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Hi Guys, It's Laura Liberty here and today I'm going to show you how I make my samples

that I give away at events

So I've got here a cube of Pumpkin Roll, this is a nice seasonal scent

it's going to make some nice little testers

So these samples they're just small, I just actually do them on the end of a baby cotton bud

and when that wax melts down

I will just dip the cotton bud into it

usually I double dip and I put it into a little bag

and then on this little bag I'm then also going to put a sticker

Now these samples are a really good size

to give away at events because you're not using very much wax. I'm going to see today

how many samples I get out of this cube of wax

They're really nice size because you're not giving away lots of wax

They are for new customers who might not know,

or potential customers people who might not what Scentsy is, So they haven't got a

warmer themselves, so there's no point in giving them a big bit of wax

they haven't gone anywhere to warm it. It's just something so they've got the smell

and they've got your details.

So I'm just going to wait for the wax to melt

and then i'll show you exactly how I make them.

Ok, so the cube of

Pumpkin Roll

has now melted. So...

I take the cotton bud, and it's a baby cotton bud

I've snipped the end off it and that gives it just the right length to fit into

the little bags that I use

Then I dip it into the wax

give it a little dip and

shake off the excess

and then I pop it onto

the paper

just down here

to dry off.

Now, you can do it

where you just take a whole big load of

cotton buds and dip them all in

but it doesn't

work as well and it doesn't coat them as easy, as evenly

and you can work quite quickly doing them this way

It's a little bit hard just having one hand

but you just dip them into to do them

and I'm going to see

how many I can actually do with this one cube of wax today.

I think

I should be able to get about 80

but we'll see.

Okay so these are the

samples that I've done so far. This is 80

this is still on the same one cube of wax. 80 samples, they've been dipped once

and think you can see in there's still quite

a bit of wax left.

I'm not sure if it's quite enough to double dip them

I'm going to give it a try

Now I find with the wax

on these

if you just dip it once

it's not really very strong lasting.

Ok, so I've finished now and I've actually got a hundred

cotton buds with a little bit of wax on the end.

There is still

a bit of wax left in the warmer you can see it there

there's not that much

i'm just going to finish it up with,

just wipe it out with the

paper towel.

Ok, so I just wanted to show you what I do to them next, I have a plastic bag

a little ziplock

bag there, it's got the ziplock bit on it

I just put one inside

and the nice thing is that fit, just...I wonder if

I can pick one up

They just fit nicely inside the bag, So that's why

I just take the end off

oh I know if you cut the cotton bud in half you could probably get more in

but that's just the right size so the customer can get it out of the bag to have a sniff

and then I put a sticker

onto the bag. So this is one of my other scents that I've got. I usually keep these in my handbag

to give away to people. This is Skinny Dippin'

and on the front it just says...

it's got the independent consultant logo, it says Skinny Dippin', that it's a scent sample

and not to eat it. Can you see that there?

and then it's got my PWS,

my website address on it.

Um so that's it

that's how to get 100 Scentsy samples

out of 1 cube of wax

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