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No, Yammy yammy I will try to save you I don't know how but I'll try just hang out okay?

Welcome back to the Sims 4 Raising YouTubers as pet series!

And as you can see our YouTube house is looking super glowy and beautiful before I started this episode

I cleared out all of the Christmas decorations

I know, I know that'll happened pretty quickly

But I wanted to make things look more... New Year's wintery

..Because this is gonna be the last episode of this year not ever just of

2017 the next one would be in

2018 and thus we had to make things look like New Year!

So I changed all the snowmen to blue put A TON of lights up

I repainted the outside of the house to be that glowy white color to make it even brighter

And I have some cool other decor items that I wanted to share with you and hang with you guys

Oh, and if you're wondering where everybody is. They're all over here. It's madness. It's chaos look at this. Oh my god

I think Yammy is sick again!

She's always the one that's sick! Alright

I'll let them run wild run wild


my creatures run wild and there they go alright

So there's actually two decor items that I'm gonna add to this house that were made special for me hitting a 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!

So the first was of course made by my buddy Stutter Guy who made YouTube Play Button Plaques

There's the 100,000 the 1,000,000 and the 10,000,000? 5,000,000?

I forgot how many subs you need for the diamond one, but yeah the 100,000 the 1,000,000 and being that this is my

Characters room I want to put the plaques in here. Let's take down this random photo..

Here's the 100,000... although in real life. It's way smaller than this but

That's okay, and then here is the new 1,000,000 plaque.... yeah that I don't have in real life yet

But might be around this size. They're pretty big so cool!

Thank you so much!!! <3

Stutter Guy for making these, and yeah now now my YouTube character has her own plaques on the wall!!

Which will help motivate her for what I'm gonna

Do today's video...

But first I need to do the other decor item that I was talking about so my buddy Oli who I

Modeled trash panda Oli after of course who ended up being the fan favorite for this season he in real life..

Made me uhh

Some custom content decor for me to hang wherever I want, uh, but it is horrifying

So it's this

This is the photo he gave me for me to use, and hang wherever I please

So I may make a little trash panda shrine room

JUST to put this photo in ooo, I should do it up here in this random space over here.. hold on real quick

**Shape of you music playing**

All right here is the Trash Panda shrine here's a trash

can.. Here's aaaa random panda light I found and and here's uhh here's Olli Trash Panda

Oli's Lord and Savior, yeah trash panda Olly come investigate come investigate your new room!

OHHHH how cute is this?!

I was wondering why Oli wasn't coming upstairs. This is so cute. They're all sleeping in my room in a circle

everybody's sleeping

except for Joey and Lizzie

Oh, oh Joey's trying to wake everybody up. What a jerk Joey. No don't be mean... no

It's so funny. He's like get up. I'm bored get up up

Oh you woke Calem up..! Yes go investigate your room. This is your room trash, man Olli you deserve it

Oh, no! He's sick. Wh-What's going on? Oh no the room made Oli sick!

Oh No!

The Oli's made him sick really what happened oh my god. He's falling apart

He's staring at the Ol- the Ollie's are evil

Uh No, what happened?

He's checking out the garbage can... and now he's making noise at the garbage can

Let's fix our dying animals, and Yammy's been sick longer. Let's do her first

Alright Yammy's all done. Ohhhh, there's a floating ball.. Uhhh

There's ball stuck to Yammy.There's a ball stuck to Yammy's leg.Yammy there's a ball stuck to you

I don't know how to get it off. Let's take care of Oli first.. What is thiss.??

Told you the game was gonna start messing up because I had too many animals on my plot now

Yammy's got a ball. It's.. definitely stuck to her. Now let's see what's wrong with you out of nowhere

Squirrel Scratch Fever what!? Oh? Oh God? Oh? He's so vicious! Just trying to help you

**Weird Raccoon Noises**

Oh God he's too. He's too crazy.We should soothe the pet. So-Soothe the pet..

So creepy okay now give treatment

Yeah, we fixed him! All right, so

This Oli room is ridiculous...

This is Ollie crash panda shrine room so my channel hitting a 1,000,000 subscribers and getting this cool

Uh YouTube plaques to use and I guess Oli's gift to me

That's upstairs that will give me nightmares between those two I was like hmmm

I think this episode and to end the new year. I'm gonna try and make my pets Simstagram famous

Cuz I don't know what happens if I just keep growing their following

I don't know if you get something special, but I'm just gonna keep watching them and when they do something interesting

I'm gonna take a photo. Oh Joey Joey's drink it out of toilet take a photo. Oh, yes. Where is he?

Oh come on

What I can't even get him in it

We missed it whew trash panda Oli and CupQuake are nuzzlin' I must Simstagram this

Oli got 25 Simstagram followers, maybe I should focus on one sim pet at a time try to grow their following

I think that's easiest it's uh

Simstagram Oli destroying my couch there we go

Yes, what a what a beloved animal ruining my property look at what it?

What a beautiful majestic creature destroying hundreds of dollars of furniture

Beautiful he got 16 followers who it looks like who this is artsy it looks like he's on glass

Let's take one like this then let's take one with a filter and a black and white so that's moody and artsy

This one this one smooths out your face makes you look beautiful. Yes, turn on flash yet. Yes or off flash

I don't know wait. Where's where's the new followers. Okay? He gave more followers cool


Good photo

He looks like he's plotting to kill me as I take this photo. It looks like he's gonna. He may just kill me

beautiful 18 followers

Yes, got another good picture simstagram you gonna be famous on the internet

I mean you're already famous on the internet, but even more 19 you're growing so slow watch

I guarantee if I take a picture of friggin Lizzie. She'll get so many more followers in one sitting watch. Oh look it

she's grooming herself how cute

Well, she got 24. I mean still a still more than Olli who these two keep getting super cozy

What's going on with you guys huh?

