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You'll recognize the problem. You want an AMG GT,

but it's socially unacceptable to have only 1 (preferably female) passenger.

So, you'll have to look for something more practical, something bigger.

Will it fit? - I think it will.

What if I move the seat forwards?

Look, Isofix.

This is it, the AMG GT for the family man, or those with friends, or dogs, there's the Estate;

that's what Mercedes calls the wagon.

Or for those who wanted turbos on an RS4 or RS5, because the C63 has 2 of those.

The engine is a bit smaller and a lot more economical.

On average it does 29 mpg. What I did, I can't get on screen.

Wait, I can. 11.5 mpg, so I'm not there yet, but that could be because of my driving.

Instead of a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8, we now have a 4-liter V8 with 2 turbos.

They're inside the 'V', making it a "hot-V" for better throttle response, efficiency, etc.

Fantastic. Of course you're curious about the specifications.

Well, move over anyone else in this segment. I think a higher segment, such as the M5, RS6

and Mercedes' own E63, should be a bit worried about the C63.

There's the normal C63 AMG. Fun, 469 hp, a mechanical diff lock.

There's also a C63 AMG S, which has 503 hp and an electronic diff lock.

The torque is 516 lb ft between 1,750 and 4,500 rpm. That's a lot.

Those 503 hp as well. Let that sink in.

What does the rest do hp-wise? That's 400 hp and something.

There's no 100 hp extra, but it's getting close.

F*ck, that's wrong. Nowadays it's Mercedes-AMG C63 S.

It's confusing. It says something different on the back. I think it's tricky.

Of course, the performance is amazing. The engine really pulls.

The top speed is limited, after the German fashion, to 155 mph. You can get a package to go faster.

0-62 mph in the fastest version, the C63 S sedan, happens in 4 seconds flat.

The Estate does that 0.1 second slower, just like the non-'S'. 4 seconds is very fast.

It's a challenging car. The continuous sound, it barks at you.

Under full acceleration you feel the diff work.

On these oneven roads you'll have to work to keep it straight.

Every AMG engine is built by 1 person by hand.

To give Tobias Schultes some credit, we're pampering the engine with something yummy.

Then, we'll take a sprint.

BP Ultimate Unleaded 98. Better performance, cleans the engine while driving, less friction and less wear.

AMG made a lot of adjustments. The car is 2 inches longer at the front.

The front wheel suspension got an update, as did the rear with more negative camber.

It has a wider track, all to give it more grip. They succeeded, because it has a lot of grip.

With 503 hp you can break that grip, but it's not easy to drift on these tires in warm weather.

The C63 wants to convert all that force to a lot of forward speed.

I haven't talked about the prices yet. A normal C63 AMG is 99,995 euros, the 'S' is 10,000 euros extra

for more power and a nice diff lock and probably some more things as stated in the brochure.

As a plug-in hybrid, with the big rims a C-Class needs, it's about 50,000 euros

with 7% additional tax liability, so that's 3,500 euros a year.

This is 100,000 euros with 25% additional tax liability, so 25,000 euros a year.

Even if I had to pay 50% taxes, I'd still do it.

Mercedes' mission is a succes. This is a sportscar or supercar or something close.

wrapped in a sedan or Estate package; you get to choose.

What is the competition? The RS4 and RS5 are too old. We're waiting for the new model.

Audi will probably build something fantastic. The BMW M3...

The C63 has gotten closer to the M3, so it feels more sophisticated and racier,

without losing the typical AMG things. It has a ridiculously large V8.

If you go pedal to the metal, you get launched.

The whole neighborhood will hear you coming. That's still here.

It is more sophisticated, though. They did that very well.

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