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I just picked up our brand new 2019 Suzuki Jimny in Corfu, Greece and drove it back to Munich, Germany

and here are my impressions of its first 1000 km.

Here I am about an hour after picking up the Jimny on Issos beach and sand dunes.

I wanted to film a bit more here, but the weather wasnt that great and I had to catch a ferry to the mainland.

At least, I put it into 4-wheel drive and drove about 100 meters in the sand.

Needless to say, it worked as expected.

I took a ferry from Lefkimmi to Igoumenitsa on the mainland.

Then, I took the larger ferry from Igoumenitsa to Anconawhich takes about 16 hours.

Then drove north taking a right turn at Modena heading toward the Brenner pass.

From Innsbruck I actually take a right turn to Kufstein and slight left to my final destination Munich.

In total, it is about 750 km drive from Ancona to Munichall Autostrada or Autobahn.

As you see, we made it. This shot was taken about 15 km East of Munich. Its a bit colder here than Corfu.


The Jimny has pep. I did not have any problems passing trucks on the Brenner Autostrada with its 102 PS.

It is solid and well built, has nice details and feels and smells great!

It has great all around visibilityit really feels like nothing is blocking your view.

It used 7.7 l/100 km or 13 km/lof course the the route from Ancona to Munich was a perfect highway test.

And I did change the speed often while breaking-in the engine.

Cruise Control worked perfectlyI especially appreciated it from Innsbruck to Kufstein where the speed limit is 100 km/h

...this drives me mad every time I go through there...

Lane Assist also worked wellif you change a lane without signalling, it lets you know.

And Automatic Sign Recognition also worked wellsometimes it got a little confused, but in general a nice touch.

CarPlay was intuitive and worked well with my iPhone.

I use Overcast to listen to my podcasts it worked perfectly.


Wind stabilitypassing trucks at 130 km/h was challenging.

I had to hold on to the wheel with both hands when passing them;

This can be a bit thrilling on the narrow Italian Autostrada.

The driver seat is not height adjustable.

I have short legs and a long upper body, this limits my visibility in many cars and when I can, I do lower the driversseat.

Because this isnt possible in the Jimny, I cannot use the sun visor for it blocks my forward view completely.

Some controls are hard to locate.

The mirror adjuster and the buttons for the headlight wash system are difficult to find.

Hint: they are just left and below of the steering wheel.

Stowage, well, the glove box is tiny, the center console has a small slot and two drink holders

and there are slots in the doors, but when driving through Italy and Austria,

there are many of toll stops where I need to get out my wallet.

The only alternativefor mewas to keep it on the dashboard (which I dont like to do).

The back seat is tiny and can only be used for short trips with really small people.

For some reason I missed a couple of calls from CarPlay. I am not sure what happened here,

Perhaps I was playing with the controls when my hotel tried to call me?

This is something I definately want to investigate this further.

And Lastly, I had an issue at the car wash.

After arriving in Munich, I wanted to wash the salt off from the ferry trip from Greece to Italy for the car was parked on an open deck.

I when to our local car wash I got stuck in the system.

The operator told me later that the square shape of the car and especially the rear tire confused the system and that is why he had to rescue me.

The carwash was one of those you stay in your car and you are pulled through it.

So the next time I wash it, I want to try one of those systems where you park it in a stall, get out watch the system from the outside wash your car.

Perhaps this will work better?

To summarize:

we are very happy with our purchase.

we love the look, handling and technology.

We work on the beach on Corfu,

so we anticipate that we will get a lot use out of it this year

As well as driving around the lovely roads on the island.

If you'd like me to publish more detailed videos

on a particular function of the Jimny

for example, CarPlay or automatic sign recognition,

please let me know in the comments below.

and I will try to do my best.

Thanks for watching!

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