Are they're grooming each other?

Oh way now Lizzie and CupQuake are doing cupcakes just a little a

Little scandalous getting groomed by all different animals in the house, Joey. Did you get stuck outside? How'd you get out there? Oh no?

He's not stuck Oh

Catfight oh they fightin yes, Yammy's on the rumba make it go start cleaning routine


Okay, now Simstagram Yammy

Quickly why won't it? Give me the Option.Lauren Simstagram Yammy

This is a perfect Simstagram there. We go there. We go. Do it. Do it do it do it yes

Oh, oh, it's invisible

Wait a minute the Roomba is invisible Well this picture is not gonna be cool now

She gained 11 followers look what I did I broke the game. I broke it. Yammy is now levitating Oh God

Oh, no. Yammy Yammy, I'm scared for your life and your safety

Yammy. Hey oh god. Oh, no. Oh, oh oh no


No, Yammy Yammy Yammy I will try to save you I don't know how but I'll try just hang out okay, I

Broke her her

Okay, she's free she's okay. All right Oli. I want to see you go on this thing

I forgot I can make them do it now yeah

Oli you are so cool not real life Oli just just Sims trash panda Oli oh

He jumped off gloom. Can you go sit on it? Oh? Oh?

But she likes it. You know. I haven't really been to my vet clinic since we opened it

Maybe I should go check out how that's doing oh

I forgot Oli is the parent of CupQuake

That's why they keep nuzzling and such forgot all right animals fend for yourselves for a little bit

I need to open the vet office I have two and half stars oh

I can hire Bobby as another vet. Yes. You are fired

So I I mean you you were perfectly fine or whatever, but nope

Wow way to be mean about it, I'm sorry it's not your fault

I just I just wanted Bobby to be my Oh God there. Oh, it's not even gonna. Give me the option anymore wait

No, I need to hire you back. Wait no why wait

wait wait wait oh

Crap it won't give me the option of oh there is yes, Bobby. Thank goodness come here. I need your help

Oh, it's galaxy cat. I'm not sure what is going on with galaxy, but it's not good. Could you help uh? Yeah?

Well, maybe actually. I don't really know wait a second galaxy cat does not look like

Galaxy cat Oh cuz he's frozen. Oh, we gotta fix him Bobby get to work also Bobby. Why is your stomach so big?

What are you doing?

There we go CPK is hungry, I don't care

Treatment whatever that is yeah, he's back to normal look how pretty

It's me in cat form Oh God Lizzy Lizzy

What kind of sleep pose is that we must Simstagram her. Oh? Wow? Yammy she just hissed

at Bobby lets SImstagram Lizzy

I just got to try and be better at if my pets are doing something cute to Simstagram them. Oh my god Lauren

What kind of angle is this? What kind of angle is this Lauren okay? Here? We go here. We go. That's that's okay

Sure gained 24 yay. I'm not sure what's going on with Cupid, but it's not good. Do you think you could help sure Santa?

Yeah, I fixed Santa's reindeer do I get extra gifts?

I don't say I know Christmas is over and all, but I could use an extra gift Santa great service at great prices

Thanks, Santa leave us a good yelp review. Let's mark up our prices even more oh, I have so many perk points

Why am I not using these get another vet good sure?

Sure, oh no the girl with the most experience is the one I just fired she like hates me

Yeah, let's hire her back. She hates me so much

Oh, she hates me so bad. Oh

Oh my gosh Simstagram Yammy quickly

Perfect get it

Purfect. Oh my gosh, she gained 111 followers

I wish I could I can't see how many they have Bobby you are taking forever pay for training

Oh God who's attacking you? I don't know who that was CupQuake?

She's yelling at me oh, no she's yelling at Lizzie. Why are you yelling at Lizzie? I'm not happy about how long I had to wait Oh

I'll greet you OH Squee


Where'd my other vet go? did she leave my other vet is missing

Oh, no there. She is she's just really mad. Thanks for coming back to work for me of it surgery for you squee

Oh guys look it's stutter guys dog the dog version of stutter guy, Bobby you take good care of him

This is taking forever the machine may have eaten your dog ma'am

It's not supposed to take as long. Oh, I'm supposed to pick the surgery. I'm sorry ma'am. I'm sorry squee

That was on my bad there. We go. He's alive. See you all as well, and I'm just gonna close

We only still have two and a half stars. Oh no we got three stars now yay

It's not showing here, but

Yeah, I think we have three stars out. I don't know all right squad. Let's move out my first squad all right

I think that's where we're gonna end this episode of The Sims 4 raising youtubers as pets series

Let's have trash panda Oli come up here yay

This is where he belong this is your shrine room buddy it gives you nightmares

Who can we turn this on as a different color set to color this room? Red


Now it really looks like an evil Shrine Oh my god. All right, so yeah sadly

This is gonna be the last image you see of this series for

2017 I think next episode I might actually add another

Youtuber so leave me some suggestions in the comments of which youtuber you think that should be and what I should make them

I think I'm just gonna keep trying to fill my house with as many animals as possible and see what happens oh?

He's laying down in his little trash

Panda shrine boom how cute but as always guys if you made it this far to video make sure to leave a like before you

Go subscribe if you new to the channel I put out new videos every single day

I mean

This is not a very good image to leave on trying to get people to subscribe they're gonna be like oh my god

No, and as always I will "Z" you guys soon, and so well Olli how close can I get my god?


You're all welcome. He He He

Thanks. Thanks for this 1 million subscriber gift. Oli. I really appreciate it ok. Goodbye Sup My Olipops Oli Here

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