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Hey guys, Paul Argueta.

Today, we are going to cover the top three things that you need to do in 2021

to be a successful real estate agent.

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Alright, so let's get into it.

A lot of us areexcited about 2021.

We have new goals and new things that we want to achieve.

I'm going togive you three things that you need to doin order to be a successful real estate agent.

The very first thing that you need to do is to Build Your Online Presence.

Now, if you already have an online presence, then all youwant to do is continue to build upon that.

All you want to do is continue to improve that online presence.

And I'm not going to do afull-blown training on how to build your online presence right now.

But I'm going to give yousome quick tips on what you should be doing.

So, you need to have as many social profiles aspossible.

So we're talking about Google My Business.

We're talking about Facebook Business.

We'retalking about Yelp.

We're talking about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn business.

We're talking about Twitter.

We're talking about all these platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

Now, a lot ofyou are already saying, Well, you know what Paul,

It's really difficult creating and maintaining these social media profiles, and updating them.

And creating content, and adding photos, and doing all of that stuff. And yes you're right.

It's challenging. It's difficult. Which is why the Social Media Manager position has risen.

And people are creating social media management companies, and they're doing this stuff for you.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you necessarily goout and hire one.

Although for those of you that do have a budget,

There are many companies including Fortune 500 companies,

that do have official positions and titles designated strictly to just social media management.

I'm not suggesting that you go out there anddo that right now.

I am telling you that at somepoint though, you are going to have to learn how todelegate these activities.

Because it is very very time consuming.

I mean, you don't realize how manytakes it to just to get this clip and just toget this video started.

It takes time, and it takeseffort, but it is required, right?

You're going toneed to do these things in order to connectwith the consumer,

in order to connect with your audience, in order to build your brand.

So myrecommendation is, you can use your child. You canpay them.

You can find someone in high school. Youcan find someone in college. You can find interns.

Make sure that you research all of the legalitieswith relationship to interns,

and howthey can be they can work for you without beingcompensated.

Make sure that you research thatinherently, okay?

But at the end of the day, learn how to delegate these tasks.

Now I knowthat initially, you're going to want to do these things. You're going to want to learn how to do these things.

So that way you can eventually, teach and teach other people how to do it.

But ultimately understand that you're going to have to have social media profiles, all right?

And you're going to learn how to delegate that stuffas well.

As these profiles continue to grow, and as more content is created.

In addition to socialmedia profiles,

the other thing that you're goingto want to do is, you're going to want to continueblogging.

You're going to want to continue makingvideos.

You're going to want to continue creatingcontent for all of the pages that you manage, okay?

It's very, very important that you are a contentcreation.

You have to become a content creator. All right?

Now I know that may not be necessarily what you want to hear.

And some of you are saying. Well, wait a minute. My job is to go out there andsell houses.

My job is to go out there and connectwith people.

And you're absolutely right, and what you will discover

is that the best of the best are going out there, and they're creating content allof the time.

So what I've done, and I'm not sayingthat you have to do this.

Because the realityis all you really need is a mobile phone with a good camera.

But what I've done is, I invested ina GoPro backpack.

And the reason that I like thatGoPro backpack, I'm going to show you what it lookslike.

It looks like this.

The reason that I got this GoPro backpack is because on the shoulder strap

itactually has a place where I can clap uh clap.

Clip clap clamp my camera.

So you clamp the camera onthere. Put it on there. You put the camera on there.

Now, if I'm rubbing the microphone and hearing someweird sounds, forgive me.

And then I walk arounddoing what I'm normally going to do.

Now mindyou, I'm not going to do it while I'm wearing asuit.

But I would normally put this on and I'll just walk around.

A lot of the videos that Icapture with my family

is captured by me simplyjust having the camera around at all times.

Now, yes. You know you're gonna need to make sure that you don't violate any consent laws, right?

But if you're doing a home inspection, if you're going out there, and you're previewing a property.

You know GoPro also sells these suction cups that you can put on your windshield.

And you can video, and you can document what you'redoing.

Bottom line. Get good at documenting what thejourney looks like.

Get good at documenting whatyour day looks like, and that way you'll be able tocreate more content

that you can share on all ofthe channels and on all the social media profiles, right?

