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It's that time once again, I have asked you guys to send me your silliest stupidest most ridiculous redstone ideas on Twitter

And you have all responded in your thousands. There are some really good ones in this selection so today

We're going to take a look at 10 of them this first one comes from a chap called Revolting Pizza

Which is a completely impossible name because no pizza can be revolting

But they've asked me to make mumbo shaving his mustache now for those who don't know

me and Iskall had a little bit of a bet on the hermit craft server on who got the most shulker shells and

if I won then Iskall would shave his beard if he won, I would shave my mustache and unfortunately it has been removed and

Well, this is what it looks like in redstone form

That was a lot more dramatic than I was expecting and wow

Barefaced me looks just as child-like in block form as it does in skin form this next one comes from


And they have asked me to build a tnt cannon their shoes in all four directions in brackets, I've done it well

That's pretty cool. I've also done. It as well, and I have to say

This is probably one of my favorite redstone contraptions to use than i've built in quite some time. I mean there's something about it

That's just

Incredibly satisfying check this out when we hit this button right here

We will create some tnt in the center and then more TNT around the outsides

They'll all be launched upwards

And then the tnt explodes in the middle shooting out the other bits of tnt off

In all four directions, and I'll be totally honest. I could watch this all day long. I mean look at that!

That is absolutely spectacular and I wonder I

wonder if in the future I can make this more powerful this might be a concept that I

Revisit at some point in a future redstone video because as I say I mean I could make this my screen saver

If I could make this my screen saver I'll be happy to just leave my computer running

And we just sit here vegging out in front of it Pixelmutant has asked me to build a block that places blocks

Now this was quite a fun one as you can see right here here. We have the block up at the top and underneath

We've got a block if we take out this block

then you can see a new block is placed Bank down every single time you place a block a

new block appers

And once again. I mean. I don't know what I've managed to do in this episode of I build your silly redstone ideas

But this is another thing that I could do all day long

Maybe I've just got bit of a simple brain. I like doing things there just a mildly satisfying, and this is definitely

This is definitely mildly satisfying in fact

I would say it's a bit of a stress reliever and of course it does involve a handful of command blocks

We've got some block placing command blocks, and we also have some redstone block placing command blocks, but on the inside here

It's just a little double piston extender still it's a really fun one to watch. I love this thing

I think that says pug on fire although

I'm not 100% certain because it's written in some form of Egyptian hieroglyphics

But they've asked me to make a contraption that doesn't work like it's supposed to so here is my redstone contraption

It's supposed to be a five high piston door and as you can see

Art there I mean surely, I mean hopefully doesn't work on the opening ah

For goodness sake

I'm very sorry pug on fire. I've I've made a real mistake here. I've accidentally made it work

These things these things this things working anyway moving swiftly on from that very

Embarrassing error harry has asked me to make an upside-down mumbo face turning into the proper position

And I've said it before and I'll say it again

it would not be one of these episodes without at least some form of piston feed tape and

This piston feed tape works

Perfectly now as you can see currently my face is the correct way up when we hit this button right here

You can see there's the face

Gets fully flipped upside down now

We do have some glass in front of it, but you can still very clearly see my face back there

And that's definitely upside-down I mean, there's no denying it look at my face. That's the right way up

That's definitely the wrong way up then when we hit this button again. You can see that everything recorrect

Another thing that's actually quite sad voice watch. I mean seriously

This is a really satisfying episode this next week comes from someone

Someone out there responded to my original call for ridiculous ideas by saying that I should build a batery that gradually

Discharges over time and then you charge it back up, and then it gradually discharges again

But I couldn't find the tweet to get the screenshot

So thank you to whoever that is and I've managed to build a system that works really quite nicely so here

We have the switch over switch, and if we flick this even right here

The battery will begin to discharge so you can see the power is running out there, and you can see that our charge is

