only been one trailer which was

not very revealing but as season two as soon as it started

as soon as it began and began to unfold i was like oh

there are a lot of surprises here don't worry this is a spoiler-free

review and i would be careful out there on social media because discovering the

twists in story are a real treat especially

with how many of them there are and how fast they come and build

up upon each other so i was having such a good time with that

i don't want to ruin that experience for you and thankfully despite faltering in

episode 10 it really faltered in my opinion i was

like i do not like this at all but the show does manage i feel to

recover at the very last minute with a strong tease for season three

very strong i was like okay i forgive you umbrella

academy i'm back in i i will say that umbrella

academy is becoming quite x-men i mean that comparison could

be easily made for the first season but oh it's on especially with the 1963

setting which of course is when the x-men

you know around that time period debuted in the comics and there's an opening

sequence i couldn't believe this opening sequence

which feels not just ripped from the x-men comics but also has movie level

vfx when i watched it i was like oh my god is the whole season gonna be like

this it's not but i don't care i liked what i

got the vfx do take a bit of a break until

the final few episodes where they come back up but never to the degree of the

opening that was a very it's a very strong

opening i can't wait for you to see it even if you don't watch umbrella academy

you should watch the first 10-15 minutes of season two

and then i bet you keep watching but anyway the story again is so rich

the character is so entertaining the acting so good

you don't even notice that there's not as much vfx

you're so emotionally invested umbrella academy also continues to be a good

mystery several mysteries in fact as i said

there are a lot of twists and reveals that build on each other

and so that also keeps things interesting you're like how much more

can you jam pack into this thing and they're like oh just you wait and i'm

like you know that old um audio commercial

where the guy's just being blown away by the screen that's how i felt watching

this season and the back to the future time

travel aspects are also a treat visiting a recent past where you

know what happens in the future you know sometimes

you know it's something so far away that it's not going to impact the people of

the past that you're visiting here you're like

oh you know you're probably going to live to see it which will i think play

into season three which is interesting and then also you run into younger

versions of people that you knew in the present

all of that's a real treat very back to the future but it doesn't seem like a

ripoff it seems here like its own thing i liked

that quite a bit they did more with it than i ever

imagined they would and this time no characters get

shortened on screen time or development and i know that will make some of you

very happy one of you in particular tweeted me and

said what about alice and grace i love allison so much she had nothing to do

the first season is she taken care of this season and i'm

happy to report that she is because yes i agree in season one

emmy raver lampman's allison and david castaneda's

diego weren't given much to do and that really

has changed here they are given very compelling storylines diego in

particular really steps up this season to go from

being my least favorite character in season one

to now actually one of my favorites i know i can't believe it myself

it was great vanya continues to benefit from having the absolute coolest

power set it's not only very powerful but it looks cool as i

i'm a big fan of telekinesis as you know her power actually isn't telekinesis but

it's close enough so i'm like that's the power set i would want it's fantastic

and to put all that power in a sharp tiny package like ellen page

is very intriguing and continues to be she's even more el she's

this is the most alan pagey she's ever been and on that note

i do think that season two blurs the line

between vanya the character and ellen page the actress you'll see what i'm

talking about to the point that it sometimes took me

out of the show while i was watching and i was like

is that vanya or ellen page and they're like it's both

but i have to say that her storyline was so well done so moving so well acted

that i i'm cool with it anyway even though again i think she's kind of more

playing ellen page with vanya's powers and they lost the whole you know violin

thing and the in the white outfit that she wore a lot

of stuff from season one with vania is is gone so i guess that also contributed

there's kind of a reason for it as you'll see

but that kind of contributed to my feeling of disjointedness for the

character from season one to season two still loved her though that power set

you can't top it tom tom hoppers uh luther actually i

think has the least to do this season but i think his character might have hit

a wall in terms of development i'm not sure where else to take him it's going

to be a real struggle for the writers uh and i think

he's in danger of being defined only by his pining for alison which i

think is a cool part of his story but that can't be all that he's about

they've also kind of made a running joke about how dummy is and i don't think he

was that dumb in season one so i don't know why

that's continuing by the way british hopper's american accent

is at times exactly like henry cavill who's also british

his american accent i'm like did you have the same american accent teacher

it's crazy like it's tom hopper at some point seems very much like he's

doing a henry cavill impression and then of course the two biggest stars of the

show continue to be aiding gallagher's five

and robert sheehan's class every single moment that they're on screen is an

absolute delight i could not get enough of them

and i am given so we're given so much of them this season and i'm still like

i want more they're just they're just absolutely amazing characters who are so

well written and just so perfectly performed i adore

them both and i was very happy this season justin

h min's ben well we'll talk about him in the spoiler

review and while i can't reveal the characters that they're playing very

closely guarded secrets that so far have been closely guarded successfully

so i'm not going to ruin it but i will say that the three new additions to the

season are superb uh you know usually you're

like get out of here you're taking up screen time from this very large cast

already but instead i was like i love all you

guys uh yousef gatewood wow marin ireland

so happy to see her again i'm a big worker for a fan on sneaky pete even

though i stopped watching sneaky pete it got annoying

the last time i watched it was some had an annoying

plot development but i liked maron ireland in the first two seasons that i

saw and ritu arya arya in particular

is a huge find i like her character and her work on this show is an actress

almost as much as i like five and klaus and you know

what a huge statement that is she's phenomenal and to have an

actress of indian descent i believe she's british indian

but to have her in a role of this size and caliber

is a very big deal and she knocks it out of the park

i'm a huge reader arya fan after just watching this show i'm like

she's something special again at the level of gallagher and sheehan

very very talented also since he was in the trailer i can comment on the fact

that colm fiore sir reginald hargreaves is back as well

and becomes a much more complex and interesting character he was kind of

cardboard cutouty in season one uh as for the big villain of season two

ah that would be telling i can't give it away it's

i love it though very interesting we'll discuss it in depth in the spoiler

review uh the swedes who are also kind of like a henchman

this season uh they're in the trailer so we can talk about them just a little bit

i just want to say they're a visual treat and by the way i don't think at

all swedish or at all related but you know

what the absurdity of them and how well they were done

really made them seem very cohen brothersy which i thought was great i

liked them actually quite a bit the umbrella academy plays like a 10

hour movie really a 10 hour movie it's not at all

episodic i feel like it's made to be watched straight through and i tried

i couldn't you know i i started it in the early evening so i watched six hours

i stayed up very late eventually i was

like i need to sleep i need to stretch my legs but i watch i went as far as i

could i watched six hours six episodes i was in umbrella academy comic book

heaven and then i watch the final four episodes also in a single day but if you

start early enough you won't be able to stop

you'll go straight through it and i think you're in for a really wonderful

ride although i am curious how you will feel

about episode 10 and if you agree it jumps the shark just a little bit so

that's my review of my spoiler free review of the umbrella academy

season two stay tuned when the show drops on july 31st

for not just my spoiler review but my predictions for season three we have a

lot to talk about in both counts i can't wait i can't wait

i can't wait for you to see this alright so share your thoughts down

below subscribe today and of course as always you can check out some more

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