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"Five minutes to twelve"

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Good afternoon.

Today, we'll talk about early involving in sexual intercourse

and consequences that it carries.

Hey, where are we going tonight?

They're throwing a party in Vanilla.

Do you think that something will finally happen with Andrija?

I hope so, if he goes out tonight.

Just don't do something stupid.

Like sleeping with him? What is wrong with that?

It's not if you use contraception.

He'll have a condom.

You should bring one.

He'll have it.


This is very important subject, you'll need it someday.

Have you seen Andrija?

I haven't. -No.

Give me a drink.

Thanks, man.

Hey, I saw Dunja earlier. -Where, bro'?

She was in the booth.

You don't say?

What are you waiting for?

As soon as I finish this drink, I'll be on my way. OK?


Cheers! -Cheers!

-Do you have a condom?

No, I don't.

It doesn't matter.

Hey, how was it last night?


Wait, did you sleep together?


Did you use protection?

Who thinks about that?

Are you insane?


Do you know what the consequences of that can be?

You can get pregnant!

Come on, how many girls do that and what are the chances that I will get pregnant?

Ergo, Francis Bacon is one of the founders of Empirism.

His most famous quote is certainly: -Knowledge is power.

What's wrong, what's wrong with her?

Wh-what's wrong? Are you ok?

I'm two weeks late.

Are you pregnant?


Good afternoon. Can I come in?

Good afternoon. Of course, come in.


What seems to be the problem?

My period is late.

How long it's been late?

Well... about month and a half.

Here are Dunja's medical records.

Thank you, Iva.

When was your last period?

October 24th.

October 24th...

That's the sixth week according to the calendar.

When were you born, Dunja?

January 4th, 1996.

January 4th, 1996?

OK, we need to establish by exam why the menstrual cycle is late.

Are you ready for the exam?

Just relax and lay down.

Don't be afraid, there's nothing to be scared about.


Dunja, you're pregnant.

It's about...

Month and a half.

When can I have an abortion?

Well, I would not recommend you to think about that.

If you love that boy

and if you want to continue seeing him

there are other solutions.

Now it's the sixth week...

You won't be late and I would recommend you to come next week

for the exam and think about your decision.

Because it won't be late to terminate in the seventh week.

Yet again, I suggest that...

that isn't the solution, because you are young

that could later cause some serious complications...

Do you have a condom?

Yes, I have.

Life is not a movie.

Some thing you can't bring back.

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