Gradually making its way down, so we've already dropped one redstone lamp

There's the second one and eventually it will go all the way down to the bottom

But then we can flick it back over to charging mode by powering this and that will gradually charge up the hoppers

But you can see it's not giving out any power

But it's using that power to charge back up so you've gained a redstone lamp, and then eventually

We will go back to being fully charged there

We go

Vashu patel has asked me to make the most useless redstone room which was later corrected the door in a further tweet

And I have to say I did call off thinking about this one, and I was thinking to myself

You know what would make a door pointless. I was thinking

oh Maybe it could have some form of pointless way of activating it or

Maybe it could drop you down into somewhere and then still to myself what am I doing the answer is obvious the most useless door?

You could make is a door that you can't actually go through

So that's what I've created if we flicked this leave it right here

You can see that the door opens up

Only for the door behind it to close

And then if you flick the lever again the door behind it opens up only for the door in front to close

so this is a piston door or I should say a set of two piston doors, that's

Combined to make a completely an utterly useless piston door for I wonder I wonder can I actually get through this thing?

It's gonna be tricky

No, it's it's totally impossible

It's not gonna happen. There's no way I'm walking backwards as fast as I can and yeah

You're not gonna make it through this one totally an utterly pointless

Rudra Singh has asked me to make a self. This is assembling house

Now this one was a very complicated one

I'm sure all of you have seen myself building house videos if you haven't I would I would check them out obviously they're extremely complicated

But to make a self disassembling house well, that's something else. I mean just over this that we've got we've got blocks here

We have to do tons and tons of retraction we need to get everything out the way

We've got plenty of block storage and everything it was it was a real real headache

But I'm very impressed with how fast I've managed to make this thing so check it out

We just hit this button here and take a step back it takes a while to warm up

But then there we go

House has been disassembled very swiftly also takes also disassemble some of the floor as well. It's very impressive

now this one is a bit of a fun one master oscar has asked me to build a dolphin trampoline because

Dolphins just got added in the snapshot now

I hadn't actually played it in a snapshot before making this video

And I hadn't actually seen the Dolphins in person and I have to say when they're bouncing around

They're even cuter than they otherwise would be I mean these things first these are they make the best noise just listen to them

It's so cool it's such a cool noise, and it's absolutely spot-on they look fantastic

This is another one of those things. You know I've said this probably four or five times in today's episode

But I could watch this all day. I could watch this all day

You know what I would like I would like it if this was the loading

animation for say a YouTube video if a YouTube video was buffering and this came up

I wouldn't even be upset this would this would just be fine

totally fucking buy me

These things and for the final suggestion of today's video Shawn Gordon has asked me to make four words Jack in a box now

I'm assuming the four words part refers to the fact that Jack in a box has four words four words

Isn't a specific type of Jack in a box maybe saying four words Jack in a box?

Maybe he wants a forward-facing Jack in a box either way. I've built some form of jacket a box hopefully

It's the correct type and if we hit this button right here. You can see that

it works perfectly now these things always creep me out, so I'm gonna take a step back but

There it is it comes complete with Enderman screaming noises, and then as you can see the entire system resets

And you can do it all again, and I have to say that is a really eerie set of notes fetch listen to this

It's mildly terrifying


Anyway, I think that just about wraps everything up for today's episode of I build your silly redstone ideas

I really do hope that you enjoyed it

Thank you ever so much to everyone that got involved and responded to the tweet

And if you do want to be involved in the next episode of this series

Then get on Twitter and follow me @thatmumbojumbo

that's the place to be look out for the tweet that is asking for your redstone ideas and as soon as you see it just

Go to town go ham submit as many

Redstone ideas as you want to because I read through all of them every single one of them

And then of course I whittled them down to this list of 10 so anyway

I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, be sure to hit that like button

And if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This has been Mumbo. I'm out

I'll see ya later. Oh and as per usual check out the latest film the filming channel link will be on the end screen

I'm sure all of you will really enjoy

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