Practice English Speaking&Listening with: B형에게 이것만은 하지 말아라

Difficulty: 0

Do not starve them

Do not lie to them

Being too honest can be both a disadvantage and advantage to type Bs

Therefore type Bs hats getting fooled

Lying to type Bs is the same as giving them a knife asking them to stab it with you

Do not push them into corner

When type Bs, who can't hide their feelings, gets pushed to corners, they will be extremely calm that will even scare you

Watch out when type Bs are calm. This means that they are starting to think cool-headeadly/objectively. It is a scary word to describe but it means that have a murderous intent

When Bs get suddenly quiet, do not ask them why

Even though Bs are laughing, they can be extremely quiet with a straight face as if they are mad

However, this is because they are thinking about something. They are not mad

Bs turn sensitive when they are thinking because they don't normally think a lot

Do not start a conversation without a point

Type Bs are the one who can not handle with curiosity and patience

If someone is talking for a long time without point, type Bs will stop them

In more simple words, since the conversation is long and boring, they will think that these are an excuse and not trust them anymore

If Bs trust someone they will move. They will do everything that someone asks them. However, if they don't trust someone anymore that will consider you as an enemy

Don't be rude to their friends/people who are close to Bs

Type Bs considers friends and relatives as the most important creature to them

If you affect someone who they love or talk behind their out

Bs don't revenge a lot but when they do, they do it most precisely and cruelly out of all the blood types.

The Description of B형에게 이것만은 하지 말아라