Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Huevitos en el Espacio: Mission 7

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Today's Episode: "The Unknown Planet"

Mission Seven.

Captain's log:

We are at the quadrant "Cholesterol 4"

A planet that doesn't appear in the maps... in front of us.

Are you sure that it doesn't appear in any interestellar map, Mr. Huok?

Positive, captain,

It is an unknown planet.

What do we know about it?

Nothing, captain.

It's unknown.

What do computers report on the planet?

Nothing, captain...'s unknown.

The sensors...what do they indicate?


The robot, what does it indicate?


The galactic encyclopedias?


Right. Anyone knows anything about the planet?

Nothing! The $%&# planet is unknown!

Damn it!

Well, that's the bad thing about unknown planets, Jim...

...they're not known...

(Incomprehensible language)


(Incomprehensible language)


(Incomprehensible language)

I don't understand.

(Incomprehensible language)


I beg your pardon, captain... his alien language... very difficult to understand.

He says that dinosaur eggs' spacecrafts are approaching.

Mr. Hulu...

...put them on the screen.

Yes, captain.

The ships.

We are surrounded, captain.

Sergeant! Battle stations!

Yes, captain.

Mr. Huok...

...activate the shield!

Yes, captain!

Prepare to fight!

We are receiving a message from the dinosaur eggs.

Put it on the screen!

You are surrounded...

...surrender or we will destroy you.


What are we going to do without the spaceship?

Anyone knows anything about the planet?


Eggs in Space!

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