Including the YouTubes, the Instagrams, etc. So one of the best and easiest ways to create

your brand and to continue connecting with your audience is creating content on a daily basis.

AndI just showed you how to do that uh really easy,all right?

So that's the first thing.

The secondthing that you're going to want to get betterat is learning how to delegate.

Now, when you're abrand new agent, and you're just getting started inreal estate.

It's very easy to want to be able todo everything yourself.

But understand that as realestate practitioners, we make money when we connect a buyer and a seller together, and a contract isexecuted.

A contract is signed. A contract, excuse me.

A sale is made. That's when we make money.

So thereare going to be certain

activities, right?

That you may not necessarily have to participate in a100%.

Initially, when you're brand new, I want you to do it 100%.

I want you to be involvedin every part of the transaction. So that way, you know what it's like.

Because it is very, verydifficult to delegate something to someone else

without really fully understanding what it is that you're delegating, and how to solve problems

that come from delegating and allowing somebody else to complete that activity for you.

So, for you who are more seasoned. For you who are more veteran agents, you gotta get better at delegating.

We all have to get better at delegating.

There aresome tasks that are beneath your pay grade, and you don't necessarily have to do it all.

I've madethat mistake.

I've made the mistake of trying to shoulder the burden of handling it all.

These daysI've gotten much, much better at allowing people to go out there

and complete the tasks that I don't necessarily have to complete them all.

That's why we have transaction coordinators.

That's why there are people that are going out there and assisting us with, you know, getting the disclosure signed.

Or, scheduling the home inspection. Schedulingthe appraisals.

Make sure that you have a teamaround you of people that can help you do that.

Now, for those of you who are just getting startedyou're going to say,

Paul, well, you know what, Idon't have the income

to actually go out thereand hire a transaction coordinator right now.

Well,you know, speak to your brokers.

Speak to your teamleads.

Speak to your sales managers.

Somebody in thatoffice has a transaction manager that they canrefer over to you, that you can talk to.

You might be able to negotiate the rate down.

And a lot ofthese transaction coordinators are actually paid, based on the close of the transaction, right?

A lotof them.

So, the truth is there if the paymentcomes out of the sale.

So get good at delegating. All right?

There's other activities that you're not going to necessarily want to do all yourself.

We just talked about the social media. We just talked about building your online presence.

We talked alittle bit about that. That's stuff that can bedelegated.

Now, I will tell you that if you're goingto hire assistants, or you're going to hire people to work for you.

And you're going to hire them tohandle these tasks.

It's very important that theyare properly trained.

The biggest mistake that Isee most people make when they hire people on is,

that they bring them aboard, and they just expect that they're going to know everything already.

Everyone has different methods of operation, right?

You're going to have different systems in place.

And so you're going to have tolearn how to teach them these systems, in orderfor them to be effective.

Don't presume that onceyou hire somebody aboard, they're going to knowexactly what to do.

And they're going to do it theway you like it because you are sadly mistaken.

You're going to have to inspect what you expect,

and you're going to have to go in there, andyou're going to have to spend a little bit of time.

Yes, there is going to be down time while you teachthem how to do the things that you want them to do.

And how to do them the way you want them done, okay?

Very, very important.

Now one of the things thatI've done is, Ive gotten really good at filmingmyself.

Or screen, filming screen-shotting. Whateveryou want to call it.

Video screening.

Anyway, you get the idea as I do the tasks that I want them tocomplete.

So what I do is, I use an online video screen recorder of my screen. And as I'm completingthe tasks,

I'm videotaping myself explaining what it is that I'm doing.

I do this for a couple of reasons, number 1.

I do it so that way they can go back and reference the video.

And see what itis that I want them to do how I want them to do it.

But the second reason that I do it, is because that way if for some reason I have to let that person go.

If for some reason it doesn't work out therelationship between I, and that assistant isn'thappening.

Then what happens is, I have anothervideo in place, and it's much easier for me to teach the new person that is going to replacethem.

How to do what it is that I need them to do because I have that video, and I did it one time.Okay?

So my recommendation is, learn how to delegate.

