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Bottle walls can provide light and beauty in your home beauty in your home. They can be a really stunning feature.

The idea of building from beer bottles or wine bottles

is not a new idea. In the early part of the last century a guy called

Tom Kelly built an entire house out of beer bottles, that he had

taken from the bars in the Gold Rush town of Rhyolite.

Even Heineken got in on it. In the nineteen sixties,

Alfred Heineken saw the potential for

a waste material, particually in the majority world, being

available as a building block for peoples homes, so he redesigned

the round Heineken bottle into a square bottle, which he called the WOBO, The World Bottle

The idea was advanced and then it was killed off by the PR department,

who probably feared the association of the brand with poverty and waste,

but it was taken up big time by earthship designers

in the seventies and on from there. We took the idea for Brittney Goundhouse of

using blue and white bottles for the bathroom wall and it's

stunning. What I am going to try and do now is show you how it is done.

So we're going to make bottle bricks.

The first thing to do is to get hold of some nice bottles,

green, brown and clear bottles are relatively easy to get hold of, you can get them anywhere.

The real tip would be to try and get some blue bottles,

which are really beautiful.

The tips on that would be to look for Sapphire Gin and

teen bottels. To make 1 bottle brick, you need

two bottles. Take two bottles of the same size. You then measure up the side of the bottle,

you decide how thick the wall is going to be and therefore, how thick your bottle brick is going to be

You cut two bottles

using a tile cutter and take the two cup ends of the bottle

and place them

together and tap them with Gaffer tape

and then you've got your bottle brick. The best tool we found for making

bottle bricks, for cutting them, if actually a ceramic tile cutter.

You can rotate the bottle around the blade of the tile cutter and then it just breaks away.

You tape the two parts together and you have a bottle brick.

Once you have actually made them, the bottle bricks, what you then need to do

is just work out where they are going. It is good to design the wall beforehand,

so you know where the colours are going. You start off with a base of

old sand bricks or breezeblocks, you puddle it with mortar,

we use Adobe, a type of mud mix, we were trying to use as little cement as possible,

and then you lay your first course of bottles to your design, you

in between the gaps and the you lay your second course of

mortar, and again, just keep building up. You wan to keep using a spirit level,

not level along the wall, but across it. This drawing shows how you can use

a board of insulation, you drill holes in and slide the bottle brinks in, and then you can

plaster between the bricks to finish off, in the same way as you would for the internal wall.

You would use a sponge to get

final on Lime finish on this beautiful bottle wall

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