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It's no surprise to hear that every systems administrator in your IT organisation is busy.

And theyre getting busier.

Theres a never-ending flow of requests from across the business filling every administrators inbox.

Its no wonder that its hard to keep up or retain the most skilled members of the team.

A lot of this work is relatively straightforward and largely repetitive.

Such as resetting an account password.

It doesnt mean the jobs arent important, just not particularly interesting or high value to the business.

Some might be time-critical and complex and may need to apply to multiple systems.

Just the sort of job thats important to get right and very expensive if a mistake happens.

Somewhere in the pile there will also be the business-critical changes.

IT would prefer to focus on these tasks, if only they had the time.

Take a typical task like provisioning the accounts need by a new hire.

A request will be raised with the help desk which then sends a work item to each systems administrator.

If they're in a rush, bad habits like sharing credentials might happen.

Its no wonder we hear of people waiting weeks or even months to be productive

and valuable administrators could have been doing more strategic work.

There must be a better way and Privileged Process Automation, or PPA, from Osirium is the solution.

With PPA, the help desk engineer can start the account provisioning process.

PPA creates the necessary accounts

while the engineer validates results and makes selections or decisions as needed.

At no time are any admin credentials exposed

And the engineer can only perform the operation they've been delegated.

Once the process is completed, PPA updates the help desk system for a complete audit trail.

That was just one scenario.

PPA is highly flexible so can be used to automate security & network operations,

server health checks, gather data for financial systems, and much, much more.

With PPA, IT administrators can delegate tasks to focus on the most valuable jobs.

End users are happier because their requests get closed quicker and they can even execute them themselves.

With more automation and less manual work, the backlog is cleared faster and the chances for error are removed.

Overall, Administrators, Service Desk agents and end users are happier, and the business is safer and moves faster.

If you'd like to know more, please get in touch.

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