Document and video what it is that you want themto do.

Film yourself doing it so that way you canhand off the process to them.

And then share thatvideo with them as well, okay?

Now a nice little trick too is, as you create these videos, hopefullyyou're able to monetize the training videos.

And that way you make money even when people arewatching the training videos on the work, that you want them to delegate.

Anyway, that'sa video for another topic. Okay, let's move on to number 3.

Tip number 3. You have to havemore than one lead generating source. Okay?

This isvery, very important.

Now initially, when you justget started, you're probably only going to have one

strategy for lead generation. Okay?

And for mostagents, and for most people who are just gettingstarted, unless you're part of a team,

and you'reacting as their buyer's agent.

For most of you, what they're going to teach you is, they're justgoing to teach you how to cold call. Or they'regoing to teach you how to call expires.

Or they'regoing to teach you how to call for sale by owners.And I'm not saying that that isn't effective.

I'm just going to say that, that is one way.

Accept the reality that you're going to have multiplestrategies for lead acquisition.

Accept it.Embrace it. Understand it. Adapt. Right?

Because these strategies are going to change on a regularbasis.

Every few years a new technology emerges, andit disrupts what it is that we're doing.

And thenyou have to learn how to do that.

Social mediawas notorious for that. When Zillow first came outthey were notorious for that.

The i-buyers cameout they became notorious for that.

All of thesedifferent strategies are going to require that you be malleable, and that you learn how to adaptto the market.

So, the best way to do that is toaccept and embrace the reality, that you will haveto have multiple lead generating systems. Right?

That means, yes cold calling is one of them.

Youknow you can't do any canvassing right now, butthat should be another one.

Now understand that cold calling and canvassing aren't necessarilya really scalable strategy, right?

And so,unless you have a call center, and some peopledo.

There are agents that do have call centersboth in the United States and outside of theUnited States.

Unless you have a call center, youknow it's going to be very difficult for you toscale that whole cold calling effort all right?

Andit's going to be, it's going to obligate you to bein front of the computer.

Or using auto dialers,or who knows what it is that you're going to do.

But we all start there. I built a real estatecareer for about 15 years strictly on thephone using auto dialers, okay?

So I know what it'slike but, that should be one, okay?

So advertising.You're gonna need to know how to do some typeof online advertising.

Facebook advertising.

Google pay-per-click advertising.


These are all the Email Marketing. SMS marketing. These are all different strategiesthat you're going to have to learn how to embrace.

Purchasing leads. Yes.

Purchasing leads isalso one of the things that you're going tohave to learn how to do.

There are a wide varietyof different companies out there that sell leads,right?

We all know about Zillow, but there are many many others that do provide good leads at a

far less expensive cost than what Zillow leadsare.

And again, I'm not bashing any one of these different sources because I've used them all.

Icontinue to use a lot of them.

I'm just saying thatthere are a variety of different lead generatingcompanies

that you can go to purchase yourleads.

And then lastly is Online Marketing.

Wetalked about building your online presence.

And learning Search Engine Optimization, orbringing aboard somebody that can handlethat for you, right?

Those are all the differenttypes of strategies, and then there's networking, and then there's sphere of influence, right?

Theseare all the different strategies that you need to be touching, or the different irons in thefire.

The different fishing poles in the water.

The different, come on, help me up. Give me some more analogies here that I could use, you get my point.

My point is you have to have more than one strategy in order to be successful in this business.

Just like the most successful peoplein any profession,

in any career will have multiple streams of incomes as well, okay?

So justbear that in mind.

So, those are the top three justto recap them, okay?

The top three things that youneed to do, or you need to learn in order to bea successful real estate agent in 2021.


Number one. Make sure that you build, and continueto build on your online presence.

Number two. Learnhow to delegate the activities, that you don't necessarily have to do all by yourself.

And learnhow to train the people properly that you arehiring, to complete these activities for you.

Andthen, number three. Make sure that you have multiple strategies for lead generation.

If you dothese things, and you master these things.

2021 is going to be your best year ever. All right?

So I appreciate you watching this video.

Questions,comments, concerns, please leave them down below.

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I'll see you guys. I'll talk to you soon.

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