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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Wanda Sykes Is a Big Big Big Big Big Deal

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- So, I-I love when you talk about your kids

because you love them. - Yeah.

- But you're honest that they're children,

and they--they're a lot of work.

They're-- - Yeah.

- And--and they're in first grade now.

- They're in first grade, but the good thing is, um--

they love school. You know?

And school is on, so they-- they love going to school.

But the thing is, um, I have to remember

that--you know--to keep a positive thing on school,

like school is the best thing ever.

You know, like, when they-- they wake up at--way too early,

like at--at six or something. They wake up

and the come running into the room, like,

"We're going to school!" And--and my mentality is

"Oh, Good Lord, I gotta get up,

get these damn kids to school."

But I can't do that. I gotta get up, like,

"Yeah! It's school!"

You know, co--to-- to get them to continue

their excitement for it... - Right.

'cause once they start, you know,

hating school, then it's over.

- They're gonna realize soon that it's, uh, it's not

"Yay." - Right.

- But, well, hopefully they will continue--

now are they going to school that--that they're still

learning French and English? - Yes.

They still are learning French and English.

- That's great. So they're still--

- For who? - Well, it's great for them

to have another language. - It is.

- You can't understand them. - There you go.

- Yeah. - Right, right.

- You're still having a hard time understanding them.

- Yeah, but you know, but now Olivia, you know,

'cause at first she was calling me, uh--

they were calling me Mommy-boo.

Right, which, yeah-- I know, I don't like it either.

But now Olivia has--has she on "Momboo."

Yeah. - That's cute.

- Is it cute or is it getting a little ebonical?



Eh, you know, it-- what--what's happening here?

You know? - Uh-huh.

- It--it, you know. I'm like, Momboo?

Like, what the hell? - Yeah.

- Where'd that come from? - Uh-huh.

You're so paranoid of your children.

- I am. - Yeah.

- I'm very paranoid. - The last time

you don't like them using the word "noir."

- Right, yup. - Everything is like--

- Yeah, so it's alway--yeah. It's--It's--

you--I know, I got issues. - Yeah.

- It's always so--

- Um-- - Here's a think Olivia did,

which, like, to show you how cruel she can be too--

the kids, right? So I get out the shower, right?

And, uh, and I'm drying off, and Olivia comes in,

and she does this.

She's patting Esther, you know?

This is Esther right here. - Oh, okay.

- This roll right here. So she's patting Esther,

she goes, "You have a big, big, big, big, big stomach."

Yeah, yeah. Not your--usually you go,

"You have a big, big stomach." She did it five.

You have a big, big, big, big, big stomach.

And then I guess she saw the tears welling up in my eyes,

'cause I was like--

And then she goes, "You're still pretty."


- Oh, my-- - You're still pretty though.

That's what she said. - Wow.

- You're still pretty though. Yeah.

She's gonna be an evil little girl.

- Yeah.

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